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  3. where can i get 64bit driver? running win8.1 on dell inspiron laptop. got SS4.3 its the Ultimate. sony MD MZNF610 net md. Thanks-you guys rock. (george)
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  5. The battery connections in the MZ-N910 appear to be of a different design to those in the MZ-N710. A quick clean might not be a bad idea though.
  6. Hi all, Just to add to the list - I've now got my CMT-M333NT accessible through this version of SonicStage using: Win 10 the original Sony USB cable Net MD 64bit drivers found in the Downloads section As I hadn't read things through thoroughly first, I installed SonicStage first with no luck. I had to follow the steps spelled out in the other post (restarting with the ability to load Unsigned Drivers) to load the Drivers afterwards, but it all worked perfectly. Now I just need to find someone with a MZ-RH1 so that I can Sync my old SP MD's back to PC so they're not lost! Shame there's no Audio Out (other than using the headphone jack) on the CMT-M333NT (& such unusual speaker connections) - otherwise I could hook it into my Sonos Connect and blast old MD's through all the house. Thanks to everyone involved in keeping this thread and the various pieces of software running!
  7. Thanks. Hope it works with 8.1.
  8. spdif

    It depends on the final goal. This multiplexer IC (and the encoder switch) can handle four channels. As one position is currently used for "mute", that can be converted to an optical input. One coaxial input can be replaced by an optical receiver quite easily, also, adding an extra optical output (or more) is not a big trouble. These would be relatively small additions/changes to the original circuit/board. However, if two or more additional optical inputs are needed, besides the existing coaxial channels, that would be a different circuit. It is certainly doable with discrete logic ICs, but it would probably make better sense to build the new circuit around a microcontroller and a few push buttons instead. (And adding IR remote control is much easier, than to the current device.) As for building one: there are PCB making services available, so no hassle eith etching, drilling, etc. at home. Some level of soldering skills is certainly necessary, but other than that it is a pretty easy assembling task. ICs are in sockets, and the passive components are not that destructable, even for a hand without practice.
  9. I wonder if the MZ-N910 has similar issues? I tried charging mine yesterday and experienced similar symptoms to the OP. Ended up charging the battery in another player, which worked fine. Will have a poke about later.
  10. I have just stumbled across this old post and found it very useful... After sitting is a drawer for years, my Minidisc MZ-N710 would not power up and made clicking sounds when on the cradle. I found that the gumstick battery had leaked and the battery cover was crusted shut. I managed to get it open, bought a new battery (£2.99 off eBay) but could not get it to charge, I read @tphil post above about the poor design of the lower contact, so bought some electronic cleaning solvent and using an cotton earbud, cleaned the lower contacts - and hey presto, my battery is now charging! I am very pleased, so thank you for the information. This is what the internet is about :-)
  11. It sounds more like a bad battery than anything else.
  12. fight song lyrics, bad thing lyrics I've used MD Simple Burner to record CDs to minidiscs for years. All of a sudden, the program will not regognize the unit. If it does, I get an error messsage that says that "the files can not be read because they are being used by another program". Sometimes it says that there is not enough room on the disc-although I know there is. I have not changed any settings on my PC. I did install a PCI card for a video surveillance camera but I don't see how this could have changed any PC settings..Please help!
  13. I used windows 8 to delete some files from my kidney-shaped sony 'walkman', thinking they were data files. It seems they were my entire music tracks. It says I have "No data" and will not play anything. There are still 'files' visible when I plug it into my USB, but I can't recognize the type or play them.All my bak-up tracks went with my old computer. I have just put sonic-stage software on my new computer. Is there anything I can do to restore the deleted tracks? Can anyone help me please? Thanks,
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  15. Hi all, My vaio model SVF13N13CXB will not keep a battery charge. Vaio control center says battery health is in excellent and I can see plugged in indicator, gets to 100% but does not keep the charge longer than 5- 15 minutes if I unplug the power cord. I had a windows 10 install Sept/16. This is new problem- a couple days only. I am a little frustrated, do I in fact have a bad battery? Is it windows? So sorry if this is repeat inquiry- did not see any instructions for my specific model. Thank you for any insight.
