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  1. Right, I have just started a project to make some CD's from my MD's. Some MD's I recorded myself and some are pre-recorded. My questions are as below - and I would appreciate your input. 1. Pre-recorded MD's. I import them via SonicStage and MZ-RH1 and then from there burn a audio CD in my computer disc drive. Doing this, how many times is the audio being 'converted'? I seem to recall that the SonicStage does not support SP - or is this not true? I am wondering if I may get better results just linking my MD deck to the CD recorder via optical cable. 2. I got a pop-up box telling me that MD's I recorded myself can be saved as 'WAV'. Now, I have never heard of WAV format and to me that sounds like just more converting going on - but is this so and what is the quality loss when making a CD from WAV format? 3. When making my own CD's that I want to play in a normal CD player is it better to use the optical cable from a deck and miss out the SonicStage part? I keep reading here how SS makes for quality losses and I want my CD's to sound as good as possible. Thanks, Ian
  2. I have just been demo-ing the above combo (playing the Unfinished Sympathy track) to a few people and on the strength of this Sony have just sold two MZ-RH1's. People have been really impressed with the RH1 and even ex-MiniDisc users were very interested. The velvet smooth sound, the low noise amp and lovely design. One main question is whether pre-recorded MD's are still produced. I said sadly, no... What this tells me is that with the subtle backlash against 'downloaded only' music, there is still a place for a compact but real music album. I had no trouble in convincing them that MD was a great format - especially those that had lost music from hard drives etc. I just wish I could have gone the next step and showed them the wonderful range of current MD equipment - but sadly there is no current range as you know. Now, more than ever, would be a great time for a MD resurgence but there is nothing available and most have forgotten. Still, in the space of 20 minutes I had no trouble parting people from their money to Sony. Nice to see peoples faces so happy with enjoying music. The Beats headphones suited the RH1 perfectly (not mine sadly).
  3. I picked up one from eBay last year and one from the classified ads in my local newspaper - that one came with some discs too. Both are silver finish.
  4. I have mentioned this machine before but I am really trying to find out some more info and user comments. Looking at the equipment browser, it was bought out nearly a year later than the MZ-R50. So, was this a 'budget' machine based on older MZ-R30 technology or was it an MZ-R50 in a more traditional package? I always thought that the MZ-R50 replaced the R30, but where did the R35 fit in? I would value your thoughts as all I remember is the shops showing off the R50's and never seeing the R35 for sale. It is almost funny to me to see more of the older recorders now in 2011. I have picked up two R35's - both mint/boxed for under $10 each. Just amazing... Anyway, please share your thoughts and memories.
  5. Thanks for the helpful info. I must say that the low price, ATRAC Type-S and slim design appealed to me but I think I will hold out for better after all. The lack of optical out is a slight issue too as I often burn a CD from my MD recordings.
  6. It is worth checking that the laser sled can move along the whole of its travel - it could be something jamming the drive cog or even a damaged drive mechanism.
  7. I see the JE480 is a brisk seller on the used market. I was wondering what it was like and what the quality is. Seems like it must have been a good seller in its time. I do see that it has ATRAC Type-S, but does that make a difference on Hi-Fi models or is it mainly for the portables? All and any info appreciated.
  8. Thanks for the comments. At the moment my JE510 is in bits undergoing restoration but I feel 99% sure that there was no gap between repeats as I have the results transferred to other MD's - on my mixes. Until it is back together and fully working I will hold off saying I am 100% sure! Saying that, this machine was purchaced under slightly special circumstances from when I worked for Dixons - and I feel that it may differ very slightly from other JE510's I have used.
  9. Don't worry about checking them all Jim - I was just curious as to whether this was a known and documented issue. I have only ever tried a couple of decks so I cannot say for sure when the gap became noticeable. I don't think that many people used this feature - probably because of the poor (gappy)implementation in CD players.
  10. Any of your findings would be much appreciated Jim. The gap I have heard on other decks (later models) is around 1 second - but my JE510 has no gap at all. I was trying out some of the MD decks in Cash Converters with my headphones and was surprised to hear the gaps. A-B repeat is useless really if it has a silent space (worse for short passages).
  11. On my JE510 I have a feature which is A-B repeat. After selecting the start and stop times I get an endless repeat which can be set very accurately. I note that some newer decks do A-B repeat but with a gap between each repeat. Was the gap between each repeat seen as an improvement or was this due to other internal changes? I do use this feature quite often in my mixes (the last one was the repeat of the hard-hitting funk guitar licks from a Bing Crosby LP). So, what decks offer this feature apart from the JE510? Cheers, Ian
  12. Thanks for the comments - interesting review too. Anyone here still use the R90/91 though? I must say the sound is different to my later MD recorders and the ATRAC is 4.5 which is the same as the R50 I think. Interesting machine to use though.
