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  1. Encoder rotary for JA555ES

    How do you get to the hours played and recorded?
  2. MiniDisc Deck Disk Eject Fix

    thanks for the tip, Do you have a length and thickness for this rubber band. How did you fit it? Do you have to take the transport apart or is it easy to slip it on for a home user?
  3. any HiMD player that has optical output?

    The only desktop Hi-MD player was by Onkyo for the Japanese domestic market.
  4. Yes i would like one also. I have thought about the Onkyo but this is one thing that has put me off. The other is you have to import from japan
  5. there are the 2 onkyo full size decks that record hi-md as well. Japan domestic market only but the odd does crop up in the uk on ebay.
  6. Hello all, and advice on unit for recording.

    freddyjoloo: Got any opinions on the SONY B100 Professional Minidisc Recorder? Seen a couple on uk ebay
  7. Recent Gumtree Find - Sony MZ-R50

    My first md. Beautiful construction a real pleasure to use
  8. Odometers won't count?

    Where is the oddometer in the jb940? What is the button combination to access it? thanks Martin
  9. best Hi-MD/MD and earphone combination?

    Sharp units have an older version of ATRAC so id doubt they are better than the later sony units.
  10. "released 17 March 2015" Kind of odd since MD is not the best format with sacd and dvd audio nevermind the same quality like CD.
  11. mad frenzy over a Sony MZ-B10

    Yes i would like one as well. They rarely come up sadly. Martin
  12. TEAC have released a new MD/CD Combo this month!

    I always wonder if these type of machines are any good but that is probably me thinking about tape to tape decks being low end. The review bluecrab linked to seems to think the Tascam is pretty poor and a missed opportunity. Hopefully someone will review the teac eventually. Oh for a full size HiMD deck which isnt onkyo.
  13. Copy songs from minidisc to PC

    Sounds like the crappy copyright protection Sony hobbled Minidisc with. An RH1 recorder is the best way to transfer music to the pc.
  14. Replacing the OLED on a MZ-RH1

    Interesting watch and looks a bit beyond me. Hopefully my 2 Rh1s survive without this problem