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  2. I still converting Flac to WMA when I need to use SS. But now 90% of my audio collection on my PC (6 Tb, close to 15.000 albums, all got free) is in SACD / DST / WAV 5.1 format !
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  4. Hey , .. A New Video ( short ) Net MD Driver WINDOWS 7 64 bit to WINDOWS 10 64 bit installation & Implantation ... ! ... Mini Disk ! MfG Oktave YouTube - video :
  5. Sound forge allows converting FLAC to AA3 (unprotected atrac3plus anybitrate you need or even atrac Lossless) with a batch processor. The only problem is that it doesn't copy metadatas from the source to the destination...
  6. I think he meant the service manual--it lists all the error codes. Available on entry for the MZ E10.
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  8. Many thanks to those who read this post. I was able to find both rack cards for sale on the internet, one on eBay, the second on a specialty website. Very excited to have both rack cards for my collection!
  9. CA680X Sony Head Unit $50 Reduced. I'd rather see it go to a good home then just bin it. Make me an offer! FOR SALE: CA680X Sony Head Unit. When last in car, was working. Type R, MDLP, etc. $60 USD includes ship to CON US. Original box. Thanks for looking! (What you see in the pic is what there is.)
  10. Thx for replies. Today it works fine. Could be another flat wire problem. I check it if I have more free time.
  11. Commonly ultrafiltered or demineralized (cheaper) water. Nowadays meaning buying a new deck instead trying to find a "new" lens + setup.
  12. Seriously, guys don't even consider using 70% Isopropanol. You should use only pure (99% or 100% on the label). I dread to think what is in the 30% in the bottle above. And it is almost never the head cleaning problem. There are a gazillion things which can cause failure to read. Most common is (gradual) loss of laser power.
  13. If this is the ribbon cable, it look like something that can easily be fixed. We cross fingers for you kris01. Take pictures if you do not find the problem.
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  15. I was thinking of buying those lens and head cleaner discs one disc for lens and another for the record off amazon cuz that's where they are cheapest or can u recommend a method that won't damage them? Cheers Lrp55
  16. More likely something got bounced around in transit, and finally came loose with use. I'm guessing the ribbon cable between the front panel and the rest of the machine.
  17. Damned, And the problem occur on the ultimate unit... NGY or sfbp will be more helpfull than me but as the previous owner did not use the unit that much, the front panel could have dust or contacts problem inside.
  18. Just picked up a MZ-NF810 that seems to work fine after I cleaned the corroded positive battery contact. I started editing a recorded disc erasing tracks, creating groups then deleting them, renaming tracks, moving tracks etc, things I have done with other minidisc's for years. This minidisc seems to work fine as long as I have a good battery in it. But twice now when the battery gets low and I get the "Low Batt" msg, when I put a fresh battery in I get a "Blank Disk" on the disc I was working on. Anyone have this happen to them? Any suggestions? Settings?
  19. Hi Recently I got MDS-JA555ES. Previous owner didn't care much about it so it visible on the front panel but also didn't use it. Total play time is about 220 hours and only 3 hours for recording. Today I noticed strange thing. Power is on, display is working, seems it is playing but every button is inactive. I can't even switch it off or eject minidisc. I had to remove plug from mains. I checked all easily accesible connections. Could it be temperature and humidity problem? It is so hot.
  20. corrosion or bad contact ?
  21. It seems the AMS knob dont work when you press it to accept choices. This was a 2nd hand device I have had for some time, one of 4 I have so dont know if it was always like that. The rotational function works just not the push one. Any ideas?
  22. Actually was sold over at but did go pretty quickly.
  23. There are some Speedy Gonzales buyers here...
  24. FOR SALE: SOLD 50 blank MDs (23 brand-new, 27 used—all work fine). Included are 57 individual cases, 5 cases that each hold 5 MDs, 7 empty individual cases. and a CaseLogic that holds 12 MDs. A few of the used have some label residue...most are clean. Asking $90 USD for it all, OR make me an offer for all or part. Photos and spreadsheet attached. MD Blanks.xlsx
  25. Did you clean the recording lenses (gently) ? If one of our technician aficionados here like NGY or sfbp (Stephen) can help you, perfect. But considering the actual value of such a deck, maybe it would simple to buy a new one.
  26. I Have a similar problem with mine but on mine it is intermittent so i can still record but some discs it dowsn't like i've tried many discs new sealed ones and it still does it so i don't know how to fix it but i would love to get mine working like new even though i baught it off ebay about 6 months ago and it didn't record when i got it but I have this intermitterent problem now, sorry for the ramble, any help would be appreicated. Lrp55
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