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Fox Gabanna

Rare Minidisc For Sale

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Hello everybody,


I have been collecting my Prestigious Minidisc collection over the years and I think now is the time to part ways with them now that my health is failing.  I have multiple units from every generation of minidisc and if you are looking to have a piece of this awesome history, check out my selection below and PM me if you have any questions. All units have their own original box, manuals, cables, and software.


1: MZ-N707 (Blue/Silver)

2: MZ-N707 (Black/Red)

3. MZ-N10

4. MZ-NH1

5. MZ-NH3D

6. MZ-NH3D (I have two of these. Extremely rare)

7. MZ-EH1 (Black)

8. MZ-RH10

9. MZ-RH1 (This guy is the holy grail of the bunch to me. Love the way it looks, sounds, and records)

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Welcome to our board, Fox.

No need to cross-post, so I have deleted the identical one in another section.


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8 hours ago, Enzo Heavenly said:

Hey Fox, I sent you a PM. 

I replied back sir! I remember you from Youtube! You actually got me back interested in these things. 


Hats off. 

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