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  1. sonicstage is useless for r91, the only way you can use it is if your computer have optical out (real time recording). Wrong section by the way, this is a old school unit
  2. no you are ok, this unit has just been sold, thats all folks
  3. folks, this unit is not available anymore
  4. heh heh, i managed to find a panasonic 5cd 1md bookself system that can for 5x sp dub for 76 bucks, then an JVC md, dvd threater system that can do the same speed for 66 shipped, you just have to look carefully at ebay and craiglist.
  5. put up a paypal disbute, then they might answer some questions
  6. what is wrong with you posting the same thread 3 damn times??? BTW, pricejapan sell it only for 370 shipped
  7. it seems alrose had bad feedback on head-fi
  8. i dont get it, i pm'ed pookie to get me a shipping price, and he said he will pm me monday, but he's disspeared ever since
  9. greenleaf


    afraid not, lemme sleep first then i will give you a reply
  10. i will say a very simple english word: EBAY
  11. i kinda liked tokyo last year i go there, just that it seems food are pretty expensive there, it it is so hard to find fresh fruits for sell . but otherwise, nice people with interesting manners.
  12. i highly suggest to go to ebay instead, i seen one recently going to 338 bucks.......
  13. lol, the isolation between the ex90 and cx400 will NOT be significantly different, you are better off looking for phones from ultimate ears, shures, or etymotics. the idea is that both ex90 and cx400 use silicone tips, thats why they suck at isolation. you can either buy 3 flanged tips from ebay which fit the sonys, or go for an iem.
  14. i hope you do realize you can buy new Long cord version of d777 for around 60-70 bucks these days, but the point is watch those rubber parts connecting to phones to the headband, i know too many people breaking them it aint even funny
  15. http://www.head-fi.org/forums/showthread.p...762#post3357762
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