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A portable Sony MD player

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I'm looking for a portable (Walkman-like) MD player - but I don't want one with the proprietary batteries.  Instead, I want one that uses AA batteries.  Any model suggestions?  

Thanks in advance for any advice.


***EDIT: I would like the AA batteries to be internal and not in an external pack.

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Probably the most *modern* unit to use AA is the MZ-RH710. However I don't see one for sale anywhere so far. Here's one that sold recently:


The only thing is, compared to the RH910 or M10 (same thing), it does NOT have a microphone input, only line/optical and NetMD download.

I concur with the recommendation for NH700. Don't expect too much of the in-the-remote radio of NHF800, otherwise same as NH700.


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