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questions about the model MZNF520D and it's controller

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i was wondering when the models description said that the controllers jack size is "mini" , does that mean that a regular headphones jack wont fit and be too large? and if the controllers screen is LCD display does that mean that the screen is able to light up? sorry if these are some dumb and obvious questions. :sad: :grin:

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This is a newer unit that unfortunately isn't on Minidisc.org's equipment browser [yet], but I have seen the spec sheets and stuff. The headphone jack is regular size.

When you say controllers screen, do you mean remote? Most LCD remotes made by Sony do have a backlit feature. I am pretty sure that the N520 does have a backlit remote..

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so there are chances that you'll ruin your md all together? well my next question is that, there are two types of remotes with lcd display from sony; the one that coomes with the md, MZN10 and the one that comes with the ones im getting, the n520. i was wondering if both of them have a back lit screen because i have checked everywhere and all they say is LCD display :wacky: even with the ones i know have a back lit display!

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