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  2. W10 64bit NetMD Driver Disappering ??

    Cross your fingers.
  3. W10 64bit NetMD Driver Disappering ??

    Yeah I have installed the 64bit driver more times than I want to think about. On at least 5 different computers. I know about the Driver Signature Enforcement get around. Usually after installing the driver it works until a W10 update. But this time I installed the driver and it worked like normal but after putting the computer to sleep the driver disappeared (from the device manager) and plugging in the MD had no effect. Like it was not connected at all. I rebooted multiple times with no change then gave up for the day. Today I tried again and the MD was recognized? I used the MZ-M200 many times today plugging & unplugging into the USB port and it worked without fail, so I doubt the USB cable is the problem. I moved the MZ-M200 & USB cable a lot all day so if it was a bad connection it has not happened again. I have many more cassettes to convert to MP3's via MiniDisc ---> SonicStage -----> HiMDrenderer. It's going to take me a few days. So I'll see if it happens again.
  4. W10 64bit NetMD Driver Disappering ??

    I think OP is talking about a change in Windows behaviour. Not 100% sure.
  5. W10 64bit NetMD Driver Disappering ??

    Cable can be the cause of the problem. The driver must be install during a Windows session during which the Driver Signature Enforcement has been Disabled (Windows settings ----> advanced startup). Download again the right driver 64bit for your Windows version. If your cable is the problem, keep the wrong cable for charging sessions (PC or Power Bank) for which it will be good enough.
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  7. W10 64bit NetMD Driver Disappering ??

    I would have reinstalled the driver but it was not showing up in the Device Manager. Today it is working again? At least until I shut the computer? Maybe a bad USB cable? But I have been plugging & unplugging the cable all day with not a glitch. I'll have to get another cable to know for sure. I'll know better after I shut down the computer again. Before that I'm trying to copy as many cassette tapes to MD then to SS then MP3.
  8. W10 64bit NetMD Driver Disappering ??

    Restart the procedure from the beginning. Uninstall NetMD (W7 64bit) drivers & software, reinstall. What else you could do, reset the laptop ?
  9. Last week
  10. I seem to have to reinstall the NetMD USB-Driver for W7 every time W10 gets a update. I can live with that but this time after installing the driver & downloading stuff to SonicStage for a few hours I let the laptop sleep while having lunch, after restarting, the MZ-M200 was not recognized in the USB port I had just used before lunch. I tried another USB port and the MZ-M200 was recognized again (but not in the original USB port). A few hours later I put the laptop to sleep again and now after restarting the MZ-M200 is not recognized in any USB port! I've rebooted and nothing. I went into the device manager to reinstall the 64 bit driver and the NETMD has disappeared. How do I get the MZ-M200 recognized again?
  11. MZ-E2 doesn’t sounds

    Do an alignment. You need: a. a prerecorded disk b. a recorded (by you) disk - should be full of music Do the section they call Overall Adjustment Mode.
  12. MZ-E2 doesn’t sounds

    Hi, I have tried all options, different MD in SP mode (prerecorded and recorded by me), different headphones, differents power spply (from AC, form AAA battery, from internal battery). No idea what more to try. Any suggerence for the internal service parameters??
  13. MZ-E2 doesn’t sounds

    Ahhhhhhhh. So playback mechanism for prerecorded disk is completely different. More like a CD. It's perfectly possible to have an MD player which plays one but not the other. Did you mean an MD or a CD?
  14. MZ-E2 doesn’t sounds

    Test another MD. Test another headphone, another cable.. Any source of problem.
  15. MZ-E2 doesn’t sounds

    Obviously I tried to play an SP prerecorded MD. It seems the D/A converter is KO.
  16. MZ-E2 doesn’t sounds

    Could be that simple. Hi Jimma...
  17. MZ-E2 doesn’t sounds

    The disc you are playing is not MDLP is it?
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  19. Clone MD > MD

    It will be released in April. Yes both me and Tim are MD fans
  20. SonicStage 4.4 CP is out in Japan

    I can find 5.2 I think...... do you want it?
  21. Hello, I have bought a mint MZ-E2 in my country that doesn’t sounds. It chargues, it displays the name of the songs and discs but it sounds metalic noises trough the headphones. I think the disc rotates well because it displays the names of tags. If I pass the songs I hear the laser movement but it don’t sound anithing, only a metalic noise 1 second. Any idea? I have entered in service mode but I don’t know if changing any parameter will repair the unit? Thanks!!
  22. NetMD Driver 64-bit Win7 or Vista

    Hi, Here's a new netmd760.cat file. Just replace the existing file with this one. This fixes the hash mismatch errors... netmd760.cat
  23. SonicStage 4.4 CP is out in Japan

    Hello World, I am looking for the Japanese 4.4 or Japanese 4.3 version, where to have it? thank you
  24. Clone MD > MD

    After seeing your labeled up disc I thought I'd dig this out from my collection. It's on N5MD which was originally started as a MiniDisc only label. I can only assume Tim Koch is an MD fan, which is great. I like the look of your disc and will be interested in a copy once it is released. Please let us know the details.
  25. Clone MD > MD

    Yes, I was looking at those but prefer the white ink and more subtle design on the neige.
  26. Clone MD > MD

    Apart from the MDW80T, the latest and current disc.
  27. Sony MZ-RH1

    Hi, excuse me I have been busy. About the honest price (here) , it is under 200CH . Even if you see much better prices on eBay. Have been in touch with some people in your country or around ? In France, the last active MD forum is laserdiscplaza.fr which have is own MD section. I am a member (same avatar). In Germany, minidiscforum.de Shiping price also must be correct (it is not so heavy).
  28. Encoder rotary for JA555ES

    Make sure the connections look the same. I'm still rushed off my feet and haven't properly analysed the problem.
  29. SonicStage 4.3 Ultimate Edition

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