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  3. well one univeral problem with recording from pcs is getting extraneous system beeps etc I would have thought you dont want to use analogue ( that has been a to d-ed ) but use a direct digital connection? also you want a player that will send out direct sounds untainted by pc interferance - not many of them around - foobar is one, recomended for using with digital (usb) out to the audiolab 8200cdq but probably can do to optical also
  4. I dont think it should matter these days if you pump the output to a decent modern dac as I do ( Audiolab 8200cdq )?
  5. Thank you for your reply. Yes, the recording on that disc is unique, this is the only way to get it. I looked up the MZ-RH1, it is a very expensive one, and to my surprise it is PORTABLE! Is it the most advanced one that could do the USB transfer that no other player can? And once the SonicStage is installed and the MZ-RH1 is connected to the computer, will I see the list of all songs and simply drag and drop it, like a typical USB device, or there will be some other conversion involved in that process? Thank you.
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  7. I am afraid, the only device that can transfer this audio via USB is the MZ-RH1. And for that SonicStage is required (available from the download section of the forum). I will look into the MDS-JE302's service manual, to figure out how can a stuck disc be released. Yes, it is one of the first devices, and has one of the problematic mechanisms. The disc can definitely be removed, the question is just how much must the device be stripped down. One thought, without any intention of disappointing you: unless the audio on that stuck disc is something a unique recording like a live event or so, it may not be worth to take all the hassle of removing a disc, finding an MZ-RH1, installing SonicStage (can be a real pain, depending on the OS), and so on. Might be easier and faster to look for that music on the net, and download it. And it is not only the trouble, but also the sound quality - that deck had ATRAC 3, a very early version, with known limitations and artifacts.
  8. Thank you for your reply. The model of my MD recorder is MDS 302, I believe it is one of the first ones. Recording was done on this device by simply pressing the record button and resulted in whatever format it could. What players could read that format and transfer the data through its USB output? And what software can I use to capture the disc content on PC, that SonicStage that you mentioned? Thank you.
  9. No its analogue only. I have a teac pd d700 and (also an old technics pg440 which the display is dead).
  10. Ah, sorry. I got the wrong end of the stick completely.
  11. Does your CD player have an optical or coax digital output?
  12. I only have analogue equipment so i havent been able to try the digital inputs unfortunately. And as this is my first MD purchase i only bought blank sony discs so i currently have nothing tl test the playback. Its worth noting that the poor input quality i mentioned is the same when playing back what i have attempted to record.
  13. Have you tried making a recording from a digital source? If so, was that more successful? Are you able to playback any MiniDiscs recorded on other machines?
  14. Im certain i have the wiring correct, and that my amplifier is working for recording as i have used it for cassette recordings recently. If i am to turn up the input level to max and record... then playback and turn the volume right up i can hear a VERY poor recording which is almost inaudible to the ear. I would then say that there is something very slight being picked up but its almost negligable.
  15. Can you share the make and model? Would help to figure out, how to release the disc. There are many, many MD players/recorders - decks, walkmans, etc., with different mechanisms. Success of the MD to PC transfer: it depends on how that disc was originally recorded/formatted. If it was a legacy MD recording (ATRAC audio), only an MZ-RH1 can transfer the content from the disc to the PC. If it was formatted as a HiMD disc, a couple of HiMD models can do the transfer (audio or data). (If it was a data MD disc by any chance, it would need a dedicated data MD player/recorder.) File format on the PC: you may want to refer to the SonicStage manual for possibilites (many) - you would need that software anyhow, for the transfer.
  16. I have an old minidisc player that is not working anymore, and a disc is inside of this player that I am not even sure how to take out. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated. After I take that disc out of that player I would have to copy it to my computer hard drive. I just found out that some MD players have USB outputs, and weirdly enough some players can only download through the USB ports, not upload, but most of them do both: uploading and downloading. Question: If I find a player that will be able to transfer data through USB port into the computer, what format it will be transferred in and what format is it recorded on the disc in, and how exactly can such transfer from a disc to the computer hard drive be done? Thank you.
