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  1. I have a sony CD walkman of 1994 vintage and of course my MD recorders. I do the majority of my CD dubs with this setup as all it takes is a simple line level cord to go from the output of the CD player to my line in on the MD recorder. I add track marks after recording has been completed. Being that I am always wanting to improve my work I have a few points that I would appreciate your thoughts on. Reading back in the forum history, I see record level 23 being mentioned as being the best to use for perfect copies. My MZ-R35/R50 only have a sliding bargraph display. Do I count 23 of these as being the corrcet level? Does using ATRAC-R recorder make a difference on record or is it mainly playback? Is it engaged on the line in socket? Lastly, I was thinking about investing in an expensive Kimber cord as reading the details, it says that this is the area that most losses occur. Anyone tried a woven cable? Was it worth it? Thanks for any help, Ian
  2. Thanks Stephen once again for the help. I will digest what you have said when I am sitting at home with everything laid out in front of me. As an aside, in the past, when I copy CD>MD, I use the optical connection. This '*seems* to me to be a very direct connection - is this method better or worse than using SS to go from CD to MD? Ian
  3. Thanks for that Stephen. Well, I have never fully understood SS (although I have uploaded Avrin's version onto my computer and experimented a little) and the various Hi-MD bitrates also are something that I need to brush up on (being raised on SP and mono only). So Hi-SP will sound the same as normal SP but using half the space? How is that done? This has probably been discussed here before so if there is a link to a previous discussion that would help educate me. I have not made a Hi-MD recording as of yet as I was suspicious that they are worse sounding for some reason (the low data rates mentioned in the manual). If they are worth using I will make an effort to try them. Thanks, Ian PS. You mention the RH1. I hear that this is the only machine to be able to upload SP recordings to the computer, but the SP recording is not left in its raw state - it changed to some other standard. Does that impact on the audio quality in any way?
  4. Thanks once again Stephen. A bit more info now. Concerning the N510, I spoke today to the previous owner and he never even knew it was a recorder (!) so after working the button combo a few more times it started fine and read 'line in' on the display. Bad contact possibly? Glad its working now though. The RH710 just tells me 'cannot record' even with a fresh 80 minute disk so that one will be used for litening only. Ian
  5. All very embarrssing. A friend came over with his I-Pod which had some great music on - and I wanted a couple of tracks for my MD. Well, I use my MZ-R50 as a rule for portable work, but having picked up a couple of newer machines I thought I would try one of those. Well, both machines refused to start a simple line in recording. My MZ-RH710 told me 'cannot set' when I tried to adjust the record level and the MZ-N510 told me 'no set'. Simple line in, SP recording and new MD. I had to use my MZ-R50 as per normal even though the battery was threatning to conk out. With the MZ-R50, press end search, hold the record button and off it goes. Keep it pressed to enter manual record level set. With the newer machines, they seemingly don't even have a record button - well, there is a button with 'rec' but all that does is enter a track mark in an unknown location when pressed. I held it down, pressed at the same time as 'play', had the disk paused, had the end search pressed - and other buton combos. I am sure that by entering various menus, pressing various buttons and having a user manual to guide, it may start recording, but why did they get rid of the simple. bright red record button? Please, put my mind at rest that the newer system is better in some way because at the moment it is making me feel rather let down. Thankfully, the R50 worked as usual - perfectly. I hope that you will tell me that it is just me being a fool and not entering the correct sequence of button presses, but at the moment I am struggling to understand my Sony gadgets. Cheers! Ian
  6. I wonder if I may be so bold to ask if anyone has a spare grey AA battery door and a top cover screw spare to sell me? I have started cleaning and restoring the machines but these parts are missing. If you do have some bits from a damaged or broken recorder, please do let me know. Thanks, Ian
  7. Thank you Stephen - just the sort of help I was after. I will keep an eye on those listings!
  8. Well, it had to happen one day. My 510 deck started spitting out the disk, coming up with things I did not enter and generally getting upset. I am therefore on the lookout for a replacement deck with the same sort of dimensions (I have made a rack). The sound on recording and playback is important as I use it to digitise my old tapes, add track marks and edit, then burn to CD via optical. So, your suggestions appreciated. Perhaps you even have one that you were thinking of selling... Regards, Ian PS. LP mode would be nice, but not essential as 1 MD = 1 CD and I am happy with that.
  9. Thank you for the helpful replies - to me it is knowing more about a machine that allows it to be better appreciated. It is good to know about the chips used. I have a JB980 too and enjoy the natural sound it gives. It was during the net-MD era that I was out of the MD loop - I had my R30 portable and 510 deck but due to lack of information back then I did not know about changes to the ATRAC code - but I am up to speed on it all now thankfully. Concerning selling the units, I may well do, but they need a real good clean and check of the functions first.
