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Onkyo Hi-MD "Service Mode"

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Hi there

I asked this some time before but sadly i´ve never stumbled across any answers.

Most people owning any sort of Onkyo Hi-MD machines will know that they´re very fragile concerning the MD Drive.

So far i´ve seen and collected many units that obviously suffer from the same Problem.They seem to be out of alignment :-/

The Discs won´t even eject when they fail to read - this goes so far that even a press of the standby button don´t get the unit to standby ; or better said the unit shuts down but the MD Drive continues to read and the Laser tries to focus while the Sled drives to its parking position and so on.

Does nobody else than me cares about fixing these units?

I´ve had success with a FR-N7 where i changed the Flexribbon from a 105FX.It finally reads Hi-MD 1GB Discs but that´s about it.


So the first thing to achieve is to finally get a service manual or at least know the button combinations.

I suggest there´s some japanese Members here too that possibly could gather that information through websearch ?

Any help would be highly appreciated :-)

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alright i took a look into the SM for the mentioned Deck above.

It seems to me there is no button config to enter the Test mode rather than soldering a resistance to the Board.

It reads interesting though as there´s a screw mentioned to calibrate the Spindle Motor.A defective Spindle Motor will lead to an impedance Problem where it can lead to Audio dop outs !

Now as i lack an oszilloskop i will try my luck by just messing around with a non functional unit.

The whole process is described @page  28/47

Sadly there are figures missing that are most important for the soldering of measurements :-/

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