  17. Dear Sir, what do you mean by not working? Does it produces any sound? or is it too tiny? Sorry to ask, but did you connect to the right cable? or do you press the right button? Because sometimes u need to press pause & rec at the same time to get the recorder to trigger, before any sound is being outputed to the monitor ( heaphones and what else ), then press pause again to start recording. Thanks
  18. Hi this is my first post and im new to MD in general. Iv just bought a denon dmd1000 from ebay after alot of research and im having alot of trouble getting up and running. In the manual it says to adjust input level until 'OVER' is no longer displayed... and i cannot seem to get this to work. I really hope im missing something obvious and i havnt bought a dud. FYI my amp is a technics SU-V660 and ive tried recording inputs from thr CD deck, tuner and also aux connected to my phone music player. Any help would be really amazing!
  19. I once asked my brother, he of the long-ago audio engineering degree, why he thought US and UK source material sounded so different. He did not know why, but he suggested that voltage diffs could be a factor.
  20. Thanks for the link and the quote. Interesting reading, and makes sense. I could not notice a difference between the two 940-s though. True, I did not make any A-B switching back and forth listening tests, that would have probably given a good evidence. I will dig my photos out I took when compared the two units' internals.
  21. My 940 is most assuredly the US model, as was my prior 940. I have long considered the 940 to be one of the better all-around bargains. Just FTR, my sound comparisons between the Sony MD and CD units are based on the [JA20ES and XA20ES] vs. the Musical Fidelity V90 DAC. The 940 doesn't enter the picture much, because when I use it for playback, usually its output is directed digitally to the JA20ES, which in that case serves as a DAC. In any case, IMO the 940 sounds more like both the 20ESs than it does the Musical Fidelity. When I get a chance, I hope to output iTunes to the JA20ES and see what that sounds like, as opposed to the MF DAC. It's all good!! :-)
  22. I'd stumbled across that What Hi-Fi forum as well. Wasn't really sure if it was much more than just speculation though. Although, as you point out, it does sound fairly plausible. Does your MDS-JB940 have the "UK Sound Tuned" badge on it Bluecrab? If so, are there any other indications on it anywhere that show it is a UK model? Mine has the model number printed on the back as just MDS-JB940 (where the voltage details/serial number are). It also has another code lower down underneath where the power cord is connected that reads: 4-228-507-41 CED CEK.
  23. Although I recall some discussion of the "British ears" aka "UK Sound Tuned" ploy over on the Facebook MD group (said discussion instigated by me), I cannot find it...and there were some responses. Second-best: found this: ...from which I gleaned: "Generally speaking it was an attempt to get closer to the sound of British hi-fi as opposed to the bright and brash end of the spectrum. Of course, there is always a marketing element to these things as well." This makes a kind of sense, in that some people find Sony's digital sound to indeed be too "bright" or "harsh." Perhaps the "UK tuned" thing is an attempt by Sony to make the sound a bit more analog-like. Applying my own experience to this, I find it reasonable. Although I do like Sony's sound as produced in the Sony CDP and MD decks I have used, it is noticeably different from the sound I get from my Musical Fidelity DAC, which is used for both iTunes and Internet radio playback. That sound is more analog-like, yet at the same time very detailed. It may not be coincidental that Musical Fidelity is a British company. If I listen to an MD or CD on a Sony unit, then switch to the Musical Fidelity, the difference can be almost a bit jarring. I appreciate both kinds of sound-shaping, although not sure yet which I prefer.
  24. Hey, I just wondering if anyone has opinion in regards to recording music from PC to MD Recorder in Hi-SP. How much does using analog 3.5 cables compares to optical? Also how does recording quality differs from older MZ-N series to the MZ-NH and MZ-RH If anyone can give some description on that? Thanks Kris
  25. Sorry, no self posted Ebay listings.
  26. Like New, Great Cosmetic Condition,Tested and in full working order. Comes with Handmade Leather Case, Original Sony Case, Digital Remote Controller, AC Power Adaptor and also comes with 3 Sony Blank Recordable Minidisc 74 (Sealed), and 15 used Sony Recordable Minidiscs.
  27. Funny thing to save that piece of electronic art all I needed was flat wire for about 3$ and your priceless help.
  28. I've wondered about this from time to time. Jim always was most sceptical saying the difference twixt 780 and 980 was a couple of screws and a plate. But from growing up in England my memories of all recordings is 50Hz hum. Maybe there's some real effect to do with that. My 980 has the aforementioned sticker (guess where it came from) and works just fine on 60Hz 117 volts (or so), of course with a transformer. Certainly the magic of Sony decks seems to be the way they clean up analogue input.....
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