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Sonic Stage problems

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hey guys. ive got a sony mz-n520 net recorder which has been working great till recently. now it refuses to delete the discs via sonic stage or the player. if i try through the recorder it says track protect.if i try via sonicstage it wont transfier tracks to the pc or delete the disc. is there another way of getting music on a net player and deleting discs? software ect? many thanks

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There's always been a problem with deleting identically named (including unnamed) tracks. Not sure if this is your problem but worth checking into. I'm sure you're aware that the "transfer to PC" function on NetMD only "recovers" the rights, and doesn't  move any music from the device back to the computer. Strange things may happen if the music is gone from the PC in the meantime.

HIstorically, the only way to recover "wrecked" NetMD disks is using a deck that predates NetMD, since the track protect flag is not recognised.

That, or a portable with a busted (or missing) overwrite head.

If I didn't suspect you may actually have a hardware problem, perhaps it might be worth looking at WebMiniDisc since it doesn't seem to care about TrProtect (in fact it doesn't set the flag when copying tracks to the device). Maybe it can format the disk, I didn't check.

When you say "till recently", what changed? A new version of Windows perhaps? It's likely that a feature update to the next edition of Windows 10 would zap the unsigned driver, and you may have to go through the rigmarole of installing it again (if you did it before, you can do it once more).


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