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  2. I haven't visited this forum in years, but driving home today I felt a sense of yearning for years gone by. I got home, popped in a frozen pizza and dug out my Sony MZ-NF610. I dug through an electronics drawer and found the RM-MC37LT remote that came with it, popped in Pink Floyd Animals and MARVELED....ABSOLUTELY MARVELED at the experience. What sound quality, I didn't even have to look at the buttons on the remote, they were intuitive like shifting a 5 speed. I swapped through headphones, first the efficient Koss and Grado RS-2, then the Senn 650's. Not quite enough power from the Sony to run the Senn's so I dug out another relic...a CMOY Penguin Amp made by Robert Gehrke in Germany. What a great experience tonight! I would not sell my gear for anything! A night to cherish really.
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  4. Minidisc storage racks

    Dear All, I am after a storage rock, but an upright one. Dad found this cute little blue one, but I am struggling finding anything small and unobtrusive. Some are crazy prices! Any thought? Also after possible md unit with hi fi kind of display light, not exactly backlit. Hard to explain.
  5. Minidisc. Sony MZ-S1

    Thank you. It was attractive partly cuz it has a backlight. There are a few with hi fi kind of lighting, are there not?
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  7. Minidisc. Sony MZ-S1

    Although I was never a big fan of the S1's "look and feel," it is a full-featured unit whose SQ will not disappoint you. Mine has disappeared somehow, somewhere in my house. COngrats and good luck with the unit!
  8. Minidisc. Sony MZ-S1

    Dear All, Thank you to those who pointed me a good direction for a minidisc with a back light. I went for a MZ-S1 which I could only find in the states. It looked in good condition from what I could see, the whole lost (including post costs and import tax,) was £66. Not sure how good that is, but there were some places it was going for over the 100 mark.
  9. FOR SALE: Sony MZ-R910 blue

    I think I got this unit from someone here on this forum many years ago. I barely used this unit. It is very nice and works great. I have put another gumstick battery in it since the Sony one died. Although, I wouldn't totally trust the new one either seeing as I bought it a few years ago and haven't used it much. I did get a AA battery sidecar for this unit and it will work without a gumstick battery. This unit comes with a charging stand (or for display like I used it for), AA battery sidecar, power cord, gumstick battery and the unit itself. All that you see in the picture. I'm looking to get around $150 for everything with free shipping to the USA. I will accept PayPal for payment. Message me with any questions.
  10. FOR SALE: Sony MZ-NF810CK

    I bought this unit from someone local on Craigslist a few years back. I barely used it and it has been sitting around collecting dust so I figured maybe someone could give it a new home and use it more than I did. It comes with everything I got with it. Look at the picture. It has a car kit (hence the CK after the model number). It also has FM through the remote. The only thing I have added is a different gumstick battery since the old Sony one didn't last too long (although I'm not sure how long this will last either) and a AA battery sidecar. This unit will run off of just the AA sidecar so you wouldn't even need the gumstick battery but it makes the unit a little bit bigger. Overall the unit is in very good condition except there are 3 small cracks on the unit. There is one across the bottom. It does not affect the way the AA sidecar attaches. There is a second by the battery door (there is a small scuff near the crack also). And a starting of a third crack by the headphone jack. I tried to get some good pictures of these discrepancies. I am actually listening to an MD on it as I type this out. I just hooked it up to my computer (Windows 7 Sonic Stage) to edit the track listing on my MD too and it worked just fine. None of these issues affect how this unit plays. All of the affected areas are circled in red. I'm looking to get $150 for everything and free shipping in the USA. I will accept PayPal for payment. Message me with any questions.
  11. FOR SALE: 10 blank Hi-MD 1GB discs

    I have 10 blank Hi-MD discs for sale. These discs are used but in good condition. Some have stickers on them and some don't. There are 9 blue 2nd gen discs and 1 dark blue 1st gen disc. All discs come with a case and are erased of any content that was on them. I'm asking $250 for all 10. If you want less than 10, I will do $30 each. I know the prices on Ebay are a bit crazy so I'm trying to be a little under those prices. I will accept PayPal for payment and will ship them in the USA for free. Message me with any questions.
  12. Support usb md

