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  1. MiniDisc JE520 playback problem

    Neither of those two machines will be able to play MDLP content. You can at least confirm that the discs are LP2/4 by checking the display on the portable player they work in - which model is it? You should be able to see a little LP2 or LP4 icon somewhere on the unit or remote. Or press the display button to cycle through the main display until it gets to the recording type.
  2. mad frenzy over a Sony MZ-B10

    The B series are a funny one, price-wise. Ignoring the ridiculous prices, they seem to generally go for around the $100 mark - on eBay. Yet in Japan yahoo auctions, you're looking at double that - consistently. And they're far more available in Japan. And as expensive as RH1's have become recently, the same kind of thing is the case again in Japan. I'm glad I've got enough - of each
  3. Sony MDS-W1 Dual MiniDisc Recorder Deck

    Welcome back!? If it's not to your liking, will you be offering it on this forum? Or only linking to an external site?
  4. MDCF's Database of MD Sightings Report

    Josie and the Pussycats (2001) about 5:30 into the movie. One of the 'boy band' members hands a Sony mz-r37 to his manager to listen to. The manager and the pilot then jump out of the plane - leaving it, the band and the MD unit to crash and burn. Was this the true beginning of the end for minidisc???
  5. I probably didn't word it very well, sorry Do you use rechargeable AA batteries (what power rating), or normal? How long before needing to recharge or replace (if normal)?
  6. Must. Get. This!!! How many hours of use do the batteries last for?
  7. MDS-JA50ES on ebay

    'To each their own' sums up many things in life.
  8. MDS-JA50ES on ebay

    681 at the moment.
  9. MDS-JA50ES on ebay

    What do you mean, PhilippeC?
  10. eBay MiniDisc Related Listings

    For a laugh: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=351360648577&alt=web Check out this seller's other minidisc listings, if you dare I think their eBay ID should start with 'do-NOT'.
  11. eBay MiniDisc Related Listings

    A '333 deck on eBay 510 bucks (US) + 200 shipping from Japan. BIN or make an offer. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=251896222602&alt=web
  12. One of minidiscs worst 'improvements': the loss of a dedicated menu button on portables. Making it worse, you had to hold it to activate, rather than quick press - because you would never ever want the menu option to be heavily used with a portable editing machine! Stoopid Sony!!
  13. Which MDS-JE decks series support MDLP?

    Check the equipment browser on minidisc.org to be sure Generally, the x40, the x70 and the x80 units eg. 640, 470, 980.
  14. Today's shiny new thing is better than yesterday's thing (which used to be a shiny new thing). Today's one is soooo awesome (but will be totally useless when it becomes yesterday's thing). Also, yesterday's thing was always a piece of crap, i just never realised it until today's shiny new thing blew it out of the water. Not applicable to everything, of course. It just really pisses me off when people don't realise the marketing hype of today's product over yesterday's is going to make today's product yesterday's, when tomorrow comes. I mean that you get told that yesterday's thing is actually rubbish - but that's not what you were saying yesterday. Gimme a break - if it works as it was intended ... Rambling rant over