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  1. Ah, great. Thanks EnderIII :-) I'll give it a try with my MDS-JB980 this weekend.
  2. The belts I ordered arrived this morning. Thanks Charlie!
  3. Sorry, was talking about the 940. Maybe it's something to do with the selectable digital filter the 940 has? The 980, which doesn't have the selectable filter, doesn't have this chip (or an equivalent that I can see). The MDS-JB980 does have another CXD chip: CXD1873R, which is for the USB board.
  4. There's also another CXD chip mentioned: CXD9556AQ This one looks like it does something different though?
  5. I happened to be looking at the Service Manual for the MDS-JB940 yesterday and that makes reference to both the CXD2656R and CXD2662R. Is that a typo or would the machine have both chips for some reason? The MDS-JB940 is obviously a MDLP machine so wouldn't that mean it used the later CXD2662R?
  6. Haha. Good to know. For some reason I got it into my head that these might be a scarce resource ;-)
  7. Haha. That would be interesting. Would also be interesting to check actual sold prices, rather than some of the crazy BIN prices that some sellers put up. I think they often give a somewhat skewed view of what the going rate is.
  8. Well, I ordered four. Which is one more than the number of decks I have that these will fit (and I replaced the belts in the other two fairly recently). Feeling a bit guilty now
  9. Thanks for the heads up. Just ordered a few of these as one of my decks has started being a little hit and miss when it comes to ejecting discs.
  10. BearBoy


    The comparison to DAT in that interview is interesting. I'd always been led to believe that DAT was a superior system (sound quality wise, not from a functional perspective) to MiniDisc due to the latter's compression. Seems like things are far from that simple.
  11. BearBoy


    Ah, I think you were reading a discussion on Reddit, rather than the wiki? The Reddit discussions are often full of nonsense, sadly. You do occasionally get some nice pictures of people’s kit though :-)
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