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  1. Two days ago my SS4.3 stopped working without no reason ( maybe windows update). I use Windows 10 PRO 64 bit. I did new installation over existing. Than set compability mode to Windows 98/Windows Me and set administrator privileges and it helped.
  2. I noticed PC link compability chart. It states that it is possible to connect JA333ES to PC using PCLK-MN10. According to PCLK-MN10 manual I think it is impossible. Am I right?
  3. Funny thing to save that piece of electronic art all I needed was flat wire for about 3$ and your priceless help.
  4. Good news. It works, it does!!!. It wouldn't be possible without your help. Thank you very much!!!.
  5. I expect to get it tomorrow so it explain if it is display or wire problem.
  6. I've just found and ordered two pieces, just in case. Close area to me so I hope to get it next week. 275 mm wouldn't be too long? 125 mm is enough.
  7. I need 25 lines (or at least 24 lines ) pitch is 1 mm.
  8. I think left wire (topmost) is line number 25 and is NC (not connected?). Line 24 and line 25 on photo looks like damaged. I will look for new flat wire.
  9. I don't think that all lines in flat wire are broken because it also supplies LED on buttons and they are on. Maybe only one is broken just for the display. After some investigation i noticed that LED on REC button it is not working, so you are probably right flat wire could be the reason.
  10. Connector number is CN807. It goes to FL board. Wire number on the picture is 68 sony_MDS-JA333ES_service_manual p79.pdf
  11. The last thing I checked is this flat wire tape. Two left look suspiciously to me. I don't feel confident with such things so I will look for service. If I don't find any I will try it on my own.
  12. So I've checked the display and I think it is damaged. Dark area in the corner. Tiny cathode filaments inside the VFD look good.
  13. I am not good in electronics but I could try. I didn't remove the display so far I was afraid not to damage it more. I will check the display tomorrow.
  14. Flat cables seem to me that are properly pluged. I took a picture of display board and there is a dark area.
  15. Hi Today I received used JA333ES. It wasn't in original box. When I removed it from a box i heard flying parts inside the MD case. It must have been dropped although box wasn't damaged. MD disc tray didn't open. Somehow I managed to repair MD disc tray and now it plays. I don't what could be wrong with the display. I checked all connections but it seems all are firmly pluged. Leds on buttons are on. Any ideas? Chris