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Windows Programs that can Natively Open Atrac3plus files

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Just testing out various programs in Windows 10 and I have found these results from trying to playback Atrac3plus. The .oma files were encoded in 352kbps protected and not protected.

Windows Media Player Classic: Protected YES Unprotected YES

Vegas Pro 15: Protected YES Unprotected YES

Audacity with FFmpeg installed: Protected YES Unprotected YES

Foobar2000: Protected NO Unprotected NO (heard it works with a plugin, havent tried)

VLC (heard it works like mpc but havent tried.)

Winamp 5: Protected NO Unprotected NO

Chrome: doesnt try to open it

Steam: Doesnt pick up the file


I'll add more programs to this as I do more testing. Might do Atrac1 292kbps if someone can show me how to record to that in sonicstage4.3. Probably nobody bothers with Atrac3 anymore do they?

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There's no way you're going to get 292 on a disk. Doesn't exist. Even the QHiMDTransfer folks pulled it off an RH1 as 1411 and that didn't work so well, as I understand it.

Whether or not most of these programs work depends on whether you have the Sonic Stage (OpenMG) library installed on your PC. However VLC and other things which depend on ffmpeg will play the subset of formats which that software is known to support, NOT including Atrac Advanced Lossless. The good part about ffmpeg/VLC is that they don't respect the encryption on files that have been transferred from a MD that locks the data to a particular install of Sonic Stage on a particular PC. Woe betide anyone who does a system upgrade without running the Backup Tool first! Of course we know better - always decrypt the files (File Conversion Tool) to avoid accidents.

As far as whether a given file gets opened by a browser, that has zero to do with the browser and everything to do with mime types. Even then you still have to have something set up that will play those mime types. In the case of WMP (at least until rather recently) it is necessary to add the extension recognition to the software configuration, since it does an end-run around browsers and determines for itself whether the file is kosher.

Close, but no cigar as they say. Thanks for your suggestions.

One comment that does bear to be made is that Sound Forge (part of Vegas now although you can probably lay your hands on it) does understand ALL ATRAC formats provided the files are not protected/encrypted. It's also quite reliable at converting from one to another, although making a NEW files always has to be .aa3 (which can then subsequently renamed .oma). For some reason it edits .oma  files perfectly.

ATRAC3 is a very good encoding, and is the format of choice if you don't have a HiMD unit. Not to be confused with ATRAC (1) version 3.0.

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YeaI was looking around the documention inside sonicstage and I couldnt find anything inside there about converting to atrac1. I wonder why sony left out sp. The chrome test was to see if it had native support of the format like it has for some videos formats and pdfs.


Ive been trying out how to get atrac working in foobar. I got it working but its not very elegant. It starts playing as soon as I drop the file in and I cant get it to go into the playlist window. It also pops up an ugly window. lol


Foobar2000 works with foo_input.exe and FFmpeg


formatname: myatrac3plus

decode command: C:\MyPrograms\FFmpeg\bin\ffplay -nodisp -autoexit %s

file type mask: *.oma

decoder output format: wav


Found a better way to get atrac3plus working in foobar2000. Just needs this plugin: vgmstream and it doesnt need further setting up

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Probably your AIMP is not configured to call the correct (later, or latest) version of the libraries in ffmpeg, or the latest version simply isn't there. You should be able to download that.

Note that VLC has its own libraries/plugins/what-have-you, it doesn't use ffmpeg directly to the best of my recollection.

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