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What am i suppose to do with GYM ?


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First , my problem is i don't know what can i do in there ? Do i enter the numbers of my tracks in spaces?


and ,


why write "removing tracks" in connect player than send tracks ?


then ...



any problem is there ? Becouse only there is a one track in my device.



this is important its stucking in there ... waitin an hours, and hours but its notting to happend ? its stucking like i said ....What can i do in this chapter ?


Thank you for your help... by the way. i am sorry for my english .. i know its bad but i hope you understand it ...one more thing , please do not kidding me because i am very recruit or new in this point ... thank you again ...

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hi i think i got the same problem as you but i haven't yet sorted it out

anyway cannot see any image


now images are working

the problem is that connect doesn't transfer right the songs

it does the same with my player

also sonicstage makes a mess

i opened a discussion few days ago but none replied

anyway what i wrote was if i need to generate this files with the wizard or i can take'em from someone else

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dear jackosman

i've finally solved the problem

not with connect player but with sonic Stage CP

all you have to do is import the generated files from gym to a clean database on SS and then proceed with the auto-transfer...maybe SS will freeze for a while but you just let it work

when it transfer songs to device cancel'em from the databese and the sources and then close SS and follow GYM instructions

tell if something goes wrong or if it proceed right

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