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Standard transfer mode and SP transfer mode

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 I have a bunch of minidisk some were recorded with Standard transfer mode  and some with SP transfer mode using Sonicstage now  i have to use two different machine to play these disk  the JB920 won't play the Standard transfer mode i need a machine that will play both mode any suggestion .


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18 minutes ago, krellmk said:

They were encoded as LP2 but the jde 480 plays them but not the jb 920

The 920 is an SP-only machine, while the 480 is MDLP capable.

Edit - a bit more information: the 920 is ATRAC 4.5 and the 480 is ATRAC Type-S. There is also Type-R in between, and anything below Type-R cannot play MDLP discs (with LP2 and/or LP4 recordings). Even some of the Type-R machines are still SP-only (i.e., the x30 family - 530, 630, 730, 930), while others are MDLP-capable (i.e., the x40 and x70 families - 440, 640, 940 and 470, 770).

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