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  3. I agree, it would be smarter to use a dlt-1180 or similar component, although the optical cable itself is robust, the plugs are built to RCA cable standards and specifications, so, like a screwless lug RCA jack, it's going to be at the behest of the solder joint alone.
  4. I think you know what you're doing - but it looks to me like you will need to drill the PCB very precisely to take these pins. That is assuming there are no other PCB traces in the way and that the copper fill planes on top and bottom are the same signal (GND hopefully) otherwise you will create a dead short, possibly across a power supply (say +3V3 is on the top and 0V on the bottom). Risky. Do lots of physical and electrical checks and good luck...!
  5. Yeah, it's missing the screw hole for support but do have two additional metal pins instead which should work as support I hope. Thanks, /Per
  6. This weekend I had to do exactly the same (again) with my 530. It started failing to read discs. Give the two ribbons a clean and also voila, normal service resumes! Result!
  7. Not sure what/how it happened, I simply removed and reinserted those ribbons a couple of times and voilĂ , it works ! Thank you.
  8. Sony MDS-JB930 UK model, s/n 602724
  9. M1JWR

    MDS JE470

    this is gonna be a challenge, could have a bit of fun and frustration with this one, somebody has messed up replacing the eject belt and knackered the springs, really you can only knacker one, more info when i get it, comes with spare belts remote and owners manual, going by the pics, i know where the long spring comes from and i have one from a mdm 7 drive i broke for spares some time ago, as for the small one on the side, unless ive used it, thats the one that will make things interesting, on ebay compleated listings if anybody wants a look see !!
  10. Tascam MD-CD1 (Mk1) UK Model (no LA-MC1 balanced I/O kit fitted) DSP=CXD2662AR (ATRAC1 Type-R/ATRAC3 MDLP)
  11. Greetings everyone. Apologies if this is not the correct venue to post this question, posting in the hopes that someone had encountered this issue and had solved it. I am interested in buying a N910 from a local seller. The seller says the player recently started exhibiting this symptom - drive starts but does not pick up the disc, does not read it. Is this something that can be remedied by disassembling, cleaning the circuit boards, carefully cleaning the optical pickup and drive area? I asked the seller to send a photo of the display when this happens, it is attached below. Th
  12. Tascam MD-801R UK Model (note: Keyboard/Remote PCB is missing, fluorescent display -30V inverter is missing and replaced with experimental solution) DSP=CXD2531BR (ATRAC1 v2) two-channel ATRAC encoder/decoder with separate CXD2525AR EFM/ACIRC encoder/decoder. BU-801 optional buffer RAM location (unpopulated in this machine) shown above. CXD2531BR_Sony.pdf CXD2525AQ-Sony.pdf
  13. I cannot come IN the sevice mode. I did the hold vol minus pulldown ff bb fb fb pauze pauze lift finger from vol minus. Nothing happens. Display keeps blank. I did the remote out also. What now?
  14. Sony MDS-E10 UK Model DSP=CXD2662AR (ATRAC1 Type-R/ATRAC3 MDLP)
  15. Sony MDS-E12 UK Model DSP=CXD2662AR (ATRAC1 Type-R/ATRAC3 MDLP) Note: Front panel is mostly the same as MDS-E10 shown below. E12 input selection switch is between bal/unbal/coax.
  16. Sony MDS-JE530 UK Model DSP=CXD2656AR (ATRAC1 Type-R)
  17. please add more CMT-se7 for me. many thanks
  18. Ah, great. Thanks EnderIII :-) I'll give it a try with my MDS-JB980 this weekend.
  19. Labelled: hmm... I do need a gold coloured screw...
  20. Me very late. As for SP transfer over latest sonicstage version installed with Windows 10 workaround, my MZ-NE410 kill the MD instantly if i try this 'sp' option when transfering. newb move.
  21. Yes! It got ported to web MD and the newest release candidate for Platinum MD. Seems to work with every Sony deck, and most bookshelf units. The biggest noteworthy unit missing support is the LAM series.
  22. if you must have the Beatjam cd I have a copy and can make an iso image you could burn to a cd. It is about 280mb so not a large download. here is a link to my google drive, flle name OMGBJ.ISO https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BGBMN9ykWGlvupeFYe0NdCVNunHcvZY-/view?usp=sharing It wont be there for long so download it asap ( let me know if a problem as I dont do this linking thing often)
  23. From these two datasheets (one for the DLT-1150, one for the Cliff OTJ-5 [known to work and fit]), the pinout and pin pitch looks the same, but the mechanicals for the DLT-1150 are a little different - the plastic support pins are in a different position and there is no self-tapping screw hole for support. So you'll have to cut off the plastic lugs then be relying on the 3 soldered PCB connections. So electrically it will probably work (I didn't compare the electrical characteristic), but it will be mechanically weak - inserting a TOSLINK plug will tend to want to cam the connector on the PCB.
  24. Thinking of adding a DLT-1150 (found in a bad working optical switch) to my JE470 - that should work since it handles 3-5VCC
  25. A bit late but better than never I guess, I prefer the sound of the NH700 even if the RH1 is nice. Could be due to the NH700 using a analogue HP-amp instead of the HD digital amp in the RH1 and also the NH900 which I don't have anymore.. /Per
  26. My recently acquired MZ-R90 is losing most of the settings when turned off like and realized it contains a backup battery (BAT1) - does anyone know if this by any chance is the ML614? or something else? /Per
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