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Remote RM-CRX20 information

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I apologize for the topic perhaps already addressed, I have browsed the entire old forum up until today.

I have a Sony MPD-AP20U unit (MP3 CD/DVD player) which comes with an RM-CRX20 remote control.

currently it is working with an RM-MZR50 but not completely: the lyrics are not complete, the backlight is not there.

In the remote control guide I don't find any references to the compatibility of the original RM-CRX20 with any other model working on Sony MD.

thanks if you help me understand

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Sony likely use the same IR codes (manufacturer code etc) across their machines, so "Play" on a remote probably works on many MD, CD, DVD machines. But features specific to a machine are going to require the correct remote control, or at least a remote with the correct legends against a button. You might find a different button on a remote for another machine performs a different function on your MPD. For example you might find "Scroll" on an MD remote might operate the backlight on your MPD (I don't know, I just picked a random MD-specific button).


Even between remotes for Sony MD machines, we find a button on a remote might operate a different function. The coding information is not widely published. I guess the companies that provide "generic" remotes must get the coding from somewhere. For example I've got "generic" remotes programmed (by the supplier) to control my Tascam MD-CD1 machines - but I have to look up on their crib-sheet which button does what...

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This page on Reddit has a post about half-way down from a user that says the RM-CRX20 works with their MD units MZ-RH10 and MZ-N707:




...and this page in the Minidisc Wiki says the standard remote for e.g. the MZ-707 is the RM-MZ4R (has no LCD screen) but either RM-MC10L and RM-MC11EL (both have LCD screens):




However that is not the same thing as saying those remotes will work properly with the MPD-AP20U! There may be extra circuitry or firmware in the RM-CRX specific remote that accsses function of the MPD unit, but looking at its user manual, the description and pictures of the remote don't reveal anything special and that it has a screen.


Unless you know anyone who has the MZ-N707 and can lend you it to try, I guess it might come down to taking a risk and buying one of those remotes on eBay or something.

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Here's the most comprehensive page we have on remotes:



My impression of remotes:


The most compatible one is RM-MC33EL

The commonest one is RM-MC38EL
The most powerful one (for various reasons like double height, ie two lines display) is RM-MC35ELK.


Sadly, eBay has the most ridiculous prices I've ever seen currently. There was a time when you could get the RM-MC38EL for under $10.


The best advice I can think of is to buy some other unit you don't really want that has a remote with it.


Sorry not to be of more help.


Here's a project for you:



Problems: 1. you still need the wire 2. The wire has the special connector that goes into the portable unit

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