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MDS-JB980 C13 Read Error (SOLVED)

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Well, that was, thankfully, fairly simple to resolve and didn't require me to go messing about in service menus or fiddling with tiny, fragile switches etc. :-)

I took the lid off and gave the laser lens a clean with some isopropyl alcohol. Whilst doing so, I noticed a small hair in the disc mechanism near, but not actually touching, the lens so I removed that as well.

Hey presto, the deck can now read any disc I put into it.

Two things still confuse me somewhat: 

  1. Why it suddenly stopped reading discs overnight when I had left a disc in it. I hadn't noticed any gradual increase in the time it took to read the TOC leading up to the issue.
  2. Why it was able to read the CD disc cleaning disc without any issues but not any MO discs.

Anyway, the main thing is my deck is now working again and I can put my search for a cheap donor MDS-JE480 back on hold :-)

Thanks for all of your advice and suggestions Kevin and Stephen; they were very much appreciated.

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Super! All's well that ends well! Simple explanations are the best. Particularly on fairly costly and treasured pieces of equipment! We'll add 'hair' to the list... Well after we get though this Covid thing, a trip to the barbers will be pretty high on the list!

Hopefully we learned a few things on the way too. I'm still reading that MD technical document in between family and "proper" work! Wikipedia searches tonight have included Wollaston Prism and Canada Balsam :-D

Stephen - can this get any sort of "Solved" badge?

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