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SS 4.3 Ultimate doesn't show NetMD option


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I dug out my old MZ-N510, installed SS 4.3 Ultimate, and connected the device fully expecting to be able to NetMD transfer from my Vista 32 laptop.

However, there is no option in the drop-down list to select NetMD for the transfer.

Did the version of SS 4.3 Ultimate have Vista drivers?  It appears that the MZ-N510 is not recognized.

Please advise.  Thanks.


SonicStage :
SonicStage Security Update Program :
SonicStage Add-on :
OpenMG Secure Module :
MagicGate Memory Stick Device :
Ez :
NW-E2, NW-E3, NW-E5 and NW-E8P :
OpenMG CD :
M.S. PRO :
CD Walkman :
ATRAC Audio Device with Intelligent function :
Hi-MD :
Music Clip, NW-S4, NW-E7 and NW-E10 :
ATRAC Audio Device :
Net MD :
CD-R Writing Module(Audio CD/ATRAC CD/MP3 CD) :
Px Engine:

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Take a look at the device drivers list in Device Manager. Does NetMD show up?

Enable "hidden devices" (references all over the place) and see if there's a greyed out NetMD.

If either of the above answers is true, take a look at the parameters (PID and VID).

If this really is windows 32 and none of the above show up, try downloading the driver NETMD052 from our downloads section, and installing it. You'll get a non-signed driver complaint from Windows, which you must override.

I don't recall if NetMD actually shows up when there's no disk in the drive. Certainly for some units which switch from Hi-MD protocol to NetMD protocol this is an issue since they chameleonise to the disk in the unit.

My apologies if this is aimed wrong, and you don't cope with all that information. Your post seems to indicate you know what you're doing. Good luck.

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Thanks for the prompt reply.

NetMD does not show in the USB controller section of Device Manager, nor is there a greyed out entry.
How can I install the driver?  Would you recommend uninstall/reinstall (with the device connected?)

Please note, a new disk is inserted into the player.

BTW this is a Vista 32 laptop.  (Sorry for the confusion)


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Ok. Did you go through the procedure to enable display of "hidden" (in fact non-present) devices?

set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1
set devmgr_show_details=1

I find it hard to believe there isn't at least an "unknown device" or a "NetMD" device with no driver.

You don't have a PC-Link plugged do you? There's an unfortunate glitch where it may get installed as a NetMD (it shouldn't) and mess up other NetMDs

When you say "Vista 32" I hope you mean Windows Vista 32-bits, as opposed to Windows Vista 64-bits. Easily checked in control panel - System, or rightclick My Computer - Properties

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Yes, "View-Enable Hidden Devices" enabled display of "hidden" devices.

MZ-N510 connected using (two) different USB cables. It's funny because when I connected
the unit, it began to read the disk, displayed 'error,' and the counter registered '0.'

Vista Home Premium 32 bit.

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Ok so you ARE getting connected. What hidden devices did you see? Unless you go and set the environment variables (in advanced system properties) you'll never see any.

For the N510 you MUST connect to the wall, there's no power via the USB cable. A rechargeable in the internal battery slot absolutely won't work.

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Of course...  The one thing that's not within my immediate grasp -- the AC adapter.

I have been used to using the player for playback and plain forgot the recording requirements.

Will attempt to locate it, if I still have it and will post back then.

Thank you for getting me this far!


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