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MDS-JB980 Erratic Laser Issues !

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4 hours ago, kgallen said:

Look different values though, 39uF (16V) vs 22uF (4V)

22uF is 10V I think.

But no big deal: 1) filter caps are certainly designed to have a calculated value, but that value often can be higher without any negative effect on the circuit, 2) these caps are frequently produced with a 20% tolerance (E6 series) for mass products anyway, 3) higher voltage is not an issue either, in a 5V circuit both 10V or 16V just do it well, and it is more the form factor/size that limits what to use, as long as it is higher than 5V.

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1 hour ago, MD4ME said:

I was rummaging around in the loft and found another, rather battered, 480

I just love this, that you can have an MD in the loft you forgot about (assume it wasn’t donated by the previous owner of your house!). Nothing of remotely such interest in my loft :-(

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Back in 2011 (i checked my emails !) I bought two 480 decks for £10 the pair. Both were battered badly, how I’ll never know, and I wasn’t going to ask as the guy at the time as he was the most disagreeable character I’ve ever come across on eBay, I’ve just checked his feedback again and he apparently hasn’t changed ! I knew one had to be in the loft somewhere and was surprised how internally it was in such good shape.

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