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  1. Yeah, you mentioned it to me as well! I saw the website but haven't tried it. To me, I don't like the idea of a plugin or something processing my music, as far as Im concerned an amp or pre amp should do that sort of stuff and it should be permanent, I.E on a recording. I'm not sure how it could make compressed audio sound much better without doing some EQing and maybe losing further detail...Mind you I just got a dac magic (Cambridge Audio) and apparently that does "upsampling" which is supposed to improve quality somewhat. How it works I have no idea but it sounds fantasically detailed in terms of non compressed audio
  2. There should be a manual on the net for the CMT 100 MD, but I have the system myself. It's a little fiddly to use I guess but relatively easy. If you are manually recording just select your source as the current playing source, insert an MD and press the red record button (behind the front panel thats under the CD player) - then pressing pause begins the recording. There is also a CD-Synchro button that I think its a one touch CD record button IIRC....I still use the hifi but the cd player died years ago - apparently that model were made with crappy laser assemblies
  3. Hi All, I personally think that an MD recorded on a Type-R atrac recorder through a digital input from a quality CD player sounds closer to the original CD than a 320k LAME MP3 file. Anyone agree with me? I just find the codec sounds more natural and the artefacts that are present arent as obvious as those with MP3. I think on a listening test I would find it far easier to pick the MP3 as being lossy than the MD. In an ideal world I would just buy lots of HiMD blanks, record in PCM and get an Onkyo himd deck, but in reality Im not a millionaire but I want to stick with the format Adam
  4. I think that is the MZ-R1 which was the first "portable" MD recorder. As far as I know it uses an early ATRAC which doesn't sound great, but nevertheless I would love one for my collection.
  5. TypeR

    Minidisc Labels

    Hi People, After getting addicted once again to these lovely little discs, I've set about making some compliations - because we all know its far more fun and creative than an itunes playlist! Anyway, Im looking at buying some pressit A4 label sheets, but once I get them how do i print to them? Is there are special template of something? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks Adam
  6. First post here, I used to use the Minidisc.org forums like nearly ten years ago! Recently got back into it from my iPod (because it sounds atrocious!). I have the addiction big time, got maybe 20 units right now (favourite being the MZ-R55 for its great looks, nice sound but shitty battery I just broke into Hi-MD with the NH700 and now want a deck that can do Hi-MD (Onkyo is too much for me right now) although HiMD blanks are stupidly expensive (Im still buying them though....). Is there a cure? I dont think there is...Long live the minidisc! I think the need to acquire blanks and units stems from the fact that they arent in production any more (actually some blanks seem to be..), and we want to stick with the format.
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