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  1. That's great news Kris - a fine achievement - time now to relax and enjoy!
  2. Kris - If the one you ordered does not fit - then message me - I have spare units that I can strip for one - you are welcome to it if I can help.
  3. Not just suspect Kris - absolutely no good at all - need to replace or bypass
  4. Try this for help - should get you there.... http://www.minidisc.org/manuals/sony/sony_mzr37_manual.pdf
  5. Experienced the same problems on a few units - skipping towards the end of discs (Hi-Md) - Failure to read then failure to eject - no solution yet! Have one that plays on it's side reliably - a bit of a pain really. - Like you, need a service manual
  6. Here they are
  7. I'm so sorry

    In deleting the cross post I must have triggered (or actually carried out) deletion of the pictures in the original post.

    What can/should we do to repair this?

    Kind regards


  8. http://forums.sonyinsider.com/topic/29166-mz-n10-battery-replacement/
  9. Hi - The generic battery labelled for E10 on ebay is not compatible - it's a simple NiMh gumstick, not a LiPo - a case of mistaken identity?
  10. Try setting your library view to "Albums" and "Date imported" - then it will be clear if files have been successfully transferred
  11. Ebay UK item number 171279008589 or similar
  12. Pictures tell how to ....... Available on ebay less than a fiver
  13. Have to admit to buying it - received today - tested - working on standard discs, not working on HiMd, opened up the unit and cleaned and lubricated the worm drive (laser sled). Happily playing HiMd discs now. Real bargain
  14. No - The contacts are underneath the sliding, spring loaded shutter on the flat side of the battery - just push it (the shutter) down, insert battery in charger and charge.
  15. I've used this type on these batteries to good result - ebay uk item number 371476115125 and 400783254728 also 381452941610