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  2. Hang about..... is your car old enough to have a cassette in the radio? Then I have a trivial solution.....
  3. It’s 2018, but it may as well be 1997 all over again!

    Happy to help! If you use an FM transmitter, the signal is going to be like an FM transmission so you are not going to get the same quality as when you are listening directly to an MD player. You need to make a physical connection to your car's existing sound system and your MD unit to hear quality sound thru an Audio IN or Optical IN. Otherwise, cannot expect much when it comes to the quality of the sound.
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  5. Currently manufactured MD hardware and blanks

    Wow Chris, I could not find a used MD-02 on eBay even in "sold items" - how did you find such a rare and beautiful creature? http://www.avc.hr/en/sales_programme/products/md_02/
  6. It’s 2018, but it may as well be 1997 all over again!

    I got the FM transmitter, got all excited to try it and... ...nothing. I could not get it to catch the station I set on the unit. I tried several FM frequencies, I tried putting the unit near the boot (my car has the FM aerial built into the rear window I think). I tried it with a FM radio to confirm it works at all and it does work... but the sound quality is really not acceptable. I returned it for a refund. I thank you for your suggestion though I have toyed with the idea of a aux-in mod but in my Car 2007 Honda Civic, it entails removing half the dashboard. There are some car audio shops that will do it but I'll be probably looking at £150. Only from model year 2009 did Honda introduce an aux in to this model - argh!!
  7. I bought a second hand Tascam MD-02 from eBay. You can tell how much they have been used as they are able to report how long they have spent recording. Mine had only done 16 minutes!
  8. The answer is: all of them. However they must be decrypted (unprotected) using the Sonic Stage File Conversion Tool (FCT) that is within SS. I have no idea what's in 12, you should be able to see from the menus. One very small caveat, the default extension for new saves of ATRAC is .aa3, not .OMA. This requires a little bit of messing around. However if you edit a file which is already .oma (or .OMA), it will save with the correct extension. I'm sure you're aware that the metadata for OMA is a minor extension of the metadata for MP3, with MP3 in the signature replaced by EA3.
  9. I know we have already talk about it but it could be usefull to remind us which are the Atrac formats that could be import/edit/save in Sond Forge Pro. Sound ForgePro 12 manage the DSD format : I will be interested to save my music directly in Atrac files (that could be transfer to my MD discs). For a real time recording, I have recently ordered this : http://taingheviet.com/topping-d10.html?sort=p.price&order=ASC&limit=100 which is a half DAC half DAC interface (if followed by a better DAC).
  10. Stephen remind us the version of Sound Forge to be used fro editing/creating Atrac files.
  11. What are you listening to right now?

    I am trying to get some sleep while listening to Coldplay’s music. Good thing my Shih Tzu is now peacefully asleep in his pet bed, I am afraid that he might sing along if he is still up.
  12. Avoid converting into WAV. ATRAC is a 24-bit format, make the most of it. ATRAC is the magic that makes MD sound good. Sound Forge is the only one that will DIRECTLY edit ATRAC files - but they need to be decrypted (once only) first.
  13. Thank you for your answer. I have Sonic Stage. I know how to convert into WAV format why transferring from my walkman MZ-RH1. I never used Sound Forge. Probably it's possible to use Adobe Soundbooth or Adobie Audition 1.5 for editing. Do you mean decrypting OMA into WAV for example?
  14. The problems with Onkyo Hi-MD decks are twofold: 1. No schematics or proper service manual (which has saved so many Sony creations over the years). When it dies, it dies ...... (sigh). Recommendation: don't use the deck (or portables) to do major editing. Leave that to Sound Forge and save your hardware from wearing out. In turn this means you must learn how to decrypt uploaded files (OMA) using Sonic Stage. I have also an Onkyo FR-X-B8 and it started to show signs of being unhappy with being used to edit. 2. No optical out or USB. However this can be remedied by the parallel use of a HiMD portable which can easily transfer music to/from computer. Enjoy! Note that if you stick to standard bit rates (not exactly sure, but 256kbps and 64kbps both work ok), VLC (ffmpeg) can decrypt the files on the fly for playback (or conversion). AAL (Atrac Advanced Lossless) is unknown to VLC but it hardly matters since the AAL files are never encrypted, making them much more difficult to lose outright if your windows install goes sideways.
  15. Thank you very much for such a quick answer. I downloaded the file. I rediscovered my old Walkman MD's players and my old collection of MD. I didn't use it for years and forgot about my stash of this recordings. Some time ago by accident I opened my old box with it and felt in love with the quality of sound from Mini Discs. Do you think I am sort of delusional or there really is some quality to it? I just bought this used ONKYO 105FX from Japan since from now on I want to use it for my recordings. I am very exited about this project. I would like to transfer my CD, vinyl LP's and cassette collection into mini discs. I would like to know more about MD's. I know it's an obsolete technology, but I like it and regret that it's over. MD were so cheap at the end of 90-ties and the beginning of 2000. I guess you are using this Onkyo105FX. I hope you have no problem with it and you know more than I do now. I wouldn't like to do something wrong with it, so didn't use it yet waiting for the manual. I am an artist and I can send you a nice copy of my work with gratitude for this manual. I see it on eBay and Amazon for sale and somehow it irritates me. It's not a question of money on some level for me...but a certain attitude. Thank you very much again,
  16. Sonic Stage not burning to CD

    Most likely some other app has "taken over" the CD/DVD burner. You can reacquaint SonicStage with the drive, if I recall correctly. Probably you need to delete it from Device Manager first so that it reinstalls. Then SS should check it out and after that, presto! Good luck. (there are other more complicated tricks to do with deleting Upper and Lower Filters but I don't recommend them. Probably some reading on Microsoft Tech Net may help).
  17. See the link to our downloads section higher up this thread.
  18. I am looking for ONKYO MD105FX/MD133 (Hi-MD) English Manual...anyone...please.



  19. ...and by the way "It seems to me immoral that anyone should be charging this much for a few photocopied sheets taped together." I agree with you.
  20. I just bought used Onkyo md-105fx Hi-MD to use for my old collection of MD's...but there is no English manual for it. If you will be so kind and share one with me I would be obligated to share maybe some piece of my art with you. Thank you.
  21. Sonic Stage not burning to CD

    I've had no issues in the past but now when I try to burn tracks I've recorded to a music cd I get the message unable to transfer the track or tracks. I am able to burn one track on the cd but not more than that. I'm using Sonic stage 4.3 I can't even burn tracks in my library anymore either. My recorder is a MZ-RH1 if that matters. Help! And Thank You!
  22. [FIND] Lever (Lock) Assy Sony MDS-JA333es

    For you Sphig (Google Translator is your friend) : http://www.laserdiscplaza.fr/forumld/viewtopic.php?f=63&t=5850
  23. JRiver Media Center has a parametric equalizer which allow such a lowpass filter, i.e. 15750 Hz cut with a 24 dB/octave downfall.
  24. [FIND] Lever (Lock) Assy Sony MDS-JA333es

    Work perfectly!! I’m really happy;)
  25. Kind of dense but very interesting. Way too much work for me, given my current uses for MD. That would be audiobooks, copying what's left of analog media to MD (and then onto CD-RW and into iTunes), and playing MDs I previously recorded. After 20+ years, there have no doubt been advances in DSP that didn't make it into abandoned ATRAC. Furthermore, all MD units have DACs that have been superseded by better DACs. Type R still is quite serviceable, though, if not the best of the best.
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