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    JB930/940/980,MZ-RH1, Sharp MD-MT88
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    JB930/940/980,MZ-RH1, Sharp MD-MT88
  1. MD portables that use AA batteries?

    Sony MZ-B10 takes 2 AA and is a minideck has built in mic and decent size screen - is meant as a dictophone I suppose or for taking lectures but is a nice general purpose device also other than sony Sharp has a few - MD--MT88 MT-99 metal bodied that are very reliable and decent displays - all MDLP - no tone control, have mic input
  2. MiniDisc Deck Disk Eject Fix

    well the real belts are really tiny and thin cant believe the real belts that good, just expensive
  3. JB940 AMS KNOB

    It seems the AMS knob dont work when you press it to accept choices. This was a 2nd hand device I have had for some time, one of 4 I have so dont know if it was always like that. The rotational function works just not the push one. Any ideas?
  4. is it true these decks dont have digital out? One reason I stopped considering them. Otherwise would be a dream machine
  5. A portable Sony MD player

    Sony NH600/700. ( has Hi-MD and also NetMD) are sound flexible AA battery systems as long as you have the eye sight to read the small display
  6. MZ-R55 fried

    if you used the wrong power supply then its probably dead? just get another from ebay?
  7. Which earbuds for my NH700

    maybe not ear buds but the sennheiser PX100 or what ever the latest version is. Good over the ear portable headphones, very sensitive. about £40
  8. MD eject help required

    well not quite sure what that is. The disc goes in and out thats all? you are refering to the head going up/down? well I would have thought the mechanism to lift the head also ejects the disc. Any way it seems the little belt is the culprit for most of the ejection issues here it is really tiny and wonder is it lasts so long, I dont think any one else has had another type of mechanism failure here. Sad that a deck can last for decades and end up as junk just becuase a tiny bit of rubber band cant be found. I bought some similar size rubber bands in bulk meant for craftwork, making bracelets , "hair accessories", to see if they would do, havent tried them yet but got 100's of them for a few £ as sooner or later the proper belts wont be available? when I replaced mine I had to remove temporarily a little spring on the side that keeps the top and bottom together ( JB940 deck ) as I decided to give myself more space so opened up the mechanism - some people manage to poke it into place thru the mouth. But be careful as some one already broke the fragile head in replacing the belt by poking around
  9. MD eject help required

    sounds like another case of the tiny rubber eject belt needs replacing. seems to be happening a lot now. I suppose given how old they are now not surprsing. so Amater you need to look thru the posts on this matter - there are quite a few. You can get the belt from Ebay for a few £, if you intend to keep the decks some time get a spare. replacing the belt is a bit fiddly but not too hard: some are able to do it from the frontt I took the mechanism out and opened it up but you do have to be careful not to snap the fragile head eg http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-MDS-JE780-MDS-JE440-MD-SJB940-MDS-JE470-Sony-MiniDisc-Loading-Belt-/201930827021?hash=item2f0403e50d:g:XIQAAOxy63FSz9VE http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Riemen-Courroie-Sony-MDS-JE470-MDS-JE770-MDS-JE780-MiniDisc-Deck-Load-Tray-Belt-/272657868856?hash=item3f7bace838:g:GuAAAOSwB09YH4p7
  10. Failing MZ-RH1, advice needed on other Hi-MD players

    why would you want to get rid of the RH1 since it works fine just the display is gone ? I only ever use mine for transfering material to my pc - it is the only model that will so that. You don need the display for that function since Sonic stage takes over. so if you have lots of discs that you may in the future want to put on your pc to turn into mp3's keep it But you say sounds lke it dont record now? still will presumable transfer to a pc?
  11. Line in recording, analog cable VS optical cable

    the section on foobar is short about page 14 I think as the manual is obviously about the audiolab 8200cdq cd player/preamp/dac. Can also use it with XP but need a differnt aspi layer setting up foobar dont seem to be very hard mainly selecting the output stream ( a WASAPI one ) and bit depth
  12. Line in recording, analog cable VS optical cable

    if you use foobar to avoid windows mixer, for windows vista and above you need also to download the WASAPI componant. Foobar and this component together will allow bit prefect delivery of digital sound without going thru the mixer and will mute system sounds. If you want to know how to set them up you should download the Audiolab 8200cdq user manual where it explains it all how to set up. here is such a link https://avrevolution.com.au/media/files/user_manual/Audiolab 8200CD User Manual.pdf from my install I see will direct bit perfect output not only to my audiolab usb dac but also the optical output. so to get best sound with windows use foobar http://www.foobar2000.org/ the wasapi component is also there - http://www.foobar2000.org/components near the bottom to install the WASAPI component all you need to do is to drag the file onto the list of components installed from the menu LIBRARY/CONFIGURE/COMPONENTS window note the latest version of foobar is a bit differnt to the one that the Audiolab manual uses so read around it a bit
  13. Line in recording, analog cable VS optical cable

    well one univeral problem with recording from pcs is getting extraneous system beeps etc I would have thought you dont want to use analogue ( that has been a to d-ed ) but use a direct digital connection? also you want a player that will send out direct sounds untainted by pc interferance - not many of them around - foobar is one, recomended for using with digital (usb) out to the audiolab 8200cdq but probably can do to optical also
  14. Minidisc Deck Recommendations - JB-930/940 or Tascam MD-350?

    I dont think it should matter these days if you pump the output to a decent modern dac as I do ( Audiolab 8200cdq )?
  15. Minidisc Deck Recommendations - JB-930/940 or Tascam MD-350?

    confirm this or not - the JB980 - you cant change the bit lenght 16 or 24 bit? any one getting a sony deck these days should also get a spare load belt from ebay as after all these years the tiny rubber belt that ejects the md is likely to be on its last legs?