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Restarting with Minidisc

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Hello all.

I have an MZR410 that still works and a 6-MD multichanger in the car. Both have the 4x MDLP capacity and rather than buy a new car stereo I am minded to continue using this.

I'm seeking help with the mst effective way to do so.

My CD player holds up to 300 CDs. It supports CD-Text. There are about 200 in there now. Of the 200, probably 190 are commercially-bought CDs, of which exactly 4 have CD-Text on then. 10 more are CD-RWs containing downloaded music. For playing these on the move I have them all on a card in my phone, but just recently I thought it would be cool to burn them to CD. That way I can add Text to them as well and play them on the home stereo and in the car via MD.

The issue is the recording of these CDs to LP-MD for the car. What I usually do is set my home CD player to play and the MD to 'record' from it optically. When it has finished playing a CD, the CD player simply loads the next in sequence. The MD recorder can thus be left in 'record' mode until it's full.

There are still issues though. It is labour intensive to add title information. Is there a way to connect a minidisc recorder to a PC so that I can copy my MP3 library directly to MD? Or does there always have to be this interim step via CD?

FWIW I will probably eventually copy every CD onto a smaller number of CD-RWs so that they can all have CD Text added and so that I can fit more music into the CD multichanger. It's just that doing this will take absiolutely forever, and I'm wondering if there's a short cut meanwhile to get this stuff to MD first?

For bonus points, why does a 4.7GB DVD+R only hold 120 minutes of music??

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Is there a way to connect a minidisc recorder to a PC so that I can copy my MP3 library directly to MD? Yes! you get a MD recorder from amazon or ebay etc. Then download Sonic Stage from this forum and import your mp3s or cds or what ever you have into sonic stage it will look up the names etc and bam you tranfer them to the md recorder.

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I'm not sure we are understanding "directly" in the same context Philippe. You are focusing on his literal meaning, of playing the real MP3 file on a minidisc recorder. I'm not a great purveyor of MP3's and I have rarely converted from MP3 to ATRAC (sometimes the reverse because modern players won't play ATRAC). But I think that is part of what SonicStage will do, more or less routinely.

it doesn't take a special conversion, the software will do it on the fly (which is what I believe the poster means by "directly"). We get so hung up on technical terms we omit to review their context sometimes. I just did it with a freshly imported MP3 which I then transferred from SonicStage to my MZ-N910 using NetMD. No problemo.....

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Oh yes but with " N e t - M D - o n l y u n i t s " you will have to convert the MP3 in the Atrac format. Better if it is 320kbps or 256kbps. I have done it long time before myself. Then I preferred (just because I had the time to do it) real time recording with Winamp or foobar2000 and DFX audio enhancer. Now I record in real time ONLY :dirol: with FLAC files. I stuck to real time recording because I get back the feeling I got when I recorded my tapes in early 70's. SS if too much for me, work fast but without the do-it-yourself pleasure ( :angel: pass...). MD maximise the pleasure because of his "touch me" (yes Samantha) characteristic.

The W... of Oz (I know Stephen..) has bought an iBasso DX100 (yes I know why Stephen) since he left us, but even if he has the nirvana in his ears, I loose the touch me feeling. He will come to his NZ-RH1.

Anyhow, it is a good thing to transfer a MP3 in a MD, that gave it a touch (bip) (yes I repeat myself).


Yes now I can TOUCH you Samantha :diablo:

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