  10. I have been given two recorders - an MZ-R410 and MZ-N510. Both are working but I am not sure about them. Anyone here use these models and if so, what are their strong points? Neither came with anything at all, but both work as far as I can tell (apart from the R410 missing the AA battery cover - are these available as a spare part?). I have never tried any MD recorder from this era so all input appreciated. Thanks, Ian
  11. Clas Ohlson in Watford shoping centre has packs of Sony colour MD's as a standard stock item. Good value and always plenty in stock. http://www.clasohlson.co.uk/Product/Product.aspx?id=135136256 is the item.
  12. Cheers Stephen - I was using SP mode on a 74 Minute Sony disk. I will try Hi-MD tonight.
  13. Whilst trying to record via optical to my MZ-RH710 (SP mode) the unit starts recording for a second or so and then stops with 'cannot record' on the display. The unit was purchaced used and this is the first time I have tried to make a recording with it. Original recording is not copyrighted. The 1-2 second 'recording' is not on the MD when I try to play it back. I don't have the manual, but looking through the MZ-RH700 manual it does not elaborate above formatting a Hi-MD disk. Thank you for any input, Ian
  14. Both the same - just some tiny changes on the R35 - but saying that the R35 seems to have slightly lower microphone noise levels (less hiss).
  15. A question for 710 owners please. How do you make them record? I keep getting a 'no record' symbol when using optical line in from another deck. I was using Non-Hi-MD mode, synchro record on and record set to 'on'. It just will not start. I used my old MZ-R30 in the end and that worjed straight away. It may be something I am doing wrong, but I cannot make it start. Thanks in advance, Ian
  16. My CD recorder is the CDRM30 http://www.superfi.co.uk/index.cfm/page/moreinfo.cfm/Product_ID/589 - a very useful gadget. I have been having a bit of trouble with my musicians. First one was ill, then they could not set a firm date. I am ready anyway so as soon as they give me the call I will be over. I have done soms quite nice SP recordings with just a solo guitar but not enough experience yet with PCM to hear a real difference.
  17. Thanks for the thoughts - sound like we are on the same wavelength (probably why we ended up here in the first place). Concerning the car registrations in the UK, my E reg is 1987-1988 and MDMAD's M reg is 1993-4. With regard to TV's and the like, I have realised that we are being bamboozled with quality over content. Huge budget CGI effects, big locations and even bigger stars - but forgettable stories. So for me, I am now chasing good films and TV shows and worrying less about the actual technology. VHS seems fine on my 25" set (and they are cheap too).
  18. If you need a hand with shipping from the UK to abroad I can help if needed.
  19. Why not order from Amazon UK? In stock (new) at under
  20. Has MD already become a 'cult' recording system or is it still just an accepted format that needs no excuses? The reason I ask is that following threads here and also responses from people who see me using it I get the impression that although it is a current system, one needs to give excuses or reasons for using it today. For me I have just carried on using it without concern about other alternative technology (like I am happy with my 4:3 CRT TV, VCR and E-Reg car) but it seems that these days I have to keep explaing why I do these things. "Why don't you get rid of that old TV and get a flat one" or "Why do you still drive that old car" and now I am hearing "What are those things?" whan using my MD's... So, is it still a current system or has it slipped into the abyss of 'cult'. Ian
  21. If you were to recommend perhaps two or three machines (or more if needed) that would set someone up to enjoy MD for a good while and be not only good to listen to but sturdy and reliable too, what would be your choices? Mine would be: 1. Sturdy portable to take on holiday, use for impromptu recordings and also link to a Hi-Fi: Sony MZ-R35 or MZ-R50 2. Player only to take whilst out travelling and also light weight: Sony MZ-E310 3. For archiving: MZ-RH1 So, what machines would you have? Ian
  22. So, after working with it for a while how does it rate against MD? Somehow these solis-state recorders seem the way forward but I am prepared to spend time 'fiddling with disks' if the ultimate quality is better. Also I rate MD as a good archive format - at least as good as CD's anyway.
  23. Thanks for the thoughts. Yes Stephen, that sounds like what I am seeing - and the price for the MZ-R35's on eBay are still high so bidding is very active on this model right now. Perhaps I should have kept quiet and not mentioned it (MZ-R35) here? Saving my money for when it all dies down again then... Ian
  24. I don't know why, but prices on eBay for the older machines have risen sharply recently. I am not sure if the demand is a good thing or not, but bidding is going on at a rate that I have not seen before. MZ-R35 closed at
  25. Just a comment concerning the JE510, from what I gather there was two manufacturing locations for this model - Japan and Malaysia. It is the Malaysia units that have the troubles - the Japan units keep plugging on. I have a Japan one and it has worked without fault for 13 years now.
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