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  1. Sadly no, due to the fact that I deleted them thinking SonicStage made an exact replica of the downloaded track. Seems SonicStage is just a sort of 'goods handling area' where music from your hard drive is routed to your MiniDisc recorder. I did not realise that. However... My lost disc turned up this morning - it was in the inside pocket of my jacket (which I had checked multiple times I felt sure). There it was - unaware of the hassle its hiding in there had created with me searching all over. Well, they do say that memory fades after you turn 20, so me being over 30 means I stand no chance . I will get them back into my computer if possible.
  2. Looking at the amount of used machines up for sale on eBay, MD players and recorders must have sold well, but which machines were the most popular (in sales and from users) and are they a good used buy today? I was out of the MD buying loop for a good few years so am not sure when the format 'peaked' - if ever. Thanks for sharing any info, Ian
  3. The location is in my C drive under the folder "\Music\Amazon MP3\Inna\Hot\01 - Hot (UK Radio Edit).mp3" and the rights are "No. of times played: 0times No. of times transferred: 1times Copyright: © 2010 3Beat Productions Under Exclusive License To All Around The World Limited / Universal Music TV, a division of Universal Music Operations Limited" But sadly it does not say why it is prevented from downloading to just one more MD. If the worst comes to the worst I can just use the headphone socket of my laptop or buy it again. Thanks, Ian IMPORTANT EDIT: I just tried to play the music in SonicStage and it says it cannot find it and asks do I want to delete it. So, by deleting the original the SonicStage 'version' won't play it because it is not in SonicStage in the first place.
  4. Thanks for the help. When I get home I will make some practice recordings. Ian
  5. Thanks - never thought of using both at the same time! No reason not to as the mixer has two sets of outputs... Sure I can share a sample - what is the normal way of doing that? I can post audio only to YouTube - is that good enough quality? Ian
  6. Thank you for the thoughts - very interesting to me as someone who does a fair bit of recording. Just to clarify my use of SP mode - I am often asked for a CD copy of the concert and to make this I use the optical link from my JE510 deck (will be the JB980 this time) to link to my Denon CD recorder. I use the CD Sync mode to place all trackmarks from my MD to the CD and then I can burn more CD's on my laptop from this master CD. If I used PCM then I would have to use the headphone output from my portable and whilst that is probably better than my 'optical SP' method I don't want to take a risk as I would hate it if it was worse after the concert. Thank you again, Ian
  7. In two weeks I will be making an important recording where two microphones will be used (and fed into a mixer). I was going to take my NH600 and use the line in as I have done in the past for similar projects (but with a MZ-R30), but now after reading here on the forum I am wondering if taking my JB980 deck will yeild a better recording? Both the NH600 and JB980 offer ATRAC-R but what about the actual record quality. The portable is my first choice (no mains lead - my mixer runs from a PP7 battery), but if the deck is better then I will make arrangements ahead of time. The concert is two classical guitars. Thanks for any thoughts, Ian PS. I forgot to add - I will be using best recording quality - SP - so no need for long play.
  8. Avrin, I am using your Ultimate Edition that works with Vista - 4.3 I think. The right click brings up "track properties cannot be edited because one or more of the tracks music files are read only or editing privalages have not been granted". I tried file conversion but after de-selecting the copy protect box I was told that files don't need to be converted so that just shut down and I still have the problem. I know now not to delete the original but I only have a 64 Gb hard drive so wanted to keep downloads to a minimum. Thanks, Ian
  9. Thanks for the help. The 710 does play native MP3 I have found (but you need to set the EQ as it is a bit muffled otherwise). http://www.sony.co.uk/product/paw-minidisc---net-md-walkman/mz-rh710 is the machine. I got it off eBay for a very fair price to use when I travel. Sadly Amazon allows only one upload so really this is a lesson learned. I will let you know if I manage to get it sorted.
  10. Thanks for the thoughts. I kept the music as pure MP3's on the MD (I used a borrowed MZ-RH1 to do the upload and played the music back with my own 710 portable as MP3). Now reading here I think I have made a mistake as I deleted the original downloads as I thought just having them in SS was enough (I did not want to clog up my computer). I will have a look at the file conversion tool - is that in SS or do I need to download it? Thanks both for the help. Ian
  11. I have never lost a MD before, but over the weekend I did. On that disc was some music that I had paid for and downloaded from the internet. I only got to hear it once before I lost the disc (on the train I think). Just a small inconvenience I thought at the time. I will just make a new disk from my SonicStage library I assumed. Wrong. It happens that if you try to make a second copy you are told that it is not possible - one copy only is allowed. My music is 'trapped' on there now so listening can only be done on my laptop at home. When I get time I will plug my MZ-R30 into the laptop's headphone socket and 'cheat' a second copy, but really, why do Sony assume that no-one ever loses a disk? The music I purchaced had no copy protection (purchaced from Amazon) and it is Sony that has stopped me. When I joined the MD forum I was warned about the SS headache and now I can see why! So, look after your discs! Ian
  12. Thanks for the thoughts. That was a good price Barock - wish I had been more active looking for MD a year or two ago... Whaty service mode code did you use? Concerning 48k, I would never use that, but as someone gave me the disks pre-recorded I have been listening to them. Not very good at all, and why it was even an option as a bitrate I cannot understand.
  13. On Friday I saw a new listing for a Sony MZ-RH710 on eBay. Honest listing with original a.c adaptor, couple of disks and the rechargeable battery. Machine was honest too - few small scratches but no damage or drops. It was buy-it-now for
  14. Soundbox

