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  1. [FIND] Lever (Lock) Assy Sony MDS-JA333es

    I made 3D drawing of lever lock assy for 3D printing. (.stl file) Same is in MDS-JA333ES, MDS-JA555ES, MDS-JA20ES Lever lock assy Sony MDS-JA333ES.stl
  2. [WTB] Remote control For Sony Lissa "RM-LSA1C"

    Wonder if the price is reasonable for you? https://www.springair.de/de/sony-rm-lsa1c-fernbedienung/h60249
  3. [WTB] Remote Control RM-D19M/RM-D17M

    If you still looking for RM-D19M? https://www.willhaben.at/iad/kaufen-und-verkaufen/d/original-sony-rm-d19m-fernbedienung-remote-control-253744298/
  4. WANTED - Remote Control Sony RM-D51M

    In service manual to MDS-JA333ES is RM-D51M. To my MDS-JA333ES I have RM-D51M.
  5. WANTED - Remote Control Sony RM-D51M

    For MDS-JA333ES I think you should look for RM-D51M.
  6. [FIND] Lever (Lock) Assy Sony MDS-JA333es

    It is not too complicated to do this part on your own as I did? But first try to use glue and add some reinforcements on sides. It helped on my JA333ES. After using glue give it some time to rest.
  7. Encoder rotary for JA555ES

    I think I want be messing around with the encoder. I leave it as it is. In fact in all my mindiscs decks I hardly use ams knob.
  8. TDK PRO Hi-MD

    I think someone wanted nice looking Hi-MD disc. I am not big fun of hi-md so if someone wants that bizzar TDK PRO I could exchange for ordianary one TDK PRO or for loading tray to MDS-JA333ES.
  9. TDK PRO Hi-MD

    Inside one of TDK PRO case is Hi-MD plate , capacity 963.9MB so it is not 74 minutes as oridnary minidisc.
  10. TDK PRO Hi-MD

    As far as I know only Sony produced Hi-Md discs not TDK.
  11. TDK PRO Hi-MD

    Hi Today i received two TDK PRO MD-RXG. One as expected contain golden plate and second one is strange dark. Both were Hi-MD. Didn't work on JA555ES but worked on MZ-RH1. After formatting the golden one behave as a standard blank MD but the other one shows on display in MDS-JA555ES disc error. Both can be read in MZ-RH1. So i think someone had to swap original minidisc plate for Hi-Md unless it was originally produced. What do you think? MZ-RH1 displays 963.9 MB capacity so it for sure contains Hi-Md plate.
  12. Encoder rotary for JA555ES

    If you get JB940 you can try to swap. Chip on Dig Board in JA333ES. is Mitsubishi M30805SGP http://html.alldatasheet.com/html-pdf/723/MITSUBISHI/M30805SGP/305/1/M30805SGP.html same chip is on AU Board in JB940 so maybe there is a chance.
  13. Encoder rotary for JA555ES

    Am afraid it is not the same as in JA333ES. You didn't tell what is wrong with Dig Board.
  14. Encoder rotary for JA555ES

    Anyway there is still chance. In 2017 I bought one champagne JA333ES in excellent condition for 100CHF (even with box, manual and remote) as not working and made it work again.