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  1. if you want to see cover art and maybe change the skin i advice you to try KD player
  2. hi to all is there a way to create a skin for gym?
  3. dear jackosman i've finally solved the problem not with connect player but with sonic Stage CP all you have to do is import the generated files from gym to a clean database on SS and then proceed with the auto-transfer...maybe SS will freeze for a while but you just let it work when it transfer songs to device cancel'em from the databese and the sources and then close SS and follow GYM instructions tell if something goes wrong or if it proceed right
  4. hi i think i got the same problem as you but i haven't yet sorted it out anyway cannot see any image edit now images are working the problem is that connect doesn't transfer right the songs it does the same with my player also sonicstage makes a mess i opened a discussion few days ago but none replied anyway what i wrote was if i need to generate this files with the wizard or i can take'em from someone else
  5. hi to all i've ha problem with gym,cuz everytime i try to transfer the required files to the walkman(nw a1000) both connet and sonicstage crash or don't transfer all files i tought i could just put in the gym directory the after-process generated files taking'em from someone else. is this possibile?
  6. after reading ollienorth's post i've tried it too and now my player is fere of dust and woithout the cover it's look a lot sexier later i will post some photos
  7. after 30 second of connecting it should start itself or try to press the play button it always play for me when i charge it by ac adapter
  8. hi to all like the title is there a way to do it? cause due to pc problems i had 3 times to format the hard disk and re-install connect player and every time backup music from the player with GYM thanks to all
  9. i created another OMGAUDIO folder and i ran connect and it said deleting songs(in the box in the angle that display infos) and after 1 minute it stopped then closed connect i restored the original OMGAUDIO and i ran connect and it was ok
  10. very thank to all for the big help! anyway i solved the problem
  11. it happened when i tryed to run the keywizard of GYM so the original datbase was backupped and then in the new i added GYM's files and after that process all GYM's files(without delete them form the library)were automatically delted so i gave up the keywizard and restored the original database and connect didi this "joke" again (i closed connect before restoring the original database obviously)
  12. 113 wievs and nobody know a solution?
  13. today when i connected my a1000 with connect it automatically started to delete songs and i only switched the sinc from automatic to manual i din't try to turn it back because i din't want to have no more songs on my player could anyone help me? thanks in advice
  14. i had a similar problem my connect use to shut down agter the startup screen to solve that i installing sonic stage CP and then conncet was working too
  15. wow! after re-installing ss cp everything is ok (also connect work) and i didn't lost the library!
  16. my firmware is the latest one and i treid to use sonicstage cp but i don't like it anyway i'll try ton install ss cp and maybe i will fix that problem thank you a lot kerfuffle
  17. i also tried to reinstall connect player but it does the same problem has nobody else this problem?
  18. hi to all i'm using the latest version of connect player since a long time and i'm happy with it but from few days when i click the icon just start the violet splashscreen and the nothing (i looked into task manager and there isn't tinyhhtp.exe running) what i should do? thannks to all
  19. hi supergojira where can i find that plugin? anyway i own an a1000 and it's a very good mp3 player
  20. some users defraged it and it became faster,but i prefer use connect player and it's fast
  21. can you please post this guide or its link? thank
  22. how about creating them? it's simply a gif file converted to nwm?
  23. i agree too, and i tryed after syincronizing with cp and the menu browsing is faster
  24. ho to all how can i directly transger songs from pc to my hdd player? cause when i try to drag a song from a folder it only allow me to put it in the library and after i can't suddendly find it because i've got a big library is there any shortcut? thanks
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