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  2. WANTED - Remote Control Sony RM-D50M

    Hi everybody, I'm searching for Original Remote for my Sony MDS JA333es: a RM-D50M! Actually I have a RM-D27M (from MDS-S39) and is not exactly the same. I can possibly propose an exchange of this RM-D27 against a RM-D50. Thanks, Macaddict
  3. Last week
  4. MD Sony RH1

    This guy is very good for a as new one https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SONY-MZ-RH1-MINIDISC-RECORDER-PLAYER-NET-MD-WITH-MICROPHONE/183122097387?epid=59640637&hash=item2aa2ed74eb:g:bsgAAOSwxOFaeMNz
  5. MD Sony RH1

    Dear all, Does anyone know where is the best place to get a reliable one of these? There are a few out there, but I have heard the screens are not that relaible......so i wanna get a newer one if possible. But I know they are also mega expensive ... Many Thanks, Matthew
  6. Sony MZ-NH600D Issue

    Disc Mode - see the menu on the unit. What is it set to on each unit?
  7. Clone MD > MD

    actually Buyee has been on a campaign to reduce its fees. I know - I got all the emails ;(
  8. Sony MZ-NH600D Issue

    I have 2 units of Sony MZ-NH600D model. I am trying to troubleshoot the one that arrived in the mail today. Below are screenshots of SonicStage of two different units but utilizing the same MD media. - The 1st picture is from the working unit which shows that I can pick Net MD and Hi-MD from the list. - The 2nd picture is from the "defective" unit which shows that there are no other options except Net MD and I cannot click on the list. Any ideas what is up with this unit that arrived just today (2nd photo)? Thank you in advance for any help or information you could provide me with.
  9. Clone MD > MD

    bluecrab, I would like to try Buyee but since you mentioned that the additional fees are really high, I am having second thoughts now. Could please you give me an example of how much the fees would be if I buy an item worth $100 so I can get an idea if it's really worth it? Or just stick to eBay? Thank you!
  10. Currently manufactured MD hardware and blanks

    Note that deck sound is sound more dynamic.
  11. Same here I don't need Net MD etc. Just old school Audio MD. I still have a Sony MZ-R900 but it's showing signs... that's why I'm looking to buy another one, preferably a portable one.
  12. Aiwa MD

  13. Currently manufactured MD hardware and blanks

    I would not buy a RH1 as a first or even second unit. There are others Hi-MD units with a good chance of longer life. But for me, first generation (pre-MDLP) & Net-MD units are the best for a long durability. Decks are good too, specially JAxES, JB & JE series
  14. Aiwa MD

    Huh? 1. These models are large and rackmounted 20 lbs and 15'x10' at least. OP wants a portable. 2. No NetMD on either 3. The models are MDS-E10 and MDS-E12 (there's also an MDS E-11). Made by Sony, OP asked about Aiwa. Please, what's going on? Sounds like you are trying to sell him something that you own.
  15. Aiwa MD

    Hi there, Ok thank you. I'l have a look.....Do you know anything about the aiwa portable ones? Many thanks M
  16. Aiwa MD

    Dear All, I recently bought a MD S1, on your suggestions, and its great - i was after the backlight on the unit itself. I have been looking at Aiwa ones too, as they seem like good designs. However i am finding it hard to find one that has a backlit display (there seem to be more models with this than Sony or Sharp) BUT with the battery as just a single AA, without ones of those hefty attachments you have to put on some of them, like on my first one - the R55. Does anyone have any ideas? If it was a Net MD too, that would be even better. many many thanks, Matthew
  17. I recall I went through the stage of trying the FM- transmitting MDX-66XLP(RF) into my factory-installed cassette radio (Chrysler). The result was terrible. It wasn't the transmitter's fault. Is it possible you (and I) had bad results because the spacing of the transmission (and hence the audio bandwidth) is aimed at the North American market, or the Japanese market, where broadcast frequencies are different, see here? Sony's rather clever implementation of car audio (both the Unilink control cable and the decently large analog RCA signals) beat that arrangement by a mile. Of course modern units with Bluetooth are the most convenient of all, but the difference is that BT has enough bandwidth (I'm going by results, not specifications) that my ATRAC tracks play without actually even needing the MD. That's perfect for car rentals in distant places as all brand new cars seem to have BT available in the radio. The only head unit with an MD (as opposed to the 66XLP which still runs in my aging minivan into a Sony head unit) which I ever get to listen to now is the second-hand MDX-CA790X in wife's car. It's a beaut.
  18. It’s 2018, but it may as well be 1997 all over again!

    It's too new to have a cassette and too old to have aux-in or USB. It's like the "app gap" generation in human beings! Otherwise the tape adapter thingy would be a really good solution. I was looking at a more beefy portable speaker inside the car but to be honest I think within a few years I'll probably change the car. The poor thing is starting to suffer some age related issues.
  19. Hang about..... is your car old enough to have a cassette in the radio? Then I have a trivial solution.....
  20. It’s 2018, but it may as well be 1997 all over again!

    Happy to help! If you use an FM transmitter, the signal is going to be like an FM transmission so you are not going to get the same quality as when you are listening directly to an MD player. You need to make a physical connection to your car's existing sound system and your MD unit to hear quality sound thru an Audio IN or Optical IN. Otherwise, cannot expect much when it comes to the quality of the sound.
  21. Currently manufactured MD hardware and blanks

    Wow Chris, I could not find a used MD-02 on eBay even in "sold items" - how did you find such a rare and beautiful creature? http://www.avc.hr/en/sales_programme/products/md_02/
  22. It’s 2018, but it may as well be 1997 all over again!

    I got the FM transmitter, got all excited to try it and... ...nothing. I could not get it to catch the station I set on the unit. I tried several FM frequencies, I tried putting the unit near the boot (my car has the FM aerial built into the rear window I think). I tried it with a FM radio to confirm it works at all and it does work... but the sound quality is really not acceptable. I returned it for a refund. I thank you for your suggestion though I have toyed with the idea of a aux-in mod but in my Car 2007 Honda Civic, it entails removing half the dashboard. There are some car audio shops that will do it but I'll be probably looking at £150. Only from model year 2009 did Honda introduce an aux in to this model - argh!!
  23. I bought a second hand Tascam MD-02 from eBay. You can tell how much they have been used as they are able to report how long they have spent recording. Mine had only done 16 minutes!
  24. The answer is: all of them. However they must be decrypted (unprotected) using the Sonic Stage File Conversion Tool (FCT) that is within SS. I have no idea what's in 12, you should be able to see from the menus. One very small caveat, the default extension for new saves of ATRAC is .aa3, not .OMA. This requires a little bit of messing around. However if you edit a file which is already .oma (or .OMA), it will save with the correct extension. I'm sure you're aware that the metadata for OMA is a minor extension of the metadata for MP3, with MP3 in the signature replaced by EA3.
  25. I know we have already talk about it but it could be usefull to remind us which are the Atrac formats that could be import/edit/save in Sond Forge Pro. Sound ForgePro 12 manage the DSD format : I will be interested to save my music directly in Atrac files (that could be transfer to my MD discs). For a real time recording, I have recently ordered this : http://taingheviet.com/topping-d10.html?sort=p.price&order=ASC&limit=100 which is a half DAC half DAC interface (if followed by a better DAC).
  26. Stephen remind us the version of Sound Forge to be used fro editing/creating Atrac files.
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