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Sharp MD-SR40H Anybody?

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Hi all

This is my first post. I’ve just (literally) bought a Sharp MD-SR40H on the bay. I can find no information about this beastie either on here or elsewhere. It appears to be similar to the SR50 but apart from that nothing. I found a few recordings on Freesound, but that’s all. Any info at all would be very much appreciated. 

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To the best of my knowledge the only differences between the Sharp SR40, SR50, SR75 was in the items that came with it and the colours. Some came with a rechargeable battery, some didn't, some came with a remote and some didn't. Sharp were in the habit of doing this, same thing applies to the MT range. So for service or operation purposes manuals for either SR50 or SR75 should suffice.

The higher the number (40/50/75) the more you got with it and obviously the higher the price. I'm therefore guessing the SR40 was the budget model and didn't come with either rechargeable battery or a remote, although it will probably still have the required socket, as the remotes were available as an optional extra.

I still have an absolutely pristine, complete and boxed SR50. I used to have an SR75 but unfortunately that gave up the ghost a few years ago.

Hope it works for you when it arrives.

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Thanks to all for further replies. The beastie hasn’t arrived yet, and the way the postage is here in the UK at the moment I don’t really expect it until next week - I’ll update as and when. I have to say I still find it odd that there’s absolutely no info about this particular model on the net, well not using DuckDuckGo as I do. 

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