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  1. Hi all, Looking to improve my live recordings and from this forum battery boxes seem to be the thing. But what is it, how small and where can I get one? Thanks
  2. Why-because another precious live recording has been lost. I was dividing the tracks on a nearly new RH-1 and suddenly it came up with "audio file error" and wont play the disc. I gather the disc is now corrupt and unuseable-please someone correct me if I am wrong........I'm away to cry now..........
  3. Aha thats what those silly metal clamps are for ! I too found they do nothing. Zoe
  4. Yes that really stunned me when it first did it out of the blue! So its unique in that respect then?
  5. I bought this on Amazon some time ago in the UK. It has normal phono inputs and outputs plus digital input via opt and is connected in the usual manner to my amp. And it looks great at night with the blue lights on. Zoe
  6. Yes it was an MDS-SD1 and with this you press enter when you cut the power. When you reconnect it the toc source disc pops out automatically ready to recieve the disc that needs to be fixed-how neat is that! Below is a pic of the unit, which I cant seem to find in the equipment browser.
  7. Id keep my mzr 50 as it is to me the best sounding SP recorder. Other than that I would recommend any HiMD recorder with a mic input such as the still available new Sony HiMD minidisc player/recorder MZ-RH1. This allows you to fit one average concert onto a 80m disc in high quality and upload it to your computer, along with any old discs you recorded in SP mode in the past. This is the only model that can do this. Hope this helps
  8. If you need lp2 or lp4 a 910 is a good idea, but I prefer the 909 with its larger display.Ii also can read the date stamp on recordings. If you only need SP, then to my ears nothing sounds better than an Mzr 50 which is an old unit that can be picked up quite cheaply.
  9. Yipee I managed to restore the lost recording using an old SP midi sized deck following the instructions above. I first tried using a jb980 but it wouldnt go into service mode using the ams button luckily i still had an older unit. thanks to all who helped and offered assistance I still love small things........minidisc!
  10. I use HiMD for live recordings as you can fit a concert on an 80min disc in Hi-SP mode without changing discs and the quality is great. For home use, I still use SP as it is the most compatible, though I sometimes use LP2 if I am travelling. I use HiMD for live recordings as you can fit a concert on an 80min disc in Hi-SP mode without changing discs and the quality is great. For home use, I still use SP as it is the most compatible, though I sometimes use LP2 if I am travelling.
  11. Thanks philippeb for your offer of assistance-I certainly will contact you if I cannot do it myself. Do you know which other home MD decks you can use for TOC clonig as i dont want to try using the G-700 Thanks
  12. Hi I wonder if someone can save my sanity! I was dividing a track recorded live on my 909 when it got stuck on toc edit for a while. I thought everything was ok till I tried playing the ms and nothing. I ejected it then put it back in to see the heart stopping message BLANK disc! I tried it in another MD and still it registered as blank. I have since tried recording on another blank MD with the 909-it appears to record,says saving recording but after the disc is still blank. Does anyone know what the matter is with the 909 and more importantly can I get back the lost recording? It was recorded in SP. Thanks
  13. Thanks. Any chance of hosting them here as those file sharing sites are a pain in the ar**.
  14. "The RH1 always uploads SP tracks as PCM. Then SonicStage either leaves them as PCM, or converts them to ATRAC3plus 256 kbit/s. There is no way to select any other format from the program interface." Hi Can you tell me how to select PCM from the interface without going into the registry of the computer please
  15. Thanks very much for the info.
  16. zoe25

    The End?

    Hi Just for those in Great Britiain it is still in Richer Sounds shops, but for how long? I agree if you want MD, buy now
  17. Hi, Thanks to everyone who has helped so far. Since getting into MD again, and inspired by this forum, I have bought a MZ-R50 on ebay but without charger. It has a battery but is dead. Would the charger from my MZ-NH1 work as it is also 6V? Are batteries still available? Is there a sidecar or other attatchment I can use. Thanks
  18. Hi does anyone know the required charger configuration, voltage and amps needed to charge this unit as I got one without charger Thanks
  19. zoe25

    Confused re ATRAC

    Well thanks to everyone I thought the fog had cleared but tonight on trying to transfer mp3s to my portable RH 910 only HiMD mode with various bitrates and MD LP2, MD LP4 and SP appeared as the only options using Sonicstage 4.3. It seems only the other options are available for CD ripping only. Anyway why do I need to import it into a "music Library" when the mp3s are already on the HD and just need converting temporarily and transferring? Is there any other program available that can do it direct? Also I did a live recording with above unit and transferred it to PC- now I can't edit the ORIGINAL recording on the MD in the RH 910 !!! What is going on ??? Any help........or I'll just go back to SP using my trusty R70 and Hi Fi CD burner
  20. It spoils an otherwise great package and saves dropping the device on the floor when you are out and about it you can find and change the tracks without removing it from your pocket.
  21. Do you know if the US hack with give me EQ as well ? Thanks PS Also the remote is cheap and without a screen Well done sony !
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