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  3. MZ-E2 doesn’t sounds

    Do an alignment. You need: a. a prerecorded disk b. a recorded (by you) disk - should be full of music Do the section they call Overall Adjustment Mode.
  4. MZ-E2 doesn’t sounds

    Hi, I have tried all options, different MD in SP mode (prerecorded and recorded by me), different headphones, differents power spply (from AC, form AAA battery, from internal battery). No idea what more to try. Any suggerence for the internal service parameters??
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  6. MZ-E2 doesn’t sounds

    Ahhhhhhhh. So playback mechanism for prerecorded disk is completely different. More like a CD. It's perfectly possible to have an MD player which plays one but not the other. Did you mean an MD or a CD?
  7. MZ-E2 doesn’t sounds

    Test another MD. Test another headphone, another cable.. Any source of problem.
  8. MZ-E2 doesn’t sounds

    Obviously I tried to play an SP prerecorded MD. It seems the D/A converter is KO.
  9. MZ-E2 doesn’t sounds

    Could be that simple. Hi Jimma...
  10. MZ-E2 doesn’t sounds

    The disc you are playing is not MDLP is it?
  11. Clone MD > MD

    It will be released in April. Yes both me and Tim are MD fans
  12. SonicStage 4.4 CP is out in Japan

    I can find 5.2 I think...... do you want it?
  13. Hello, I have bought a mint MZ-E2 in my country that doesn’t sounds. It chargues, it displays the name of the songs and discs but it sounds metalic noises trough the headphones. I think the disc rotates well because it displays the names of tags. If I pass the songs I hear the laser movement but it don’t sound anithing, only a metalic noise 1 second. Any idea? I have entered in service mode but I don’t know if changing any parameter will repair the unit? Thanks!!
  14. NetMD Driver 64-bit Win7 or Vista

    Hi, Here's a new netmd760.cat file. Just replace the existing file with this one. This fixes the hash mismatch errors... netmd760.cat
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  16. SonicStage 4.4 CP is out in Japan

    Hello World, I am looking for the Japanese 4.4 or Japanese 4.3 version, where to have it? thank you
  17. Clone MD > MD

    After seeing your labeled up disc I thought I'd dig this out from my collection. It's on N5MD which was originally started as a MiniDisc only label. I can only assume Tim Koch is an MD fan, which is great. I like the look of your disc and will be interested in a copy once it is released. Please let us know the details.
  18. Clone MD > MD

    Yes, I was looking at those but prefer the white ink and more subtle design on the neige.
  19. Clone MD > MD

    Apart from the MDW80T, the latest and current disc.
  20. Sony MZ-RH1

    Hi, excuse me I have been busy. About the honest price (here) , it is under 200CH . Even if you see much better prices on eBay. Have been in touch with some people in your country or around ? In France, the last active MD forum is laserdiscplaza.fr which have is own MD section. I am a member (same avatar). In Germany, minidiscforum.de Shiping price also must be correct (it is not so heavy).
  21. Encoder rotary for JA555ES

    Make sure the connections look the same. I'm still rushed off my feet and haven't properly analysed the problem.
  22. SonicStage 4.3 Ultimate Edition

  23. Encoder rotary for JA555ES

    I'll try to get hold of a donor JB940 - Thanks
  24. Encoder rotary for JA555ES

    The MDS-W1 is less robust. I own half a dozen of them, use them intensively for moving tracks and duplicating/defragmenting discs. I fully trust three of them, that always operate as expected. Other units sometimes fail to duplicate full discs at once, but succeed if tracks are copied one at a time. The W1 is a symmetric machine, that can copy from disc A to disc B, as well as from disc B to disc A. A machine that fails to copy in one direction will often copy correctly in the opposite direction, preserving the feature. My intuition regarding failures is that the W1 does not retry when it fails to read a frame. The missed frames are rather replaced by silent frames, causing very short sound drops in the copy. In other words, I need not check the copies made by reliable W1s, but I always listen to copies made by W1s I do not trust. Usually, erasing the damaged copy, and copying it again suffices to recover. That being said, let me repeat here that without the W1, I would never have invested in minidiscs, as I did 16 years ago. What does digital recording mean, if you cannot backup your own recordings?
  25. Encoder rotary for JA555ES

    Salut Philippe, And the W...1 ?
  26. Encoder rotary for JA555ES

    I fully agree. I had to repair mechanical issues of both my JA333ES and JA20ES after a couple of years. Never had a problem with my JB920s or JB930, that have been running day and night for much more than 10 years now.
  27. Encoder rotary for JA555ES

    If you get JB940 you can try to swap. Chip on Dig Board in JA333ES. is Mitsubishi M30805SGP http://html.alldatasheet.com/html-pdf/723/MITSUBISHI/M30805SGP/305/1/M30805SGP.html same chip is on AU Board in JB940 so maybe there is a chance.
  28. Encoder rotary for JA555ES

    phamcu consider the QS to be better built thant the ES and told me to keep my JB980 (I did not think of selling mine) when I asked about his 780ES for sale. Here in Vietnam, JE and JA are easier to find than JB (I did not find any).
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