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  3. Thanks NGY, the cables are facing backwards as it should be. The rest i will check once i have some free time and i will post the results immediately. Cheers!
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  5. I have experienced a similar situation a while ago. It was a regular USB mouse, and the PC was not a VAIO, but the exact same thing happened. I tried several times to disable/uninstall/reinstall the mouse driver - but it did not help. Finally I concluded, that one of the applications (or, the OS itself) might have had some interference in the system settings. As I had no time to debug each and every software on the machine, I simply made a system restore from an earlier back up I knew had been working all good, then the error disappeared. I am not saying here this is "the" solution, but in my case it worked well.
  6. Hi Stan, welcome to the forums. These are all good signs of the device not yet being fully dead. That the power button works shows your MCU is alive - it is sensing some of the buttons and can control the standby/power on led, therefore, it seems it is not blocked by a fault somewhere, that would cause the MCU forcing the device stay in Standby. That the disc load/eject works shows that your BD board is alive (might have some faults though - to be figured out later on). Let's begin with the trivial stuff: - I would first check the two ribbons that connect the drive to the main board. On the 500/510 decks it is fairly easy to seat one of the ribbons the wrong way, at the main board end. The wider one is pretty straigthforward (i.e., short enough, and folded sharply), but the other one can be plugged 180 degrees twisted around (I faced this issue a couple of times, and luckily those decks always survived this mistake). Both ribbons' contacts should face the rear of the deck, not the front. In other words, the ribbon side with the writing on it is facing the rear, the plain white side is facing the front. - second I would check the front panel's ribbon, for contacts peeling off like this, or being damaged otherwise: - then there is a display/controls check mode you can try, to see whether or not your display driver is alive, and/or the MCU can sense all other buttons/switches, as well as the IR sensor. Turn the deck off with the switch on the back panel, press and keep the AMS knob and the record button pushed, then switch the deck back on. The display should lit all segments, then by pressing each buttons one by one, you can turn off the segments one by one. Once all done, other tests can be performed, following the instructions appearing on the display. Let us know the outcomes of these checks, and we can take it from there.
  7. Is this what you are looking for? (These head-unit connectors are pretty much standardised these days, therefore it is very probably compatible with the AX5000 - and other models/makes - too. Wire colors might differ though.)
  8. Hi! I recently bought an open box XAV-AX8000 that is missing the wiring harness, and I am not sure that the retailer will be able to find one to send out, so I have been looking for one online just in case. The issue is that the site that Sony links to on their support page (Encompass Parts) does not list this part on their site. Does anyone have a link to this part from a reputable source? Is the harness from the AX5000 compatible? That part is on the parts site. Thanks!
  9. Hi all, I'm currently using my Sony Vaio VPCL21S1E. The computer came with a wireless mouse and keyboard which I paired ~10 years ago when I bought the machine. The model of the mouse is VGP-WMS30. Recently, the mouse will regularly get 'stuck' and 'lag' which is, above all, really frustrating, but also then leads to clicking things in error. I have been through the usual suspects to fix this: replaced the battery with a fully charged one, turned off and on, updated drivers, troubleshooted, made sure drivers are not turned off to save power etc. etc. What I'm really puzzled at is that if I disable Bluetooth, the mouse still works. I have no idea how it's paired/connected, because there's no wire and there's also no USB 'dongle' that came with it. Also the mouse nor keyboard are listed anywhere in the computer devices, so I can't even unpair them and try again. I've also tried to establish whether there's an issue with my Bluetooth. I'm all out of ideas and it's really bothering me. Can anyone suggest anything at all? Many thanks
  10. Hello everyone, this is my first post in this forum... I've recently discovered that the BCA-NWHD3 adapter that came with the Sony NW-HD3 player can also be used with Sony MZ-N10 NetMD player. Both devices have the same proprietary port for data transfer and charging. All you need to do is to cut a piece of plastic that supports the adapter when connecting to the device (I used my Dremel tool to cut it; very easy stuff). Then you can attach the adapter to MZ-N10 and use a regular mini USB cable to connect the MD player to your computer. You can also charge the player via DC-in jack with an auxiliary AC-DC adapter. I use a 5V Sony PSP power adapter by the way; it works flawlessly for charging MZ-N10. Unfortunately, you cannot attach the BCA-NWHD3 adapter to the charging cradle. Because of the plastic housing, it doesn't fit into the cradle. Hope this information may help someone who is searching for a "hard to find" USB cable for MZ-N10... Here are some photos:
  11. Hi to everyone here. I'm new to the forum and I have a Sony Mds-je 510 minidisc deck which is now dead. It was working fine,but was showing blinking 'standby' when you switch it on. This is a sign for a weak battery and I decided to replace it. It all went smooth, I disconnected the three ribbon cables and ac cord from the main board, pulled it out of the casing, desoldered the old battery, soldered the new one and put back the main board in place. When I switched it on - disaster! No signs of life at all. I went for a cigarette, thinking what might be the problem and when I came back I saw I forgot to connect all the ribbon cables. Lol, easy! But I didn't notice that I left the deck plugged in the outlet. So, after connecting the ribbon cables , probably I have shorted something. Now I have only the standby light, it goes to green when I switch it on and to red when I switch it back off. The loading and ejecting works, but the disc doesn't spin, no display and no buttons working. I have checked B+ on pin 64, 3.3 V and B- on pin 56, -32.6V of IC 701, the display ic, as per service manual, they are there. Any help will be highly appreciated, thanks. Stan
  12. I get the same message with my MZ-NH900. I have self recorded files I would like to organize on PC. Anyone know a solutions to this ?
