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Found 4 results

  1. As we all know the connection to Gracenote disappeared some months back and I for one don't expect it to return, particularly as Sony don't own Gracenote anymore. So here's a thought - Is there any good reason (either technical or legal) why Sonic Stage can't be configured to link to another database? There's loads of free software for CD ripping that does include links to databases so why not? Or am I missing something? At the moment I rip a CD (as WAV files) with another programme then import them into Sonic Stage. Ok so it may not be a big deal but it's a bit of a faff, lacks convenience and usually ends up taking me twice as long by the time I've finished putting the tracks in the right order! Anyone else's thoughts on this subject much appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hello!!!!!!!!!! I know this is all about minidisc on SONY INSIDER but I want to break off a little to discuss Sharp portables. If anyone wishes to contribute to this it would be freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Kind of in a rush right now while I am starting this thread, so I will post my info, reviews, and my opinions of them. "Sharp only" features and Sharp vs. Sony is a perfect example of my goal/approach for this topic. Participation would be really cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Catch y'all later fellow MD-Junkies!!!!!!!!
  3. I'm using Sonic Stage 4.3 on my XP-Pro computer, connected to my MZ RH-1. The computer has several hard drives. Sonic Stage is installed on Drive C: The drive with my ATRAC files (D:) crashed. Fortunately, I was able to copy the ATRAC file folders & files from the problem hard drive, to a new location with folder(s) on Drive C: I was then able to get Sonic Stage running, and I can play the files and hear them on the computer's speakers. These files were previously copied from my MZ RH-1. I made these recordings. They are not copyrighted or copy protected. (I do not have anything purchased from the old Sony store that involves copy protection.) Today I have a new file on my MZ RH-1 that I want to copy using Sonic Stage, as I've done so many times before. On trying to do that I get an error messsage that says: "Cannot access the folder for sending imported files. Verify that the folder location is correct. From the main menu click Tools, and then Options. From the Category section, click location to save imported files. Verify the location (Folder) path" This showed the old location on the now disconnected hard drive. So I changed it to the new location on C: Doing that I get the error message "Cannot access the device to import from. The process will stop." So far I am not able to transfer the new file from the MZ RH-1 to the PC. I can't find documentation on this by Sony and hope there is someone here who can comment. Thanks.
  4. I'm in Sonic Stage hell. I'm new to MD and have become a fan. I'm using the latest Sonic Stage which is great, I really love it. I made a few very nice discs. Sound awesome. But now it's crashing almost every time I try to export to the MD player. I reinstalled the software and it didn't help. I can't even tell you why it's crashing because XP Pro isn't giving me any info, just a flash of the blue screen of death then it completely reboots. As a Mac user who is just using XP for the use of Sonic Stage I can tell you this is frustrating. MacBook, 4 gb ram, 720gb hard drive, Running on its own partition, not emulated, Win XP PRO SP3, Latest Sonic Stage MD = Sony MZ-N1 Any insight at all would be great, even if all you can say is that you have the same problem, just so I know it's not just me. Thank you
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