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Format Error - won't play recorded Hi-MD Minidisc

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I tried to play a sony HIMD disc I recorded years ago just now on my Sony MZRH910 and it worked ok for a few minutes, but when i tried again it said FORMAT ERROR. I dont want to reformat it, as it has an irreplaceable recording on it. It said the same FORMAT ERROR when I tried it in another machine, a Sony MZM200. Other discs seem to play ok. The disc was recorded on one of these machines. Is there a way to retrieve the data? I am using a mac so I cant use the sonicstage software.


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Sorry, no. Once there is a single error on a disk it is generally corrupted. I would investigate the GPL software being developed at #linux-minidisc and also the WebMiniDisc project. On HiMD they are basically just files. So you would be well advised to use one of these or SonicStage for backup in future.

Maybe if you had a friend with a PC. I have relatives with an iMac which ran Windows (parallels) that seemed to run SS quite fine.

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