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  2. That is a really good summary dude, thanks
  3. Many thanks for that bluecrab! I'm leaning heavily towards a "UK sound" 930 as it seems a bit cheaper and I'm using SP more these days (I've too many discs to use up now - haha) Good to see you still posting around these parts too
  4. Yep Freddy, I'm hoping to find a JB-9x0 deck with the eject problem so I can buy and fix cheaply. I have already done a drive belt fix on a JE-770 deck I bought for £15
  5. The swift-tagging is a useful feature but... I'd have to use Sonic Stage and therefore keep two copies of each file right?
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  7. Avoid the NH1, it has known issues with the unique cable, and a battery (same as RH1) which costs BIG bucks to replace. I'd keep the RH1 for uploading to PC (of SP/LP2/LP4/Mono), the one thing that it and only it can do. It doesn't need a screen for that. If you're going MD, I would recommend the NH700 as it seems the most reliable. The second gen (RH10/910/M10/M100) make a lovely sound on playback but seem to have had more mechanical/electrical problems. And the NH700 takes AA's - a very strong selling point. Another way is switch to all-digital, the PCM-M10 or ICD-SX7xx/8xx/9xx. If you get Sound Forge 9 (or 10) which comes with quite a few different devices for free, you can use it to edit uploaded ATRAC especially HiMD formats. The only trick to that is to be able to decrypt the files first which you do from inside SonicStage using the file conversion tool (built in to SS). Finally, the question answered that you didn't ask - for playback, use none of the above but get a purpose built player-only (either HiMD or "loMD", the former can play both). This is good for several reasons: 1. you don't accidentally destroy precious recordings by pressing the track mark/record key 2. They are very solidly built (you will need to invest in a good charger and some brand new Gumsticks but these are available for a few bucks) and can be taken in more severe external environments like jogging (there's only one that even attempts to be waterproof, the MZ-S1 and I don't particularly recommend it). 3. There is much less to go wrong with the mechanics/electronics. MZ-EHxxx (HiMD) or MZ-Exxx, making sure in the latter case you get the ones that can play MDLP. MZ-EH70,MZ-EH50,MZ-EH930,MZ-E630 and so on.
  8. err, i mean the download windows pops up, but never show progress, then soon after it said download failed. To be honest I havent try again since i already got the files tho... it might be just a fluke in the network connection. anyhow... i didnt use SS that much, i mainly record directly from line in.
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  10. there are the 2 onkyo full size decks that record hi-md as well. Japan domestic market only but the odd does crop up in the uk on ebay.
  11. My trusty MZ-RH1 has lost the OLEDs on the RHS of the display, which is a bummer because that's where all the useful information is shown. The OLEDs just packed up one day. Luckily it still plays perfectly, and I have the sidecar so I can see Playback information, track numbers etc. But when it comes to recording and editing, though the machine will still do it, the sidecar doesn't show that information so I can only do things like Rec. format/Move/Erase by complete guesswork - not at all ideal. I have another MD player/recorder which is good for the old formats, but when it comes to recording and editing Hi-MD I'm stuck. Seems to me I have a few options: 1) Repair. There's a video of a guy replacing the OLEDs on his Mz-RH1 on YouTube - he's something of an expert and the process looks like hell, even if you can get a replacement part and are an expert. So, NO to that idea. 2) Buy another MZ-RH1. They go for serious money on eBay etc, and there's no guarantee that they're going to be problem-free. Mine is fine, I just can't SEE what's going on with recording and editing. So I'm reluctant. which leaves me with 3) Buy another Hi-MD machine for recording and editing, which will hopefully be cheaper. This is where I need some advice. I've looked at the specs, such as they are, for Sony MZ RH10, MZ RH910, MZ RH710, MZ NH1 and MZ NH700. What I want to know is which of these machines can : - Format and record a disc (any sort, not just the 1Gb Hi-MD ones) for recording in Hi-MD, (SP and LP) - Play both kinds of MDs, Hi-MD and old-style, LP2, LP4 etc. Not essential but it would be nice. - Edit recordings in Hi-MD format - Move/Erase tracks. This IS essential. Any tips welcome from anyone with experience of any of those machines (Sony MZ RH10, MZ RH910, MZ RH710, MZ NH1 and MZ NH700). My inclination is to go for an NH1.
  12. I expect to get it tomorrow so it explain if it is display or wire problem.
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  14. Oh, that's odd, I thought you said "halfway"? Anyway I just tested and it downloads perfectly. Maybe your antivirus software is making it impossible for the machine to receive a file of type "exe".
