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  1. Using an MD deck as a DAC question

    I thought of a a question about this. The D.out signal from the E10 hits the 22ES. Then what? It wouldn't go right to the ATRAC chip? Or does that happen only when one is in REC mode on the target device?
  2. Help! Anyone have access to an MDS-E10 Pro Deck??

    "Permit" defeats SCMS, I/O. "Inhibit" enables SCMS. Let me go see if I have the PreRec option on the E10...yes, I do. However, because I too lack the doc (it does exist somewhere out there, as I have seen it), I don't know what it does.
  3. Using an MD deck as a DAC question

    Thank you very much. I have a funny feeling that this isn't going to be well-received, as it basically restates what I have already noted several times. The important thing is that it makes absolute sense and I accept it!
  4. Clone MD > MD

    The deck is heavy, yes. It feels heavier than the 7.5 kg it is listed as weighing. I thought it would all add up to a bit less...in fact, somehow the total shipping cost kept increasing as the process evolved. And the deck, supposedly in A-1 condition, had to be repaired to work properly. (That was done with help from these quarters and elsewhere.) I wasn't really complaining about it, though, just answering the question. You don't see very many JA22ESs around here!
  5. Using an MD deck as a DAC question

    Philippe: I do have an excellent DAC (a Musical Fidelity V-90). For various reasons right now, I have the E-10 > JA22ES set up like that. The question, as you note, is really about the technical issue noted. Thanks for the suggestion!
  6. Clone MD > MD

    So sorry...I just saw this. I was able to retrieve all the info. The deck was 256 USD. Shipping and fees were 177 USD. Here's the breakdown, from an email Buyee sent me: [Total Shipping Cost] US$177.84 (19,100yen) ------------------------------------------- [Fee Breakdown] <Domestic Shipping Fee (From seller to Buyee)> 1,400yen <Consumption Tax> 0yen <International Shipping Fee (From Buyee to your address)> 16,200yen <Package Consolidation Fee> 0yen <Protective Packaging Fee> 1,500yen ※The paid amount is calculated from the USD-JPY exchange rate at the time of the payment.
  7. Using an MD deck as a DAC question

    I apologize in advance for asking this, but since the issue was raised elsewhere and I have reached the limit of my technical perception of it, I'd like to see an authoritative answer, if there's one out there. To summarize: I am using my JA22ES as a DAC for my MDS-E10, using the E10 to playback LP2. Optical to optical. To me, this seems fairly straightforward and appropriate, as the 22ES's DAC is far better than the E10's. However, it was suggested to me that, "So in other words you are digitally reprocessing an already digitally reprocessed recording of ATRAC compression scheme. This might help an LP2 recorded disc possibly sound better. Not sure but you may hear some strange artifacts at times doing it this way." There was further discussion that really didn't advance the issue. The further discussion included "in other words your DAC is seeing 2 times DSP and 2 times ATRAC compression." What, if anything, am I missing? Is my perception that the signal received by the 22ES's DAC—or any other DAC external to the E10—the same as the signal that the E10's DAC would process, incorrect? Thanks in advance.
  8. That's correct. That's much too recent. Last known compatibility was either 10.5 or 10.6. If I were inclined to use SS, I'd go with either a VM on Mac or just use Windows, as I have both. I gave it a try, but for various reasons decided to not use SS. Good luck with whatever path you follow!
  9. Here's what there is for Mac: https://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/support/downloads/Z0005379 This has been reported, though, to not work on current MacOS or any versions near-current. And it's for Hi-MD only. Some Mac users have worked around the SS Windows-only restriction by running a Windows VM on current MacOS, with success.
  10. Sony MDS-JE330, MZ-N10 and MZ-N505

    No reason to not use the N10. The Type S does not affect recording, though—only affect playback of LP modes. Or, give the N505 a try and see if you notice any difference. I have recently noticed recording diffs between decks where the decks were all Type R...but note well that that was in ANALOG rec. mode. I think you're all set with either unit so long as you're keeping things digital.
  11. Sony MDS-JE330, MZ-N10 and MZ-N505

    Sorry. Don't know what I could have been thinking. The really, really weird part is that I was looking right at that linked page when I said what I said. I'm embarrassed but will persevere anyway. And actually, not all Type R recorders record equally well. I have proof! :-) Thanks for pointing that out, Stephen...I should just be quiet when it comes to questions about portables.
  12. Sony MDS-JE330, MZ-N10 and MZ-N505

    Do you mean N510? N1? (There is no N10.) These are both Type R and should give you similar recording quality, I'd think. The 510 is actually Type S, but that doesn't affect recording. See minidisc.org for more detail.
  13. Minidisc. Sony MZ-S1

    Although I was never a big fan of the S1's "look and feel," it is a full-featured unit whose SQ will not disappoint you. Mine has disappeared somehow, somewhere in my house. COngrats and good luck with the unit!
  14. For sale: MZ-R37SP and MZ-R500

    For sale: 2 portables for sale. I will sell them as a pair for $75 USD or singly for $40 each. That includes shipping via USPS to conUS...add $5 for Canada. Here's what you get: One MZ-R37SP (with 4.5v adaptor and RM-MC21 remote; One MZ-R500 (with 3.0v adaptor—not sure if origi. but works!). All in Good Working Condition. See photos. PM me if interested. Thanks!
  15. For Sale: TWO MD portables (+ bonus portable CDP) for the price of one: 49 USD + ship. MZ-N510 & MZ-R500. N510 is perfect and includes 3V converter, RM-MC11EL remote, USB cable, earbuds, and OpenMG/Simple Burner 2.3 CD. Great for NetMD/SS. I have that pictures tell most of the story, but the 1.95MB size restriction prevents me from including, even if I zip them. They are all around 3-4MB. JPG. Will be happy to send them via PM!. I have labeled the MZ-R500 as "Flaky," but I'm not sure why. It is pictured as working in the photo I took only minutes ago. I think perhaps it could have stop-and-start playback issues? The R500 works with the 3V converter. Although I cannot picture it here, I will also include one Panasonic SL-221 portable CDP (with both headphone and line out). Working when I took its pic minutes ago, but I really haven't used it in a while. Included will be 4.5V converter. I think that's everything! Will ship anywhere...cost of shipping of course determined by your location. PMing me is fine. Thanks! I would love to include the pics referred to above, This will leave me with 2 portables and 8 decks. Some of them have to go, too, but not just right now. It feels kind of weird for so much stuff to go and the MD gear is just a part of the bigger picture.