  13. As seems to be the way at the moment I am homing unwanted MD recorders from 'upgraders' to I-Pods. My latest is the MZ-R90, and the sample I have been given is in near new condition and fully working (apart from faulty internal battery). I purchaced a battery holder from Jim H and now all working as it should. After trying it I find it very similar to the MZ-R35 and MZ-R50 with the display and functions but I can find little about it online. Is it a decent machine or is it 'lesser' than the preceding models? Any user info appreciated and I can perhaps put it to good use. Cheers, ian
  14. Thank you for the comments and kind offers of help. I have read through it all again and I will make a further attempt - I don't like to give in that easily! Out of interest if I were to copy my audio to a DVD and then to YouTube, would the quality loss be too much?
  15. As it has proven not possible to extract the music from my MD recorder what I can do is send out a copy of the MD to anyone in the UK who is interested to hear it. I can pay postage one way and just ask you to return it to me after you have listened. I would send abroad but postage will be prohibitive, so UK only I am afraid. It is a specially composed classical guitar work lasting several minutes and if you enjoy the guitar and MD recordings it is worth a listen.
  16. I have just completed a live recording of a solo classical guitar playing a specially composed piece of music (lasts around 4 minutes). I am actually quite pleased with it and would like to share with you - and your feedback on the technical side of things would be great also. I made the recording on my MZ-R30 in SP using a Sony stereo mic and 'high' sensitivity setting. My only small gripes is the faint hiss I get. I am not sure if this is the microphone or MD recorder mic stage - so any help on this matter would be good. Also, the sound is perhaps a little on the thin side. I can apply EQ (like studios do I think) and with the smallest tweak I get a good sound - the only thing is my graphic equalizer (an old Realistic one) adds more hiss. I am not after perfection but your thoughts on the recording would be appreciated. Also, how do I get the music out of the MD and into to share with you? If it is complicated, a link would be fine. Bear in mind I have a rather weak computer Thanks, Ian
  17. Why not just connect two machines with a line level cord? It won't be a bit for bit perfect copy, but will at least be a reserve.
  18. Hi, is JE640 still available? If so, what condition is it and does it come with remote and manual? Thanks, Ian
  19. Sounds like a spare RH1 is not such a bad idea. Is there a difference between the Japan market models and the ones for sale in the UK? I see both for sale - and the Japan ones are selling at a premium price.
  20. Is it a wise idea to pick up a spare MZ-RH1 whilst they are still available (thinking they may rocket in price when phased out) or will the used or new supply satisfy the market for a good time to come? Not that I can afford to just buy on a whim, but I am wondering what with the VAT rise and Sony not supporting the format very strongly if picking up a spare and leaving it boxed would be a good idea. Out of interest, how do they rate sonics wise as a standard MD player (headphones and line out)? I have tried comparing to my MZ-R50, but my headphones are colouring the sound so my tests are not the best. Really need to try with some top cans...
  21. Thanks Stephen. I have no facility for an audio board so that USB one will be my next ebay purchace.
  22. I downloaded that on Saturday and have listened to it a couple of times on my MZ-RH1 (making an effort to understand this model better) and I must say that I am impressed. If this is from FM, I can hear that you have removed the usual hiss and the background is very quiet. The pianos sound quite natural with little harshness even on the louder sections. It was a peice of music that I have never heard before and I enjoyed it not only for the demonstration of the MD system, but for musical content too.
  23. Thanks. I will get myself an audio card pronto then - any one that comes to mind as being good quality?
  24. Thank you for the thoughts. MiniDisc to me is one of those things where it is worth making an effort with as it is so good, but information from the manufacturers is not clear or detailed enough (most other Japanese manufacturers are just as bad at this). I understand the possibility of using a digital connection but can I just run these points past you and see if I am way off or getting there. Analogue vs digital CD-MD. Analogue makes full use of the ATRAC system in the MD recorder by disposing of the 'unheard' elements (does digital not always) but the source CD player is the weak point. Digital link. Best done in real time in SP mode or LP2 on the computer. I was under the belief that the MD record system was built around line level signals but if the digital link is the best option then I will take the steps to sort out equipment I need (CD player with optical out). Ian
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