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Grundig MD50

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First of all i would like to say hello to anybody thats still active on this forum. - So Hello Everybody.

Second of all i am a uber n00b when it comes to Minidisk Decks in general.


So lets get started,

Bought a Grundig MD50 Deck as seen in the images provided (but thats not the one i bought only used them images for a example)


So as seen in one of the images provided i have connected to digital cable to the out on the G-MD50 & the other end of my pc's sound card. (thats the right thing todo yeah!)


Now i make a playlist of music as a test for copying to the blank md in the deck, i have a blank 2 second file in between each of the music tracks.

Useing winamp for the playlist now i click record on the G-MD50 Deck And Click Play On Winamp... but nothing is being recorded on the MD-Deck ?

The Recording level is not too high its set to 6 & a half.

Music is playing on the PC from winamp, So what have i missed out? where have i gone wrong?


Thank You Inadvance



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At least D[n]A gave us a quite complete description of of what he have done... wrong. As said bluecrab there is an error with the connections :

To be connected with a PC witch has an internal or an external soundcard with an OPTICAL OUT (S/PDIF toslink) you need to connect it with the OPTICAL IN (S/PDIF toslink) of your deck. This is for a ditigal real time recording (also to make work your deck as a DAC).

  • What you absolutely need to be sure, is that the signal use at the maximum the 48kHz frequency. That is the case for all the music if not a "Hi-Res" quality (Hi-Res mean Hi-Resolution a.k.a. 24bits-48kHz and superior like 24/32bits - 96-88,4kHz-192kHz and much more (DSD quality). A CD is 16bit-44,1kHz quality so if you create Flac (lossless) files with it on your PC, you will get 16bit-44,1kHz tracks files that Winamp can read. Till you don't want to record Hi-Res music who can keep Winamp and the WinCue plugin to be sure to get finally separate tracks (all silence tracks can be easily deleted by hand or better with Sonic Stage when you also get the time to edit and to title all the tracks). Note that foobar2000 is another good alternative, as foobar2000 can read Hi-Res (SACD plugin), WinCue is replaced by the Post-track silence plugin. Personnaly I use the jRiver Media Center audio player but it is a factory gas station for a beginner. Hi-Res music can be record in real time to your MD deck if you use the Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Sox (resampling high frequencies to 48kHz).

You can use the OPTICAL OUT of the deck to connect it to the OPTICAL  IN of a Digital Receiver (then listening your music in stereo or 5.1) or of a modern DAC wich could enhance a lot your music.

About the recording level, you can choose (or not) to apply ReplayGain* to all your tracks. Wikipedia ReplayGain normalize loudness for individual tracks or albums. This avoids the common problem of having to manually adjust volume levels between tracks when playing audio files from albums that have been mastered at different loudness levels. Then you adjust the deck recording level for the first tracks  and that is done for all the other tracks.

(*) not sure this is possible using Winamp... that why foobar2000 will be your next best friend !



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  • 1 year later...

Ok thanks a lot people, sorry for the late reply but i have been in hospital for a little while due to a heart attack makein a slow road to recovery now. this is why i am only getting back on the forums inorder to thank you.

And to contiune this strange expeirience of the MD & PC connection. and transfering music (.mp3's) from the PC to the Minidisk Deck.

I do have  a Pioneer A.V.R connected to the PC via S/PDIF Toslink into my conponent soundcard ( not build in s.c )

But now the strange thing is now i am unable to play music from the Pioneer A.V.R through to the PC ? every thing is setup correctly on the PC so its out put it the creative SB XF-Fi Sound Card. both in the volume mixer and the Sound setting output in windows 10 ( x64 ) Output. As seen Below.




Now every thing used to work fantactic playing CD's, Radio - (D.A.B ) and pre-recorded minidisk ( only got one) :( lolz

but as said above now i cant listen to music from the PC to the A.V.R which is kinda strange as it was working and nothing has been changed with the A.V.R ONLY the PC has had a couple of reinstalls to attempt to fix the issue but to no avail have i been able to solve the issue.

The ONLY thing i can think of it replaceing the toslink cables to see it they are the issue or not.

But finaly now i am going to see if i can record from the PC to the Minidisk or not.. Figers crossed its gonna work ( Infamous last words ) what could possibly go wrong.

And before anybody askes the question why am i bothering with minidisk's in this day and age...Well its quite simple never had the interest until now... ;)

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Could be Win10 and that sound card? I had that card installed in my Win10 desktop machine up to a few months ago (because it's one of the few with optical TOSLINK in and out) and it just got more and more unreliable to use. Swapped it for a Startech PEXSOUND7CH which seems to have been more reliable. I always have the problem with sound cards not working after the PC has been into "sleep" mode though, like the driver doesn't reinitialise it when the PC wakes up. Never found a satisfactory solution to that one despite copious googling.

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