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  1. I just bought a few MDs from Sescoscuba and I just wanted to post my feedback so everyone know what a great honest and great person he is, also I wanted to let others know it was safe to buy from him if they didn't know already. Now that the feedback is out of the way I wish to leave a personal note to Sescoscuba Thank you very much for your kind and patient service in dealing with my order you are a credit to this forum and the people in it.
  2. I still use my MD player all the time and am very happy with it Ipods will never beat solid data in my book
  3. sleepy going to go play psp

  4. really wow i bought that for 60$ 3 or 4 years ago it was used but hell MD are like the hondas of the music world they can always be made to work
  5. ok so how much for bulk and how do i pay
  6. I have been using MD for 10+ years now and it seems after sony stopped production of MD all the prices on blanks and even the used MD went up to almost 3$ a pop and the HI-MD which I used to get for 6.99 now go for 20$ or more so I am asking where is a better place to get MD and HI-MD online? I have tried amazon but they are now starting to get just as pricy so anyone?
  7. Is there a way to connect a minidisc recorder to a PC so that I can copy my MP3 library directly to MD? Yes! you get a MD recorder from amazon or ebay etc. Then download Sonic Stage from this forum and import your mp3s or cds or what ever you have into sonic stage it will look up the names etc and bam you tranfer them to the md recorder.
  8. sorry been a bad week on call in the er so I kinda lost track of time again sorry but Thats just too much for me right now
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