  16. I've got a few options I can try. My 940 and 980 are both currently set up in my office. Over the last couple of years I've picked up some Sony QS separates from eBay (SACD player, cassette deck and the two MiniDisc decks) that I have connected to a pair of Tannoy active speakers via a Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 audio interface. The reason for the query was that I was toying with the idea of moving one of them to, or picking up a third deck for, my living room. Here I would have the option of connecting via the analogue outputs to my Marantz amp, connecting via digital to my Marantz amp or connecting via digital to my Marantz CD player (an SA8005) and using that as the DAC. MDS-JB940s are generally a fair bit cheaper than the MDS-JB980s. I suspect this is mainly due to the NetMD functionality the latter has but I've never used that and it isn't a factor for me here. It really boils down to whether to get an extra 940 (cheaper, more connectivity options) or a 980 (Type-S, group function). I do find the group function really useful, especially for MDLP discs, so I am sort of leaning towards getting another 980, but was wondering whether there would be a difference in sound quality to consider. When I get a chance I'll shift both players to my living room and test out the various options. I could make this part of my test and compare recordings made on different decks (I've also got an MDS-JE500 and a couple of portables I could throw into the mix).
  17. 100% agree with sfbp. Noting that the "given" here is that the recordings to which Type S is applied are of equal quality. Just wondering, I mean, if every Type R recording on every Type R machine is the same quality. Would be interested to know, as an aside, if your SQ via external DAC exceeds that of the native 940/980 DAC. I have an external DAC (Musical Fidelity V90), but I use it for optical out from computer.
  18. Nice and succinct! Many thanks sfbp.
  19. In one word, YES!
  20. spdif

    That looks great NGY - much better than the "cheap and cheerful" 2 way switch I bought. If I decide to mess about with any further connections I might have a go at building one, although I suspect it might be a bit tricky for a total novice. How easy would it be to modify the design to incorporate optical connections too?
  21. Does a Type-S machine provide any improvement in sound quality over a Type-R machine when playing back LP2 recordings via an external DAC? Not sure whether the benefits of Type-S are applied during the digital to analogue conversion within the MiniDisc player or before that point. Specifically talking about the MDS-JB940 and MDS-JB980 if that is relevant.
  22. Hello everyone, As the topic, I want to have some advice from you all, which Sony smartphone is equal or better than iPhone 6s? The price of iPhone 6s is so expensive, my wallet can't take it, LOL. Thank you in advanced!
  23. I am not an Optimum wifi client but they keep popping up even over my GPS while driving, they do have option if youre not optimum to sign into my xfinity but the point is I don't want these popping up while Im driving, Ive missed several turns on GPS due to this. do I have to shut off wifi when driving now? I used to see the occasional xfinity popup but these guys at Optimum are popping up every 10 minutes!
  24. Thanks for posting this. Nice to read something fairly positive about the format rather than just portraying it as a failure.
  25. Dear community. I own a MZ-RH1 HiMD Portable which was stored for a few years. Due a "nostalgic attack" and because there are so much stunning live recordings, I'd like to run the device again. First: The LIP - battery was dead, but I fixed it with a after market one. But the main problem is, the cable remote control doesnt work. Checking the line out jack and connecting the earphone directly with the device, I can hear music, but I'm noch able to change settings of sound without the remote. First I thought the remote control itselves is dead, but I tried it with another Sony portable, everything worked well. So I believe that the 4 contact jack besides the stereo jack is not working. I just cleaned the contact surfaces, but without success. Can anyone name the special Sony standard Line Out jack? I googled the whole world and nerly got crazy, but all I found was Line Out Jack. I'm sure that it is possible to solder in a new one, but first I have to know the correct name for it. Please help.
  26. Thanks again, as now I can read Part !!
  27. added both parts in pdf format
  28. here are the parts part 1 Hi-Fi World 95 June 2016 Minidisc nostalgia.pdf part 2 ( updated ) Hi-Fi World 96 July 2016 Minidisc nostalgia.pdf
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