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    what can i say? well for starters these things destroy my sennheiser 212's. more bass control but the quantity is still there. clear highs and mids. the soundstage is HUGE. the headband mechanism creeks a bit but i think its fixable. the movie and music switches dont make huge changes but you can definitely hear and feel the difference. the design is really nice. not as nice as sonys SA series but these are more of the commercial type, not hi-fi. i got these off ebay new. the guy has like 98 pairs left if youre interested. now all i need is a headphones stand..... im using a big dictionary on its side right now lol.
  2. ummm if you do research on the sonys, the v700 falls apart and has muddy sound. V7506 are exactly the same as the V^ which have bright sound but heavy bass (what i heard). id say go for the XD400, im getting the 300's myself and heard they are good.
  3. dont start trying though! i generally dont like walking with IEM's unless it has something like the foamies like on the Ety's ER6i's.
  4. waoh.... a right angle 3/4 adapter haha. yes i agree with damage. unless osmone has experience with the AA headphones, you might want to take this advice.
  5. i actually tried ripping the cord out of a dead drive on my EX51's. it was so hard i couldnt believe that sony actually reinforced it. i had to use a knife. it is strange that you would have to replace 3. makes you wonder if sony would care enough to do something besides constantly taking in borken ones and giving out new ones. maybe the next time they break, ask for a refund lol.
  6. only good koss phones worth your money: Ksc- 35, 75 and koss porta pros.
  7. for some reason, one side didnt even fit! so noe side lacked bass and isolation while the side that fit did everything. i only hear a difference in volume between my ears when at low volume though,
  8. check the output on the headphones jack and the ohms on the headphones before buying.
  9. hmm, i kinda liked the bloaty bass of the EX51's i had. for my genre that no one likes; rap. but are the sennheisers the only company that makes good sounding earbuds? what about audio technica?
  10. wow good luck, make photos and write about your progress
  11. i wouldnt mind just winding up the cord with the twist tie it comes with then plugging it into a remote. if you dont mind that then your options could be so much broader.
  12. yeah for walking, regular koss 35's +amp! try it, heard that for the price they are supposed to sound amazing, and even more with an amp. but some people lose the sense of portability with one. im also not good in the earbuds department but i am with skyther on this one.
  13. well, the no bass part, can u actually noyice the loss compared to your other heapdhones? if not, than you're just hearing the same sound signature. i dont know what the muffling could be. the only reason maybe that you couldve put them in wrong. but who puts earbuds in the wrong way
  14. are u putting them in right? people seem to like that model. or maybe there is a higher end version.
  15. i need to change my sig
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