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  1. Component shown looks like a surface mount fuse (SMD)
  2. Looks like the plastic moulded shaft from an intermediate gear on the traverse (sled) drive train has broken from the plastic mount and needs stripdown to repair. Seen similar symptoms and in each case, that was the work needed and successfully completed, but tough to do properly..
  3. That's great news Kris - a fine achievement - time now to relax and enjoy!
  4. Kris - If the one you ordered does not fit - then message me - I have spare units that I can strip for one - you are welcome to it if I can help.
  5. Not just suspect Kris - absolutely no good at all - need to replace or bypass
  6. Try this for help - should get you there.... http://www.minidisc.org/manuals/sony/sony_mzr37_manual.pdf
  7. Experienced the same problems on a few units - skipping towards the end of discs (Hi-Md) - Failure to read then failure to eject - no solution yet! Have one that plays on it's side reliably - a bit of a pain really. - Like you, need a service manual
  8. Here they are
  9. I'm so sorry

    In deleting the cross post I must have triggered (or actually carried out) deletion of the pictures in the original post.

    What can/should we do to repair this?

    Kind regards


  10. http://forums.sonyinsider.com/topic/29166-mz-n10-battery-replacement/
  11. Hi - The generic battery labelled for E10 on ebay is not compatible - it's a simple NiMh gumstick, not a LiPo - a case of mistaken identity?
  12. Try setting your library view to "Albums" and "Date imported" - then it will be clear if files have been successfully transferred
  13. Ebay UK item number 171279008589 or similar
  14. Pictures tell how to ....... Available on ebay less than a fiver
  15. Have to admit to buying it - received today - tested - working on standard discs, not working on HiMd, opened up the unit and cleaned and lubricated the worm drive (laser sled). Happily playing HiMd discs now. Real bargain