    If it's an MZ-RH910 in Hi-MD mode which has compatible audio files (ie. mp3/wav or whatever) copied as data files then that might be playable via USB. Haven't tried that though. And in that case you might as well use a £2 data stick.
  13. Support usb md

    Welcome Stephanie, There is no MD 910 Sony as you can check here http://www.minidisc.org/equipment_browser.html but you certainly have a http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sony_MZ-M10+RH910.html or a http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sony_MZ-N910.html . . Both have a Net-MD USB port with a mini-USB to USB cable but the Net-MD connection is only supported between a Net-MD unit like yours and a computer (PC & Mac) which have Net-MD drivers and softwares (like Sonic Stage) all set up : http://forums.sonyinsider.com/files/ . Eventually your USB port could be used as a charging source for a Net-MD unit but as you try yourself, that does not work for sure. If your car audio system has a Line-In, that will be all you can do to listen your music. Maybe your Sony system can also read Atrac CDs (usdefull for people who have a huge library of Atrac audio files stored on their computer).
  14. Just bought an MZ-1, but can't eject the disc

    Hello, the supplier is http://www.kkpmo.com . Quite clearly, you will not find 1:1 replacements, but you can order custom made spur gears. When you combine together the gears (special glue / brazing) and use proper shaft sleeves as spacers, you can get a perfect replacement for worn out or broken gears. In my unit I had missing cogs on midway gears B and C 4-955-496/7, I replaced them with metal gears (brass). Module is M0.3. I have now ordered some spares for a D-Z555 unit with stuck sled. In that case M0.25.
  15. Support usb md

    i have a new sony car cd player with a usb front port. i ntried to use my port. md 910-sony with it and it says "no support" https://www.google.com.vn/
  16. Just bought an MZ-1, but can't eject the disc

    PaoloB - Yes please let us know more about sourcing the spur gear.....
  17. For sale: MZ-R37SP and MZ-R500

    For sale: 2 portables for sale. I will sell them as a pair for $75 USD or singly for $40 each. That includes shipping via USPS to conUS...add $5 for Canada. Here's what you get: One MZ-R37SP (with 4.5v adaptor and RM-MC21 remote; One MZ-R500 (with 3.0v adaptor—not sure if origi. but works!). All in Good Working Condition. See photos. PM me if interested. Thanks!
  18. Minidisc backlights on units

    It's fair to say that the original prices charged by Sony were definitely "premium". OTOH they generally made good stuff. If you want a player (ie no recording capability) try on that site for MZ-EH50, MZ-EH70, and MZ-EH630.
  19. Minidisc backlights on units

    It would very much so, but I can't afford It! Looks v nice.
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  21. Minidisc backlights on units

    would brand-new suffice? http://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/e160880510 Kind regards
  22. Minidisc backlights on units

    Hello All, many thanks for your replies. What I meant was I first got a Md unit in 1998 so that' when I got hooked. Are the one with the kindle type display good in the dark? I was looking at the S1 but it only seems to be avaliable in the US to get nowadays. Dunno maybe I'm wrong there. Is there anyway I can defrenciate the ones with he kindle backlight from normal ones without anything on the unit. My song MZ R55 had a light on the remote but no kindle technology on unit. Once again, thank you for all your replies. Matthew
  23. FOR SALE

    Good luck.
  24. FOR SALE

    I have to get 230.00 canadian...such awesome condition ...
  25. Just bought an MZ-1, but can't eject the disc

    Hi guys, should anyone still be interested in this thread, I have managed to source equivalent spur gears for fixing the infamous issue with the MZ-1 no longer ejecting disks. Just fixed mine for super cheap money. Not for the faint of heart, but doable.
  26. Hello does anyone know where i can buy a OEM Sony MD Walkman OPTICAL Pick Up Assembly LCX-4R / X-3379-508-1 for a low price ?
  27. MD compatibility

    Thanks so much for the info. !
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