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Ebay resto part, lost count !! MDS-JE480

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Bought a new plaything to fix for 27 quid inc post, of course it had issues. top cover is a bit scabbled, paint job needed and the mains was cut off at rear of player case, had a md rxg74 stuck inside, so ejected that out manually, its got music on and its ok, next step is to see if it works, as you may all know inside on psu there is a blue socket for the mains, i have a complete mains cable off that scrap 520 from the other week, its wired opposite way round, so swapped them over, i'm not worried about something that cost 27 quid, so plugged it in switched it on, all good, stuck a disc in and it took it, read it and played it, havent tried record yet, i cant see why not as mdm is in exellent condition visually, and to top it off it ejected the disc aswell, onto a winner here, cant complain at that. ofcourse there maybe an issue yet undiscovered, time will tell, my rattle can skills arent the best and never will be, so passable is all i expect there.

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