  15. the download fails to even start, it always timed out.
  16. Kris - If the one you ordered does not fit - then message me - I have spare units that I can strip for one - you are welcome to it if I can help.
  17. The downloading failed, or the installation?
  18. Sounds a bit long. It is not a problem from resistance point of view, however, long cables can pick up electromagnetic noise, like an aerial. What you can do though is to fold the cable in Z or Omega shape, making sure the folded parts cover each other precisely - in other words, wires won't get over a neighbouring one, to avoid interference. And no need for very sharp edges, to avoid cracks. In your case keeping the 125 mm distance beetween the two ends you first make a fold at ~100mm, then at ~75mm from the first one, making the Z. In the middle you will have triple layers, consuming about 225mm of the length, plus ~25-25mm-s at the ends Once this is done, you may want to tie it together with a piece of adhesive tape.
  19. I've just found and ordered two pieces, just in case. Close area to me so I hope to get it next week. 275 mm wouldn't be too long? 125 mm is enough.
  20. Yes, 0.5mm pitch 50 pin can make it in a 1mm pitch 25 pin socket. I found this, but looks tooo long: here. But that guy has other width/length, may be worth asking. What is the length of your cable, Chris? I can also check my spares box. And whether or not is it an inverted cable (contacts on one end are on the back side of the ribbon).
  21. I need 25 lines (or at least 24 lines ) pitch is 1 mm.
  22. my win10 is 64bit. last time i checked the download section, i wasnt successful, coz maybe there is a glitch or something, the download always failed halfway. so i had to resort to different method. if the download is working, i dont see any reason to go hunting at torrent. thanks.
  23. Something like this? Or you could take a 50pin and cut down the middle. Gyula? I'm sure the major houses (Mouser, etc) will handle exactly the right one. Is this the right one? (not sure about the pitch which on this available part is .5 mm). It's called an FFC "Flat Face Cable". Now you have to find one, instead of 2000. Maybe this? Still not sure about that pitch parameter...
  24. FORGET TORRENT!!!! The only reason one of you has it working and the other does not, is that there are two flavours of Windows. 64-bit Windows you will need to replace the naturally-installed driver with the 64-bit one in our downloads section. 32-bit Windows it will work out of the box.
  25. Hay! lucky you RH1 owner! I daily use my RH910 by recording from my phone / radio either or using good quality 3.5 to 3.5 cable. try getting the shortest 3.5mm cable you can find. i notice the shorter the better sound quality wise. If your hifi system are posh enough it might even sports a TOSLink Port, then u can use optical cable to record the stuff ( which is awesome in terms of SQ) I used regular minidisc, and set recording at HiSP it gave me roughly 2 hours. which i rarely use em all. at most 1 hour worth of record. Dont worry about track splitting, the unit does it for u automatically, and if it doesnt split the songs as u like em, u can always edit them later, directly on your unit with out needing to use a PC. Later if u find the song u want to keep, just make sure it was split the right way, then delete all the unwanted tracks, after a while u will end up with a disc almost full with your fav tunes, that is when u connect it to the PC, download it to your PC, re arrange them, then burn them back to a disc, label them and put in your shelfs or do what ever you wish with them. then pop a fresh blank to your player, wash, rinse n repeat Welcome to the MD recording club
  26. FYI - I had everything from Wolrik a year ago.
  27. For me it reminds me of a cassette recorder, i can record anything anytime, unlike CDs which somehow seems to be very complicated. I used to record morning radio shows on cassettes, now since i have rh910, i have been using that one instead. For me, the trade offs between having a solid state player ( flash based ) larger capacity, easy format (mp3) compared to the ability to switch discs and stone age simple recording, track split and editing is very worth it. I wont be taking my rh910 for 2 week trips, ( my Cowon D2 ) will do that for me, but as my daily player the rh910 makes perfect sense. Record the morning show on MD while showering n getting ready for work, then listen it on my way to office. 30 minutes to 1 hour worth of recording at Hi-SP does it for me. i use regular MD discs. i keep the one i like, and over write the others. wash rinse and repeat awesome i say.
  28. hmmm i used RH910, and win10 detects it immediately, no driver required. have u tried installing SS4.3? Its available on torrent.
  29. Dear sir, Do you reckon having an MZ-NH700 as a back up for the MZ-RH910 a wise decision? if so, how much are u asking for it? I'm pretty well of for my fellow 3rd world countrymen, but laughably poor for western world standard. so yeah, i'll give it a shot, how much? I swear i wont be reselling them its for my own personal collection. Thank you
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