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MZ N10

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I recently bought a new MZ N10 which broke on the first day! The problem was that it couldn't read the disc. I took it back and got a full refund anyway.

Now call me foolish but I'm planning to buy a new one, the major thing that i did notice was that the volume was substantially different from my current MD (mz r-91) i found the volume on the n10 was much quieter, is this a common problem?

I have heard that MDR-EX70LP Fontopia Headphones are a good replacement for the standard sony headphones but do these come with a remote control because it seems a little pointless to have an md player and then not utilise a remote.

Any help on these matters would be greatly appreciated. Also any other i'd like to hear about any other mz n10 problems.

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I haven't noticed any problems with my N10, except for a bad TOC write on a MD I had, but that wasn't a problem with the portable. I also haven't noticed a volume issue; then again, I'm not sure what you define as not loud enough. I have the EX70SL's and find that they are plenty loud for me :-)

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If you want a loud player, forget Sony and get a Sharp.

The headphones don't come "with a remote". What do you mean by that anyway  :?:  :?: 

You plug them into the remote, like any other headphones.

ive only ever had standard headphones that came with my md player, if you buy seperate headphones can you still plug them into the remote? I should think the wire would be far too longl or am i missing something

I've only ever really considered Sony, is the sharp product as good/better or not too good?

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