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  1. Currently manufactured MD hardware and blanks

    The only hardware I am aware of that you can still generally find new are the Tascam combination CD/MD decks: Tascam MD-CD1mkIII Not sure if they're actually still manufactured or whether shops are still clearing old stock.
  2. Currently manufactured MD hardware and blanks

    No Sony hardware has been made for many years. Sony still make these blanks though.
  3. Minidisc storage racks

    I don't know if the OP of this thread is still about?
  4. Charging the MZ-NF810

    Just try cleaning the contact at the bottom of the battery compartment with a cotton bud dipped in alcohol. No need to resort to sharpening it if it’s not necessary. Edit: just re-read your original post and saw you said they looked clean. Might still be worth giving them a quick clean with some alcohol.
  5. Charging the MZ-NF810

    Yeah, something sounds off here. On my MZ-N710, pressing stop once when a disc is playing and the device is connected to the AC adaptor stops the disc and the display shows the track number etc. When I press stop for a second time, the display goes blank briefly (less than a second) before the word "Charging" appears flashing on the screen and the battery icon starts filling up. It sounds like either a connection issue or a duff battery. Have you tried cleaning the contacts as suggested it that other thread? Have you got anything else you could check the battery in? I ordered some new Vapex batteries last week and the one I've opened only came with a pretty small amount of charge in it and did need charging pretty much from the off.
  6. Charging the MZ-NF810

    @Raymiles You might also find some of the information in this thread useful:
  7. Charging the MZ-NF810

    I don't think you'll be able to charge the battery without the charging stand. I've got an MZ-N910 and if you connect the AC adaptor directly to the device it will power it but will not charge the battery. In order to charge the battery you need to use the charging stand. Edit: actually, I think that's incorrect. If you want to charge without the stand then you need to press STOP after connecting the AC adaptor to the device. Charging should then start. I've just tried with an MZ-N710, which is the same as your device minus the tuner, and it starting charging.
  8. Sony ( atrac) Hard disc deck players

    Thanks for posting that. Don’t think I’ve come across that site before. Will have a good nose around it when I have an hour or so to kill.
  9. Help Needed: Music Recorded to Minidisc (Will Pay)

    Looks like it's a promotional item for one of the kickstarter packages for the OP's video game. The lower value packages include the soundtrack as MP3/AAC/FLAC but the MD is a bit of memorabilia for one of the more expensive packages. Might attract someone who still uses MiniDiscs or maybe just someone who likes collecting rare videogame stuff? Are you intending to do any packaging/labelling for the MiniDiscs MaxKriegerVG?
  10. MiniDisc Addiction. Do you have one?

    I started messing about with MiniDisc again about 2-3 years ago after a break of 10ish years. Since then I've somehow bought three Sony QS decks and three Sony MD Walkmans, to go with my original deck and Walkman. I've also been picking up blanks. Luckily Sony is still making them, for now at least, so the prices haven't gone crazy and it's relatively easy to pick up new sealed blanks. Assuming you are not after HiMD ones that is.
  11. MD portables that use AA batteries?

    Are you looking for players that take an AA battery within the main body of the device? i.e. rather than those with the detachable AA battery packs? If so, the MZ-E300 does.
  12. Official Minidisc Logo

    I hadn't really looked at it that closely but, you're right, the 'M' does look a bit odd. I went to have a look at the logos on my players and you can't see the same tapering. But, I took a photo of the largest official MD logo I could find, on a box of Sony MDW80T blank discs, and when I zoomed in on the photo it shows the same sort of slight curves on the middle V shaped part of the 'M'. I am not saying with any certainty that the logo on Wikipedia is 100% official but a similar tapering is on the logo on my box of blanks.
  13. I have got one of THESE , well, the opposite (i.e. optical to coax) so I could connect my MDS-JB980 to my PC's audio interface, which has a coax digital input. Very cheap but never had any issues with it.
  14. Looking for Cradle MZ-N1

    Is THIS what you are after?
  15. Official Minidisc Logo

    Is the one on Wikipedia any good? LINK Not sure if it's a fan recreation or high enough resolution (1084x1024) for your needs?