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Sony minidisc multi track recorder and lots of new and recorded discs for sale

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Jim McT.

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My friend Steve died and left me with the Sony minidisc multi track recorder, 2 Sony Walkman units and hundreds of recorded and new minidiscs.If anyone is interested in buying them please e-mail me. I have no idea what all this is worth. All sale proceeds will go to the Flint Folk Music Society, of which Steve was a founder.

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You could save a lot of correspondence if you specify all the models of the units in question. Thanks for dropping by and sorry for your loss.

Prerecorded MDs are sometimes of interest because they are rare (for example there has been exaggerated interest in Michael Jackson and Celine Dion). In most cases, however, you're selling the recordABLE disks for the media. In this case, you could list how many by make, capacity (60, 74 or 80 are the nominal sizes at Standard Play recording speed), and colour.


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I also bought my Sony MDS-JB980 in France for 70€ to somebody you just lost his brother. He wanted to sell the unit to a vintage units fan like was his brother and that is why I paid that very low price.

Jim Mc T sorry for your loss.

To get an idea of what you want to sell, you can go on three web sites : 

MD channel - Crazy for minidisc - The MiniDiscTM Community Page




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