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Using and purchasing in Australia

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I'm in Sydney (Northern suburbs of Sydney to be a bit more exact... but I'm not in the "rich" part of it), I buy my blanks from Sony Central in Chatswood usually, I get 10 packs for $30. Occasionally I pick up a few TDK discs from around the place, but they are usually a bit more expensive (and I don't like them as much smile.gif)

I'm actually pretty surprised by the prices of Sony Central - they are often a lot cheaper than other retailers, even though they are a pretty trendy type of store (lots of polished aluminium, glass cabinets etc). When I bought my actual unit (MZ-R70... a while ago), I waited for a sale (a cost price plus 5% sale at Retrovision in Mosman) and asked them to match the price. They seemed happy to do it, but they didn't have the right colour for me and I wasn't about to spend $400 on something that was the wrong colour. Thus I headed up to Retravision (Chatswood) and asked them to match the price which they also did.

Another tip for low prices is to make friends with a person who works at Sony. Every year, they are allowed to buy 2 products from each 'category' (excluding Vaios and Aibos and possible Clies) each year with there being no profit to Sony, which is usually about half price.

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I buy my blanks from either Sony Central in Perth, Myer, or really anywhere I see blanks for sale.

If you want really cheap, really great blanks, keep an eye out for BASF/EMTECs. Cheap cheap! biggrin.gif

I've got a thing with Sony, so I buy mostly TDKs or EMTECs, even though most of my blanks ARE Sonys.

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Guest Anonymous

JB Hi-Fi is your best bet. They have a bunch of cheapo MD's (Princo brand from memory) normally costing just under $10 for 5. They have been known to sell 80 min MD's for around $8 for 5.

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