    Sony MZ-R35

    I scored the blue R50 by putting up a 'wanted' flyer at work. After around 20 minutes I had my one an only bite - and it was this R50. I have one already, but it has operating issues, but this new one works perfectly and was
  15. Soundbox

    Sony MZ-R35

    Thank you for the comments and compliment . I compared the R30 to the R35 and the R35 seems to read the disk just a bit faster.
  16. Soundbox

    Sony MZ-R35

    Just adding my photo. I used my Fuji F30 compact and also included my MZ-R50 for this shoot.
  17. Soundbox

    Sony MZ-R35

    Thanks Bluecrab. So, it looks like just a firmware upgrade. By firmware, do they mean ATRAC version or something else? What does firmware affect? I will take a photo of it later on and share it here. Really does look like new (only ever made 3 recordings)... Ian
  18. Soundbox

    Sony MZ-R35

    I have just received a Sony MZ-R35 in the post from eBay. I don't really like buying from there, but there are some nice machines and I will be starting a modest collection I think, so if the item looks nice and its not too expensive, then I will take a bid. Anyway, I got the MZ-R35 and it really is in perfect order with box and all accessories originaly supplied (and with a whole stash of new Sony blanks thrown in for free). Looking online I cannot seem to find much about it, but it is made in Japan, feels like my R30 and also is VERY responsive to input (not like my NH600 which takes ages to do what you want). the sound is good (as expected) and played back through my Hi-Fi it holds its own. So, please do tell me what you know about the R35 (and how it differs from the R30). Does anyone here own this deck too? Ian
  19. Looking at the vast amount of portables that were made from 1992-2010 I cannont help but be a bit overwhelmed. As you know, the 'top tier' machines are not always the best and some of the basic machines are crippled in silly ways in order for you to want the next model up. So, what I am interested to know is the following. Tell me your favourite three portables (from any manufacturer) that include a first generation unit, a long play unit and a Hi-MD unit. Please tell me why they have endeared themselves to you and also how they sound. Please also share about any machines that have dissappointed you. I am only a beginner on this road, but I will share what I know to start. First gen: Sony MZ-R30. This machine (made in Japan) is a solid unit that never hesitates in operation. It is easy to use, has good sound. It is built in such a way that is no longer seen - each button, control and operation is very '90's Japan' in that nothing creaks, bends or wobbles. Recording is done by optical, line input or microphone. Recording levels are easily set in manual mode by just holding the record slider over for a couple of seconds (no menu needed). Second gen: I have never tried or owned one. Hi-MD: Sony RH700. I tried this unit for a day and I was really impressed. The sound quality was excellent, the interface easy and all buttons felt secure and the unit responded swiftly. The scroll wheel worked well and the SP recording I made on it did sound just a hair better (warmer, cleaner) than my MZ-R30 (is that the ATRAC-R or just my imagination?). The computer download feature was useful and I downloaded an MP3, which the unit converted without hassle to LP2 mode. I ended up with a RH600 which is almost as nice so I am happy with that. So, although all units are MD, they feel very diffeferent. I look forward to hearing about your favourites. Ian PS. Is ATRAC-R an important fearure for recording or playback? Something tells me it is, but I don't have enough experience yet to judge.
  20. I heard that they bottle and transport UK air to the assembly plant and pre-fill all JB980's with it prior to final test and shipment ;-) Seriously though, I feel that it is tuned to 50Hz supply and maybe a few more capacitors in the output stage. Whetever they do, it sounds nice.
  21. Last week I won an auction for a portable MD player - the MZ-E310. It came today and it is brand new in its box (with all supplied accessories). The seller also included two sealed boxes of 5 Sony Premium 80 minute disks. I am sitting here with these items in front of me in semi-shock that all in all they only cost me £15 plus postage (which cost £1 more than I paid). After PayPal fees I almost feel I have robbed the seller, but when I checked today there are similar bargains to be had on BRAND NEW players. I know that I-Pods are the in-thing, but surely these lovely Sony machines should be doing better than this? So, tell me about any bargains you have found online (or elsewhere). Ian
  22. Well, my power supply is one that I constructed at college. It has a current limiter and infinitely variable voltage from 1-25 volts. I set the current limiter at 100mA and sweep the voltage up and down. The battery can be seen to 'draw' at a certain point on the voltage scale. When it starts to draw, the ammeter jumps up. The one I made has internal IC's (one being a 555 timer), so it is a complex unit. I cannot suggest a fixed power supply as the voltage point at which the cell starts to draw is not the same for one cell to another (when in a depleted state). It may be worth just asking about shipping to the UK next time you are passing a Post Office - it may be only a $ or two and that may be cheaper than a new battery. I am not sure about the labels - sorry. Ian
  23. A440, thanks for that. Well, I have been borrowing the RH1 from a colleague (with the idea of trying it out, and if I like it, to purchace it). In the old days of MD everything was so simple - stereo or mono - take your pick. Now there are transfer problems, different and conflicting compression rates, SonicStage and its false SP. I am in two minds about getting the RH1 - part of me says that it is a great machine and the pinnacle of MD technology and part of me says that it is all too late. Concerning the MP3 files, would an MP3 played on the RH1 sound better than one played on an I-Pod or Sony MP3 machine? Ian
  24. I have a power supply. If you like I could give restarting it a try (if you are in the UK and don't mind posting it to me). I have started loads of batteries this way. Ian
  25. There is one for sale now - item 220568659738 on eBay. Go-on, you know know you want to !
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