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  1. Not sure about the other QS/ES decks but the MDS-JB940 has a "Date Recorded" button on the remote control. There's no such button on the MDS-JB980's remote control (nor does it have a clock afaik).
  2. BearBoy

    Sony Bravia KDL-65W855C

    Hi Mus. You might be best asking somewhere like avforums.com. There is not a lot of TV related chat on these forums these days. Good luck!
  3. Lovely looking machine, Richard. I've had one of these on my eBay watch list for ages but the ones that come up always see to either be very scratched or a very expensive import from Japan.
  4. I’ve got some “normal” MDs with plastic shutters, Kevin. I think they are Sharp ones (they’re in a box somewhere atm).
  5. Is the MZ-NH700 your only machine? Just wondered if the MDs with plastic shutters work okay in a different player?
  6. Re Air mode: Activate the Air circuit on Scarlett 3rd Gen’s upgraded mic preamps to make your guitars and vocals sound instantly brighter and more spacious, giving them a lustrous sheen that can make all the difference in the mix. Air emulates the technology of the same name from our legendary ISA preamp – just ask your local hit record producer how big a deal that is. https://focusrite.com/en/news/introducing-scarlett-3rd-gen
  7. Did you have the "INST" switch engaged when you were trying to record from your MD player? You possibly don't want that engaged as it is designed for recording something like an electric guitar straight into the interface.
  8. Does it have SPDIF connections on the rear?
  9. If it’s anything like the 8i6 then phantom power will only be on the XLR input. Best to check the manual though.
  10. No problem. Glad you’ve got it sorted.
  11. You can find the instructions on how to do that here: http://minidisc.org/r30_manual/MZ-R30e.htm#Labeling_recordings
  12. Yes, you can title a disc. What machine do you have?
  13. Great work M1JWR. It’s always encouraging to see another deck saved.
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