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MZ-R909 Jog Dial Issue

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So, I got a new (to me) MZ-R909. Very nice condition and everything seems to function correctly with the exception of a slightly erratic jog dial. It kind of works, some of the time, but often will jump forward/backwards a bit instead of moving one step forward/back and when you push it in to "enter" it suddenly shoots forward or backward in the menus so you enter the wrong one. I can navigate things using the remote or the play/pause/stop/rew/ff button on the recorder (once I've managed to get into the menu using the jog dial) but it's a bit frustrating.


Anyone encountered anything similar and managed to fix it? Not sure if the recorder just hasn't been used in years and might "loosen up" with a bit of use. Or if there's any way of getting some contact cleaner into the jog dial somehow.


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Yeah, I really don't fancy my chances of getting it back together again if I tried to dissemble it. Everything's so tiny compared to working on a deck.


I got a bit annoyed with it yesterday 🤦‍♂️ and gave the jog dial a pretty vigorous work out and it seems to have improved a fair bit 🤣 I think I'll just keep playing with it for a while longer and see how things pan out.

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This does seem to have pretty much sorted itself out now. I am not 100% convinced the jog dial is quite as precise in its operation as on my other MZ-R909 but it's no longer glitching about erratically.


And at least I haven't destroyed the device by taking it apart to try to "fix" it 😆

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