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Do you know that N1 was made in Malaysia?

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Considering most, if not all of Sharp's portable Auvi units are made in Malaysia, it can't be a bad thing right?  :grin:

Well no, it all depends really. You could have a product made in Maylay be better than one in Japan. The general rule is the opposite but it isn't necessarily the case.

Furthermore good quality products can come out of Maylaysia, it all depends on the quality control and quality of parts used. Really there are SO MANY factors that go into play it isn't funny. Even things like the treatment of workers/salaries/benefits; management approaches/philosophies used at the plant; worker morale; and a slew of product and non-product related aspects that can affect the final product out the door.

Sony knows that good products can be made in Maylaysia; and, by and large Chris is right it is cheaper labour and overall cheaper to produce in Maylaysia. This isn't to say all Sony products made in Maylay are "high" quality, but some are. Case in point: A lot of Sony ES home A/V gear is made in Maylaysia. In fact most of it is these days! The last couple years all the ES receivers were made there and this is the first year in a little while that one ES receiver (the $5000 flagship DA9000ES) is actually made in Japan again. All the other ES recievers are Maylay made.

Of course the parts can also come from anywhere--Maylaysia itself, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, etc.--that is another big thing.

I'm surprised that some N1s were made in Maylaysia though. However I don't think that directly co-relates to the N1s track record for failure. (I.e. I think just as many made-in-Japan N1s have failed as made in Maylasia ones have. Just speculation/opinion as I have no hard data, but I don't think the N1s problems were with manufacturing, it was a part design flaw if you ask me.)

Just an interesting side note here.... While Sony has been making many portable MD recorder models in Maylaysia for some time (since perhaps the R70), portable player-only units have never seen Maylaysia much. The first Maylay made player was the E60 I believe and since only the very low cost units (300 series units) have been made there. Pretty much ALL other Sony player units including the E500/501/505 have been Japan manufactured...

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I think I'm going to retract my statement. I've begun to notice a good bit of my electronics, including higher-end MD units, are from Malaysia. I think in the past the country was notorious for producing cheap items/quality of construction, but I don't think that's the case anymore [at least with some brands].

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