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  1. Maybe try here. https://www.eetgroup.com/en-gb/150067022-sony-head-over-light-wid-w125001607 https://www.eetgroup.com/en-gb/150051811-sony-head-md-over-light-wid-w124401867
  2. I just mess a ittle bit with M-Crew and it works only with two USB ports in my PC. Funny thing is when I use let say port A I can record form CD-rom to MD but I don't hear anything but when I use port B I can hear music but can't record of course titles are transferd but no music.
  3. So if I record music from Tidal 24 bit it should sound theoretically better than CD?
  4. I wonder how to take advantage of the fact that the MD has a dynamic range of 105 and the CD has 96.
  5. I removed CD-rom drive from my PC and put DVD-Rom drive.
  6. I remember I had problems with my CD-rom drive in my PC. M-crew couldn't read the CD. Did you choose host drive in VM Virtual Box? I also change CD-rom for DVD-rom. Not sure what helped.
  7. I noticed about year ago that it seems working but i was expecting child so I had other things to do I run virtual XP machine on Windows 10 Professional 64 bit and I also had problems with CDROM access. Stil have problems with copy and past (not working at all) I use Virtual Machine 6.1.4 r136177 (Qt5.6.2). I disabled CD-ROM autorun on my host system but it is not a main problem with access.
  8. Seems to me it is working, it finds songs titles, album title.
  9. Tried with another CD when I push "go to link" - page not found When I tried GnR 'Appetite for Destruction" I had two position on the list to select.
  10. Skalpel CD contain CD-TEXT but Aerosmith no. I have Sony CDP-CA80ES changer with CD-TEXT.
  11. I tried today M-CREW on Win XP. Needed some MD editing. I put recently released CD (maybe 2-3 weeks ago) album from Skalpel / Highlight and window pop up So I put older CD Aerosmith / Pump Where all these info come, from the CD or from the web?
  12. Sorry for late answer but i don't have external batt cradly and original remote.
  13. I push stop button but it didnt't help. If I push button on web app it records TOC. Strange how fast i sending file to md unit on MZ-RH1 it works slower. I remove disc after I pushed button stop.
  14. I managed to run this app on MZ-RH1 (Windows 10 PRO 64 ), but no luck with Sony MZ-N910 or AIWA AND-1, it detects both units and even records on MZ-N910 but when I remove the disc it is blank. Anyway great job Stefano!!!.
  15. I am still not 100% sure that it was PCLK problem. I think Windows 10 is missing around.
  16. It wasn't any pain, but I am not 100% sure it was the problem. Maybe it is only a Windows 10 64 Pro. I have problem with printers since update.
  17. I tried one more time and it works now. I removed all usb devices and turn off signature. I had connected MDS-PC3 via PCLK for virtual XP maybe it was some kind of problem. Thank you Sfbp.
  18. I also tried registry cleaner but with no luck. I will try to install driver one more time.
  19. I've found plenty of oem.inf files in this directory but none of them was NetMD.
  20. Thx for your support SFBP. First - I didn't find any oem.inf Second - system finds NetMd unit with yellow triangle. Third - can't install driver. In the system register there are traces of NetMD but I can't delete them.
  21. Using Network - USB I can only play music from PC. No line-in. Recording is possible only from CD or transfer from Sonic Stage. I was able to use MZ-RH1 and SS4.3 but can't use it with Aiwa. https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1229276/Aiwa-Adn-1.html
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