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NW-HD5H 30GB must go.

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Hellow everyone,

Before i put my NW-HD5H on ebay,i wanted to give you sony fans the chance to make an offer on my NW-HD5H.

I'm selling it because i want to upgrade my computer and my player is very rare,certainly in the condition that it is,so its worth a lot.

We're talking about the NW-HD5H 30GB Tiny player.

It is a special edition NW-HD5 that has 10GB more of storage space and has an alu casing with black buttons wich looks very sleek.

Other key features of the player are :

*With the(applied) firmware update you can now transfer MP3's directly onto the player without encoding.

*Exceptional 40 hour battery life.

*Sturdy aluminium casing.

*Huge 30GB of storage.

*PC recognises external harddisk for data transport,without extra software.

*Recharges via USB,also via adaptor.

*According to Cnet one of the best sounding players they've ever laid ears on.

*The player doesn't have 1 scratch on it,in perfect mint condition,the player has been used on my stereo + i am EXTRA careful when it comes to my players.

*The player still has warranty!(over 1 year to go).

You will also receive an extra alu casing for protection of the player worth 40€.

If you are interested in the player or have any questions do not hesitate to contact me : michelvw@gmail.com

Just for reference,this player originally cost 350€ ,and taking this is a rare player that sony no longer produces,also taking its condition i'd like nothing less than 300€ for it,as starting bid.

here are some pictures :






Have fun and thanks for reading my post.


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Well if 300€isnt a reasonable price,what is? i like to think it is,since this is a rare player.

But hey,if anyone is tempted to buy the player make an offer and i'll consider it.

If anyone has any feedback or remark,do leave a message.



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Just for the record, i dont think 300 euros is too unreasonable at all. Look at that thing -theres not a scratch on it, looks like the mans taken good and proper care of it. Remember this is a HD5h -H meaning 30gigs not 20, and better quality buttons that dont crack. If it really is in great condition (as it looks), this is a very rare and desirable item. You won't find anything new that comes close to the quality of this player -300 euros or not. If you have owned this player you will understand the value. I do, and mine is 'well worn' to say the least. If I was in the market for buying a new DAP right now i'd be buying this, my advice to you is get it, it's surely a collectors item by now anyway.

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