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Sony NiMH Gumstick Chargers

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I have come across 3 models:



What is the difference between 9HE and 9SE as they look the same to me? 7D does not have fold away pins.

Wondering if there are any others and if any particular model is considered the best.


I also came across this DoublePow one:





Wonder if I should get one of those as they are less than half the price of the original Sony ones.


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I've got a BC-9HP, which came with my MZ-E30. It's a UK model (not sure where you're located). It says on it "charge only NH-9WM and NC-6WM" but seems to work okay with the 1450mAh gumsticks available today.


The Sony website lists a number of alternative chargers for the MZ-E30 based on where you purchased it: BC-9HU, BC-9HP, BC-7HT & BC-9HG.


I've got another Sony one knocking about somewhere, which came with an earlier cassette Walkman, that looks physically the same. Not sure if would be compatible as I think the gumsticks that came with the cassette Walkman were NiCads. Seem to recall you can charge NiCads in an NiMH charger but not the other way around? Could be completely wrong on that though.


I've also got one of those DoublePow USB chargers. Had no issues with it; seems to work well.

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