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Recording on MZ-RH1 without OLED Display

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I have two (as new) MZ-RH1 Machines.  This is my first contribution to this Great Forum!. I have an OLED Display working but dim on one of my MZ-RH1s, the other has NO Display-Blank oled failed.  I have recorded from cassette tape using my hi quality analogue lead to my (No oled Display) MZ-RH1 onto Hi-MD Disc. When I check the Hi MD Recording  "Properties" by right clicking the track in SonicStage I find the recording is PCM and 1411 bits etc.    I have only ever recorded on both my MZ-RH1s set to and using PCM.

My Question please:- i know I cannot use the recording level display on a non display failed MZ-RH1, but are these recordings fine and ok up to PCM Specification?

In other words am I Ok to use the MZ-RH1 for recording without oled display, assuming it is already set up for the best quality PCM?

Hope this question makes sense. I am grateful for any advice.....I have basically dug out my 5 Sony MD Players that have been packed away (but cherished) since the early 1990s. I have just this last couple of weeks downloaded successfully the necessary up to date Sony Software.   Thanks From John

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Not sure if I can aswer your question but I sympathise. I have two MZ-RH1 machines and one has lost its OLEDS - such a shame. I find using a sidecar helps for seeing what's going on for Playback, but recording and editing is pure guesswork - so I don't bother and use other machines to record on.

I'd think that if you haven't changed any settings and Sonicstage is confirming PCM, you're probably OK.

Somewhere onlineis at least one video showing how to replace the OLEDs in the MZ-RH1 (if you can find replacements). It looks fiendishly difficult and fiddly and way beyond my capabilities or level of patience.


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You should be fine with that. But I would question your need to transfer from cassette to md, unless like myself, you like listening to audio on md players. I would suggest checking your transferred audio levels by linking your MZRH1 to your PC and opening the files in ‘Reaper’ or its equivalent program, you will also have the benefit of editing and archiving them for use in other audio file formats and for different players. I also have a couple of MZRH1s with failed OLED screens; but keep them purely for ease of file transfer between minidiscs and PC using SonicStage for ATRAC file use or PCM WAVE for archival use.

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Thank You for your replies to zzzuppp  and  Sonic Fields-  sorry for my delay in replying, been away. Very useful replies and information thanks.

I wont be trying to fix the oled display myself , ha!   I think I am ok as I am at the moment I am recording onto my MZ-RH1 from a Sony Cassette Pro Walkman live Sony UX Pro cassette recordings.  Some of the cassettes are more than 30yrs old but are like new & my old Pro Walkman is (as new) working fine, not been used a lot really.

I use a HQ Russ Andrews lead to connect the units.

i find SonicStage is brilliant & so glad I've been able to load it onto 3 W10 PCs at home.

Last night I did more recording onto the RH1 with no display, just set the tape going & slid the record button on on the RH1, Result sounds great, stereo ok, and when I put the Hi-MD Disc into the other RH1 with feint OLED, it shows Hi-MD PCM.  I have obviously just allowed the RH1 to use its own auto Recording level.

These transfers from Cassette to Hi-MD are for preservation in digital format.....Its also great to put Track Marks on the Hi-MD Disc for the different Songs/Items.

I can listen to them on mini Disc machines & on Computer without wearing out the cassette player and I am saving the Master Recording which is on tape.

I will be having a look at the PC Program- Reaper, looks interesting! I had not heard of it.

I think I can save in WAV Format for general use any music files I put in the SonicStage Library.

I have a lot to learn!

Cheers to all from John.

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