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  1. I am a taper! Not so serious because of tight money, but I give it a try.. I have an NH900 witha Sony DS70P and home-made mikes with Panasonic WM61A capsules, a battery box and a preamp on the way.. in the future I'd like to grab a pair of Church Audio mikes!
  2. In my opinion it's like wanting a very bad quality file.. By the way, if I were you I'd use a YouTube downloader and then download a ''lossless'' version of the audio; I mean, a YT video has a lossy audio, why would you make lossier an already lossy file? Otherwise volume of hte video almost full, and then volume near max. of your sound card..
  3. I don't think a lot of people are into MiniDiscs anymore.. it's just a bunch of die-hard lovers. I like my MD for recording concerts or programmes from the radio.. but if I'd choose a player I'd use my cellphone. Putting songs on a single MD takes a long time.. and I can't hear a difference between a Hi-MD song and an mp3@320 vbr.
  4. By the way I have Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit and I've installed Avrin's Ultimate Sonic Stage. It seems to be workin! Last night I transferred a MD full of recordings made in Hi-SP quality and then I converted to WAV. Now I can listen to those recordings
  5. It works! I still wonder how the sync rec have been activated.. It works with no problems, altough I forgot to use a new disc,so I recorded only 7 minutes of the radio programme :-(
  6. New PC with Win 7 -- it rocks!!

  7. I mean it powered itself off.. By the way I had the sync rec on.. I wonder how it has been activated! This nite I'll try to record something.. I'll let you know. Worst case: what can happen to my MD? Is it broken?
  8. I guess no, I didn't even know about sync rec. before you said it! How do I check if it's on?
  9. I have the Cronichles DVD and Working Men.. I can send you a MD in whatever mode you want (except Hi-MD: I don't have any blank Hi-MD left!). Trasfer from DVD to MD will be made via analog out, perhaps I'll manage to get a DVD player with an optical out.
  10. Hi guys, I have a big problem.. I usually record a radio programme with the Sony NH900 (radio line out->MD line in); some weeks ago I tried to do it with the battery but it stopped after about 15 min., and I thought the battery was dead (even if the MD screen reads full battery), so I immediately used the AC power. And it stopped again! It repeated the same thing for two weeks.. tomorrow I'll do it with an external battery. What is happening to my NH900? Maybe the battery is dead?
  11. If I were you, I'd try to do two things: 1. Build as battery box and use it in this manner: mikes->battery box->minidisc (thruogh Line In). You should get some nice results with loud shows. Don't ask me why, but with this device you give the mikes more power so they can work in a better way. 2. If you are recording soft show you should buy (or build) a preamp, and use it like: mikes->preamp->minidisc (thru Line In). This is great when recording soft show and speeches; it can work with loud shows as well, but you need to take care of the input volume. You may go to taperssection.com and contact Chris Church, he builds mikes, preamps and battery boxes that are good and not expensive (a b. box is about 30$). I'm sure he will help you
  12. You should buy at least a battery box (or a preamp if you can), there's a tutorial here: http://forums.sonyinsider.com/index.php?showtopic=14343&st=0 You should also plug your mike into the Line In input.. Godd luck!
  13. That's a tricky way but thanks for the info! I'm buying a new PC with Win 7 64 bit and it's really cool to let my MD players live! Does WMWare takes a lot of memory (RAM)?
  14. Oh yeh, foobar is definitely not good looking.. but it does its work, and uses few MBs of RAM. It also encode to mp3 fast. I have never tried to rip with it, I usually use EAC or Trader's Little Helper for FLACs.. I have the v1.0 beta5, I am satisfied.
  15. Thanks for the hint, Our Kid! Unfortunately we don't have Amazon in Italy.. I buy from UK most of the time ;-) 100% of my 'gear' bought in 2009 (MDs, books, CDs) comes from UK! The price for the RH1 is sweet.. is it considered as an mp3 player? If so I can have this shipped because of Amazon's policy.. no blanks or mp3 players outside UK. I had to fina a person last summer who was supposed to send me some Hi-MDs..
  16. I think that every MD, every brand, will do the work. The only difference is the colour! i don't think there are pro-blanks.. as many reported here, a blank can survive to a wash in a washing machine, a swimming at the sea and so on..
  17. You can use standard MDs as Hi-MD; you get about 2 hours of Hi-SP recording and about 20 minutes of PCM..
  18. Really? I wasn't aware of this!, as I use foobar and I'm very satisfied..
  19. Why don't you use an older version of Winamp, instead of shitty Windows Media Player?
  20. I think that the second and first gen. of Hi-MD units is a little noisier than the RH1..but there will never be nothing as noisy as my N505
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