  13. Hello, (Possibly a bit late) but I do have one. Where are you located? /Per in Sweden
  14. My 707 was previously working. Was kept in a drawer for a year or so. When i tried to use it, it won't turn on even with new batteries. I connected it to the pc and it woke up. It's now working fine.
  15. Sorry theres some "smarts" built into the way tracks are imported. I don't think you can get around it except by changing the track titles. If you are importing CDs, you must be toast. By all means poke around inside the configuration menus, but I have never noticed anything.
  16. Hi all, Happy New Year! I'm using the 4.3 software and I haven't had a problem in years. Up until now. When I try to import a track, the title of which begins with a number, Sonicstage is cutting the number off in the file name. In other words; if the name of the file is "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover", the song shows up in My Library as "Ways to Leave Your Lover". This isn't a problem if it's just a couple of tunes but i want to categorize a collection of tracks that I have a long time now and all of them begin with a number and there are over a thousand! Help! And thank you in advance.
  17. You will need our one-size-fits-all download (32- or 64- bits) driver for NetMD. You will need to disable driver signing for one reboot cycle. Google it and look on the site, there are endless descriptions of what to do. Good luck!
  18. I have a new Dell laptop and have successfully installed SonicStage but can't get my MZ-RH1 to be recognised. Don't seem to be able to find a driver update anywhere to install. Any help would be much appreciated.
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  20. I kind of like the idea of all music in my pocket but still recording lots of MDs - lately I've been (hoarding?) Network flash based Walkmans with true Atrac support to extend the heritage of MD onto newer platforms (read less space consuming) /Per
  21. Hi! Just wanted to share my (DIY) replacement for the LIP-4WM which quickly was made while awaiting a fully working LIP-4WM It might look a bit scary for some of you /Per
  22. This is emphatically not a PC forum, and those of us who do know about PCs (myself included) know next to nothing about VAIO PCs and have never had one in their hands. Having said that, I am aware of similar issues in the land of Lenovo/W10. Initially I had the same problem but one day it started working just fine. You MIGHT try installing W7 bluetooth support over top of whatever you have, assuming their bitness is the same (32- or 64-) between the two setups. Certainly a number of other drivers (not BT) have worked for me "upgrading" to W10 from W7. Your alternative is to try and get a patched version of W7. It ***is*** possible. Let your fingers do the walking, no point in posting links here.
  23. Hi all, using a Vaio T Series Ultrabook ("vintage"?!), with Windows 10. A quick google seach shows that there were some issues disabling the bluetooth function between Win 7 and Win 10 updates. However, I haven't been able to find a fix and hoping someone can help. Current BT items listed in Device Manager: Bluetooh Device (RFCOMM Protocol TDI) Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator Microsoft Bluetooth LE Enumerator Qualcomm Atheros AR3012 Bluetooth (R) Adapter I can confirm that BT used to work (had speakers and headphones connected). Tried recently pairing a new pair of headphones just to test out and couldn't get anything to connect, even with any of the previous devices paired. Appreciate any guidance, links to proper drivers, etc. Thanks!
  24. pwesthead

    SA-VA15 Power Supply

    I plugged my SA-VA15 in after about 3 yrs of not using it, and it died within 2 mins, I suspect its either the power supply or the fuse shown on the wiring diagram. The problem I have is I cannot remove either of the 2 front covers as I removed toe rear cover but it appears the power supply etc will not come out as I believe there is a screw(s) from the front side Any help in assisting me in this is greatly appreciated. Peter
  25. Most W10 are upgrades. Not sure how you force W10 to go into 32-bits though. The ones I have dealt with mainly got there because someone had 32-bit Win7 before that, and upgraded it.
  26. Many thanks sfpb - had it put aside, but now I can get going again and I guess I'll still give Win10 a try to get it to work. Else I need to go with KeesNL and utilize WinXP somehow. Both much appreciated!
  27. Not sure about the other QS/ES decks but the MDS-JB940 has a "Date Recorded" button on the remote control. There's no such button on the MDS-JB980's remote control (nor does it have a clock afaik).
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