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just got a PSP

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Guest Stuge


You will be able to play all the games whehter you get them from US or UK ,but you won't be able to play UMD movie from different Region .From where did you got your player?

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how to install new firmware

and how to know which firmware is for my psp

is there any regions?

and how to install demos games on psp?


Do you have a MS Duo/Duo Pro card? This is required to install new firmware and demo games. It is not possible to do either without the correct memory card. The memory card must be formatted by your PSP before it can be used.

I hope that you mean regions. You have to go to the Playstation site for the region that you purchased your PSP, and download the updated firmware from there. The site will have instruction on the various methods that you can download new firmware. The best method is to use Network Update, which only works if you can make a Network Connection.

To install demo games follow the instructions for each game. All games and firmware updated are required to be placed in a directory root:/psp/games and in the correct sub-directory/folder.

Check the download page (http://www.atraclife.com/downloads/) or the blog page (http://www.atraclife.com/) for game downloads.

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To update firmware (North America): http://www.us.playstation.com/PSP/Downloads/SystemUpdate

Game Downloads (North America): http://www.us.playstation.com/psp/downloads/GameDownloads

For Asia I guess you would want to check out the Asia-Pacific or Japan equivalent. If you have a wifi hotspot at a café nearby you can do it there with Network Update, which is much simpler. The PSP browser homepage also can point you to game demos for direct download too.

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