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MZNH1 - Questions regarding backward compatibility

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Hi, I've got a busted MZN1 and have been waiting 7 months for my MZNH1. Now I'm concerned because I have a MZR55, a Sony MD Component Player for my home stereo and a Sony MD Six Stack in my car and want to be sure I can still use all my old equipment.

I'm wondering, can I still record my music onto a regular MD via a MZNH1 and play it on all my old players?

I realize I can't play HI-MD discs on the old players but I'm concerned just using the regular ones. I've tried looking this up online and there's so many different types the MZNH1 records in that I'm not sure which one I need (and knowing Sony I'll be screwed).

I am a musician so I was wanting the uploading feature to burn demo cds via the MZNH1 but as this is impossible I'm wondering if I'm better off buying a MZN10?

Thanks a bunch, I appreciate it.

Johnny K


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To keep compatibility with all your units, I offer my humble opinion. ^.^

Since you can record in true 292kbps ATRAC with the MZ-N10 (although not via NetMD, but only with the "old method") and all the discs will work with your older equipment (as long as they are coded in SP mode).

I recently purchased an N10 to replace my aging R900 and dead-as-a-doorknob N505, and I'm quite pleased with the results.

I don't know for sure, but I think that maybe if you used an old-formatted 80min MD that you might be able to record in LP2 and LP4 mode, but not SP mode...

So I'd say N10. I made the same decision recently, and I'm happy I did. First-generation new products are always buggy, anyway.

When Sony releases a Hi-MD unit with a little more battery life than the NH1, I'll take it.

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If you wait for Hi-MD you will have all the capabilities of the N10 plus the ability to record in the Hi-LP and HI-SP formats, so you lose nothing. You will be able to make standard old format MD's using the USB connection with Sonicstage. As long as the disc is formatted in NetMD mode rather than HiMD mode, you will have the option of SP transfer for compatibility.

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Okay, my MD is very old. It's the MZ-R3. I don't know what mode it is recorded in, as there is only 1 mode that came w/ the Mz-R3.

Can these old MD disc play on the NH-N1? I knew I can play these disc on the model 600 (the old blue color one that I bought last Dec. and refunded later). So I am guessing whatever that can play on the blue color 600 model, can be played on the NH n1?

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