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  3. Thanks for the tip... But they cost 250 € far beyond my budget which is 100 €. Then for convenience I prefer ear buds. My idea is to take the RHA MA750, great timbre, tonality and imaging according to this site:
  4. Connect the usb port (on the right side of the portadisc) to a usb port of the computer with a USB audio cable. On the computer, use the audio software of your choice (I use Audacity), select USB Audio as audio input device. On the portadisc, start playing. On the computer, start recording or record pause, and set the correct recording level. When the fecording level is correctly set on computer, stop the portadisc. Start recording for good on the computer, star playing on the portadisc. Digital transfer is made in real time. At the end of the transfer, stop recording on the computer, and save your recording, possibly converting it to the format of your choice, as proposed by the software.
  5. maybe not ear buds but the sennheiser PX100 or what ever the latest version is. Good over the ear portable headphones, very sensitive. about £40
  6. Recently I got a Sharp IM-DR420H to add to my collection. When I first saw this unit I was not aware of the 1 bit/4 pole headphone socket, and (of course) the seller lost the 4-pole to 3-pole adaptor. I decided to buy it anyway as I didn't believe that connecting a 3-pole lead to my amplifier would make a huge difference. Some people on the forum said it doesn't matter, others say it doesn't sound right and you must use it or the unit may malfunction. I've come up with the idea to create a blind listening test between the IM-DR420H (4-pole socket) and the Sharp MD-MT20 (standard 3-pole socket). Two songs from the YouTube Audio Library were used to avoid any copyright issues. How I did the recording; Download files from the Audio Library Use SonicStage to transfer the songs to the DR420 via NetMD in SP-mode Play the files on both devices and record on an external USB soundcard (Behringer UFO202), using a standard 3-pole to RCA lead Save the songs in Audacity to 16-bit WAV-files The volume was set to 25 on both devices, 'Bass' function turned off, and after recording I let Audacity amplify the sound to the default value it automatically selects. The attachment to this post is a ZIP-file which contains four files, two songs played back on each device. Please let me know what you think, I'm very interested! Any feedback is welcome. (109.1 MB)
  7. Hi all I've decided to sell my Sharp unit, it has served me well but I don't use it any longer. Everything is working perfectly but, I have no MDs to test the MD player function. I am located in Victoria, Australia. Comes with original manual, remote and speakers. If anyone is interested, shoot me a message, you're welcome to try before you buy. Open to all reasonable offers Cheers
  8. i cant recomend akg 242hd enough. i have one, i bought it 2nd hand, itsva demo unit from a music store. its really good, it got clear mid and a relatively punchy bass, the treble is not harsh as well. also because its an open air headphone, it makes vast sound space, separation is also decent. the construction is very sturdy yet at the same time light and comfortable. the headphone unfortunately is very power hungry, only powerful devices can power it properly. it also leaks sound. definitely best for home usage. my rh910 needs to be at 50% at the least to make good sounds. however my samsung A8 would need almost 80% volume and it does sounds trashy. if u got a decent amp to pair it up, it would sound even better. i paired mine with a china made amp. Nobsound MS10-MK2 & Topping TP30-Mark2. it sounded awesome with both. i also like sony mdr-ex650, its very good, perfect for bass head, treble and mid remains clear n crisps. its my go to for lower powered devices like PMP and my Samsung. still its no contest compared to the akg. regardless i would still recommend getting the akg 242HD, its a good purchase and investment as it will accommodate for upgrades imho
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  10. Thank you. Anyway, I'm happy with these earbuds. But should I buy new ones, what are the best earbuds to match with a MiniDisc recorder like NH700? I have a budget of about € 100.
  11. No. Noise cancelling only started after Sony had already moved to diskless devices such as the NW-S756. Sorry.
  12. Hello! I just bought a fantastic NH700 from a friend so perfect to look new! For listening I use a pair of Sony MDR-NC31M earbuds that came with my Z2 mobile phone ( They play fantastic, deep bass, wide range and very confortable. I was wondering if the noise cancellation system (which is activated automatically when I plug in the headset in the Z2 phone) also works with the NH700.
  13. Oh, okok, thanks PilippeC, That clears up the HD Digital Amp somewhat... In regards to the Volume limiter i was referring to the volume hack, the links for 1st gen HiMD hack is no longer available. Regards Kris
  14. , AVLS p70, equalizer p52-53
  15. Hai... Im wondering is the moniker "HD Digital Amp" means anything? Out of curiousity i read through the and i notice some players got HD Digital Amp some doesnt. Can anyone feel any difference between the 2? Also, does anyone knows how to remove the volume limiter and enable custom EQ on european model MZ-NHF800 series? Thanks Kris
  16. Philippeb is your man. I've not used this method of MD transcription and I have never had a Portadisc in my hands. Sorry. Having said that, you will need a piece of software that records WAV input. Possible candidates: - Audacity/Cool96/Cool2000 (all the same, different versions) - Windows Recorder (not sure about XP and later, but the W98 and W2K systems both have a program called WAVEREC.EXE included) - Sound Forge 9 (a copy comes free with many digital devices from Sony) or 10 - VLC (which has a recording function) or ffmpeg (both based on same technology). All of these can use the Windows Mixer, however often a superior sound card will have its own drivers and mixer which allows tweaking the sound.
  17. Thank you. I hope they will reply soon.
  18. I do not have or seen it. sfbp (Stephen) or philippeb will be more helpful than me. Technically speaking, this is sure.
  19. Thank you for your reply. The manual is interesting, but maybe I can get some simple recomendation on how to quickly copy it, too?
  21. Ok, I bought Portadisc, what should I do with it now? Will it be recognized as an external drive and I can simply drag and drop all the wav files?
  22. Thanks. Come and visit us again for any question or comment.
  23. Ok! I have no idea what I did differently this time around, but it worked and I can finally use my player again! I would like to thank both of you for all of your help and I bid you good day! Cheers, 7th Peer
  24. If you're talking about standard notation on music staves, with lyric lines, chords and the rest of it, then Musescore is fully featured, produces great looking sheet music, is quite easy to use and is absolutely free. The Musescore forum is also really good for help and advice. They've just released a new stable version, Muescore 2.1 which is well worth trying out. You can download it from Personally I use Sibelius 7.5, mostly from years of habit getting used to it. But it's a big bucks program, and the support isn't that great. If I were you I'd go with Musescore.
  25. Im trying to find a good program that lets you create music (the type of program where you have one line and create a beat and another for lyrics and so on). If anyone can reccomend something that is not to hard then i would be really grateful. Im willing to spend the £300 that these things can cost.
  26. I believe not using your MD machine causes the belt to fail prematurely. I had a hardly used machine which I put away and didn't use and the eject on this failed soon after I got it out whereas a regularly used, and worn, machine had no eject problems. Best to use your machines, say, once a week rather than put them into storage.
  27. My main language in use is Vietnamese
  28. A side question, what's your main language? It seems we have a serious language barrier here. (Your response doesn't really tell us much, sorry)
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