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  1. "...ATRAC version in the MXD-D3 is not 4.5 but actually it is Type-R. " I could hardly believe it without looking into it a little. (No slight intended, NGY.) Yet, the JE530 (R) has the same chip. So it's true. How is it possible this took 22 years to discover? Could some D3's have had 4.5? On a practical level, it makes no difference to me, but as a datapoint, it's fascinating.
  2. Anything is possible, I suppose. But...I owned two JA20ES (US models), both bought used, and neither had the dim display issue. Same for my 333ES (US).
  3. You EE-types are paying good attention to every detail! I have a mundane observation to contribute. My Sony MDS-JA22ES was a Japan domestic model, 100v. My being in the US, to be safe I used a stepdown to get to 100. There were some well-documented (here) issues with the unit, but power wasn't one of them. But the display, while good, was on the dimmer side, especially when compared to other MD decks near it. So I gave it a try minus the voltage converter. The display brightened up considerably. However, the majority of opinions that I sought advised that long-term, probably not the best thin
  4. As far as I can tell, this JPN domestic-only deck doesn't have an SM in English. If you have a non-English PDF version of the SM, you could try one of the PDF language translators. Although I would not hesitate to take up NGY's generous offer, I'd give serious consideration to what sfbp said.
  5. bluecrab

    MDLP Deck

    If you do not require or want optical output on the MD deck, then any of the ones you mention should be fine—probably the 480 has the best specs of that lot. Many details (including all the 4*0 series) here: http://minidisc.org/equipment_browser.html I have 3 MDLP decks: MDS-JB940, MDS-E10, and MXD-D400 (CD/MD). Each has its own charms. I have also owned the MDS-JE480. Best of luck to you!
  6. If you want to copy MD > MD digitally (and preserve track marks), get yourself an E-series Sony deck. These can be set to ignore SCMS and can be copied to from a protected source easily.
  7. This isn't adding up for me. The discs play on a variety of MDLP players and display all associated information. What are you seeing on the level meter? Anything? ( I see that NGY asked abut that, too). Were the discs ever playable; that is, have they ever produced any sound?
  8. I've gotten the DIN UNLOCK under a few conditions. Sometimes the signal to the MD was not 32/44/48 (most likely not the case direct from CD). Sometimes the Input on the MD was set incorrectly. Once it was a bad coax cable. When I'm recording direct from computer, that message persists until playback starts. I think all the suggestions so far are good—especially more information about the configuration.
  9. I found that the best solution for me was to dispose of the JE510 (the ones made in Malaysia seem to be the culprits) and get a better deck. Others have indeed had success with the micro-switch, so they say. By and by I also acquired an S39, which failed the same way. A friend gave me a JE320, which failed immediately. My brother's 320 also failed. The lesson I learned was to leave the entry-level decks for someone else.
  10. If by "same error" you mean the self-turn-on, then a description of the fix is here: http://snnake11.tripod.com/ The JE510 was my first deck, too. I had a bit of a gimmick so it could not turn itself on, but it eventually managed to croak on its own.
  11. You're welcome. I clicked on your link to TH and found I had a login there. I thought that the entire E-series models were all considered "pro," but precisely what that means in the Sony world...who knows? My E10 is connected to an HHB Burn IT CD recorder, also noted as "pro" by HHB, also can control SCMS.
  12. The short vid by kgallen shows exactly what needs to be done. Earlier today, I was able to copy an MD that had had SCMS removed (likely on the E10) from a JB940 to a CD-RW on a Pioneer CD-R standalone that will not permit copying from an MD with SCMS. That would indicate that SCMS is not propagated via the E10 once the Copy Bit is set to Permit. However, if an MD already contains SCMS, then the op is a no-go. What all this means to me, mainly, is that I sold my separate SCMS killer a bit too soon. If my E10 goes feet-up on me, that means big trouble for digital copying. I bought the E10 at lea
  13. Hadn't thought to notice that. It certainly does. Perhaps a non-Pro version wouldn't do that? I could enquire of a few other E-series owners if that would help.
  14. What I mean is that if I begin with a CD and copy that CD to MD on the E10, then the resulting and subsequent MD and any copies made from it are SCMS-free. I I may be able to test today. However, it seems that the E10, on output, no matter the setting, enforces SCMS if it's already on an MD. All copying S/PDIF.
  15. I was using the E10 earlier tonight. It's set to ignore SCMS and does so reliably. Most or even perhaps all of the E-series decks can do that...E12 users also report success. I have the US model. BearBoy, if you want to let that Tapehead person know HowTo, it's just this: Setup Menu > Copy Bit > [Permit]. That setting is deep into the menu. "...maybe not enforced in any J MD model?" If J = Japan, then yes, enforced, as on my JPN MXD-D400. IIRC, the E!0 actually strips SCMS, not just ignores it....thing is, I don;t usually need to take things that far.
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