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Guide to getting your Net MD Walkman working on Windows 10

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MIchael Kachuk

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I repeat my post from earlier in the thread


I really don't see what the problem was. You are welcome here, Mike, but the information about turning off DSE in Windows 10 is well known, and didn't need to be repeated. There are no rewards here for the number of posts... I should know <grin>.

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I run windows 10 64-bits and I'm trying to record with NetMD MZ-NE410.

Followed every step from every post here.. oem<nn>.inf have been all removed, installed all drivers, enabled hidden devices, etc.

MZ-NE410 still does not show up in my devices though, I am running out of options here as it seems to work for everyone else (including the person who sold me this).

Is there a specific driver for this model I'm missing? please this is somewhat urgent.

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